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Canada is a killer country!

Odessa Orlewicz joins to expose the rampant depopulation agenda in Canada!

The Canadian government is campaigning to kill the masses through medically assisted suicides for all ages, targeting special needs children!

Alberta NDP explains policy on pushing mRNA vaxx on reticent public


Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau is swarmed by angry protesters outside The Bread Bar in Hamilton, Ontario.

WATCH: protestors call for Trudeau to resign

Canadians protesting Prime Minster Justin Trudeau spoke to The Counter Signal in Hamilton Ontario, where Trudeau is on caucus retreat with the Liberals.

“BREAKING: A convoy is scheduled to drive to Trudeau’s cabinet retreat and lock down the streets surrounding the meeting rooms,” tweeted The Counter Signal’s founder, Keean Bexte.

“Unclear if cabinet will be evacuating. Convoy will arrive in a few hours. Here are what the protesters are saying right now.”

BREAKING: A convoy is scheduled to drive to Trudeau’s cabinet retreat and lock down the streets surrounding the meeting rooms. Unclear if cabinet will be evacuating. Convoy will arrive in a few hours. Here are what the protesters are saying right now. http://FireTrudeauPetition.com. pic.twitter.com/fHPa3JtEwp

— Keean Bexte (@TheRealKeean) January 24, 2023

One protestor called Trudeau a tyrant and said Canadians have seen enough.

“He’s just out of control,” she said.


Catholic Student Arrested After School Suspension for Saying God Created Only Two Genders

A Roman Catholic student in Canada who was suspended for saying that God created only two genders has now been arrested.

On Monday, The Western Journal reported on the story of 16-year-old Josh Alexander, who was suspended from St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario, after saying in class that there are only two genders and leading a protest against trans athletes using the girls’ locker room.

The suspension was justified on the grounds that his presence would be “detrimental to the physical and mental well-being” of the transgender students at the school.

“I expressed my religious beliefs in class and it spiraled out of control,” Alexander told The Epoch Times in an interview. His attorney is bringing the matter to an Ontario human rights tribunal, alleging religious discrimination.

But now the story has taken an even more disturbing turn. According to Fox News, Alexander has been arrested.

On Monday, Alexander tweeted that he was arrested and charged after he attempted to attend class in violation of his suspension.


A video has also emerged of the teenager being detained at a protest against “drag queen story hour” in Ottawa.

Watch on Twitter:

This is a really disturbing case, and it is especially disturbing that it happened at a Catholic school, which one would think would acknowledge the biblical truth that there are only two genders.

But this is hardly surprising, as Canada, under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is no longer a free country and has completely submitted to wokeism.

This represents a dire warning for America, as it is happening just next door in a country that is very similar to ours.

If you don’t think it can happen here, just remember how the last few years were defined by politicians and the media calling for people to have their lives ruined for questioning the narrative on COVID-19 or refusing to get a vaccine.

We have an LGBT movement that wields even more power than the health establishment that pushed the COVID narrative. In fact, the LGBT movement is in many ways the new state religion.

So, it is unfortunately only a matter of time before what happened to Josh Alexander in Canada is happening to innocent Americans.

We as Christians need to be willing to stand up for the biblical truth that there are only two genders and that men and women are not the same. Otherwise, we are going to fall under the domination of wokeism like Canada has.

Promoting a holiday dedicated to women is bad enough, but then there is this ....
promoting or celebrating a male posing as a female.

Boycott Hersheys

The Hershey Company is facing boycotts and backlash in response to a new ad campaign from Hershey Canada, which uses a male activist who identifies as a transgender woman as a spokesman for International Women’s Day. The activist, who goes by the name Fae Johnstone, is one of five individuals whose likenesses have been printed on limited edition “HER for SHE” chocolate bars for the campaign. While the other four people chosen are actually women, the inclusion of a male dressed as a female in a campaign promoting a holiday dedicated to women has drawn widespread criticism.

Sadly, the trend of kowtowing to the LGBTQQIP2SAA mob in direct opposition to supporting women has infested many mainstream chocolate producers. In 2021, both Mars, Inc. and Nestle USA joined an op-ed in support of transing kids and decrying state laws that protect women’s sports. After years of popular chocolate companies supporting the erasure of women, it appears that Americans are fed up. This Thursday, #BoycottHersheys hit the number one trending spot on Twitter and inspired the creation of at least one pro-woman alternative to woke chocolate.

Tucker: Canadian Catholic school student arrested for saying men and women are different

Dutch-Canadian develops heart failure after taking COVID booster to comply with travel mandates

A Dutch-Canadian man developed severe heart failure and now requires a heart transplant, a condition which developed shortly after taking the booster shot of Pfizer’s Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) mRNA gene therapy vaccine in order to meet pandemic era travel requirements to enter Canada to see his children.

Before heart failure changed his life forever, Alex van Kooten was an otherwise extremely healthy and fit 52-year-old who frequently enjoyed sports and leisure activities, such as skiing, bicycle racing, and kite surfing.

Alex, who was born in the Netherlands, immigrated to Canada with his parents at the age of 9, spending most of his life in the Toronto and London regions of Ontario before relocating to the Caribbean after completing his professional career.

Once a corporate salesperson and sales manager for companies such as Hilti and Black & Decker, Alex and his wife decided it was time for a change and moved to Aruba to manage property in 2017.

Trapped in paradise

For the couple, once the COVID-19 pandemic began and worldwide lockdowns started to hit in the beginning of 2020, leaving the island suddenly became off the table.

Seemingly overnight, Aruba had transformed from a sunny island paradise into a 180 square kilometer waiting area.

“I had worked very hard in my life at an early age, and decided to semi-retire,” Alex told Vision Times. “That’s why we moved to Aruba to enjoy the weather, and then COVID hit, and needless to say that we were kind of stuck.”

Alex continued, “And we’re hoping, obviously, that things would go better. We had our own little business there with vacation homes, and of course with the lockdowns, that didn’t go very well.”

“And then finally, after two years of not seeing the children, the only option we had to see the children was to get vaccinated in order to get back into Canada,” he added.

But plans to return home to visit with their adult children proved difficult to arrange. At the end of January of 2021, the Government of Canada declared it was suspending travel from Caribbean countries, effective until the end of April.

A press release by Transport Canada at the time announcing the Caribbean suspension also told the public that “all air travelers arriving in Canada, with very limited exceptions, must reserve a room in a Government of Canada-approved hotel for three nights at their own cost.”

Mandatory quarantine on arrival in a first world country was before then effectively unprecedented. And as vaccine passports began trending in a number of countries around the world, Alex started to feel that the writing was on the wall and it was only a matter of time until his wish to return to Canada to see family would be predicated on getting vaccinated.

“I wanted to see my children in a bad way after two years…That’s not a fun thing,” he said.

Alex continued, “You know, I’m feeling like we were trapped. It sounds like you’re in paradise where you’re invited, but trust me, you feel trapped [in Aruba], even though it’s sunny every day.”

A tough decision

Alex told Vision Times that he had reservations about both the vaccines and the risk of serious illness from COVID for people as healthy as he was, “I was very reluctant. I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but I’ve always been against the flu shot. And this [COVID], to me, was always a flu,” he said.

“And it didn’t make a lot of sense for healthy people, which I was extremely healthy, to get a vaccine for something that maybe would make me sick for a few days,” Alex added.

“Not knowing when you could resume a normal life…You feel pressured in doing so [getting vaccinated],” Alex said. “I could have waited for another two years, and then [he felt like] maybe I would have been able to see my children after four or five years if they ever removed restrictions. But there’s no guarantee of that,” he added.

So he rolled up his sleeve for the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in March of 2021 in anticipation of Canada’s Caribbean restrictions being lifted.

And the appointment came and went without any issue, “After the first injection, it just had a bit of a sore arm. I didn’t make a big deal of it,” he said.

But when Alex took the second course of the vaccine required for fully vaccinated status in May of 2021 right before leaving for a trip to Holland, shortly after they had arrived, he immediately began to notice something was wrong.

Heart palpitations and a shortness of breath were the first troubles he experienced, “And two, three days after I arrived in Holland, we go for our first walk. We took our dogs…and I had to tell my wife to slow down because I was out of breath,” he said.

Alex explained the issue was exceptionally prominent for him, since as part of his exercise routine, Alex liked to traverse the Hooiberg hiking trail in Aruba, which involves a 2,500 step climb across a concrete staircase to the top of Mount Hooiberg, a path he had long since mastered.

“At first, I didn’t think much of it, but then [the symptoms] were just on an ongoing basis,” he added.

When the palpitations and breathing issues did not abate, Alex’s doctors in the Netherlands sent him for an EKG. But when the test came back clean, he was told what he was experiencing was psychological and probably only stress related.

“So I lived with this for almost six months. Went back to Aruba, went to the doctor there a few more times because of the issues, same scenario,” he added.


Alex was fortunate in that during the first trip, he was able to visit Canada to visit with family in August of 2021 before returning to Aruba in December.

The plan at the time was to visit Canada again in April of 2022.

Canada ultimately mandated vaccine passports as a condition of entry at the end of October of 2021.

Thus, when Alex and his wife returned to the Caribbean, they watched as countries such as France started requiring a booster injection to maintain fully vaccinated status, and so they decided that if he wanted to continue to travel as the pandemic situation evolved, it was prudent to stay ahead of the curve.

So in March of 2022, Alex made his appointment for his Pfizer booster right before leaving Aruba for another 6 week trip to the Netherlands as part of an itinerary that finished in Canada.

But after arriving in Holland, that’s when Alex’s life changed, “Instead of coming to Canada, I ended up in the ICU at the University Hospital in Groningen,” he stated.

He told Vision Times that just days after taking the booster shot he became unable to lie down “without gasping for air and was barely able to walk 20 feet.”

Alex also started gaining weight. A lot of weight. 30 kilograms (66 pounds) was suddenly added to his frame, which doctors later discovered was caused by water retention.

As his symptoms both persisted and worsened throughout his Netherlands vacation, Alex continued to visit local physicians roughly twice per week, “They all said the same thing. You know, we’d go two, three times a week to the doctor, and they said ‘No, no…We’re going to make an appointment with a psychologist for you.’”

‘Wasn’t expected to survive’

When his suffering escalated, Alex found himself in an ambulance en route to a hospital in Harderwijk, where he lost consciousness.

He awoke to find himself in a specialist hospital in Groningen under the care of a cardiologist.

“I wasn’t expected to survive when I was in the hospital on Wednesday night. I woke up on Thursday morning, but on Wednesday night they had called the family to say goodbye because they didn’t expect me to make it through the night. I beat the odds,” he said while describing his experience.

Alex recounted the first time he spoke with the doctor, “And he says, ‘Oh, you’re very sick, sir. How long have you been a heart patient?’ And I’m like, ‘Heart patient? What are you talking about?’”

It turned out that the water retention and the acceleration of Alex’s symptoms appeared to be linked to kidney and liver failure. His kidney functions had been reduced to just 8 percent of their normal capacity.

But when doctors couldn’t find a direct cause, they started to look for heart and artery blockages.

And it was then that they made a shocking discovery: There wasn’t any blockages. Instead, Alex was suffering from a case of heart inflammation so severe that his aortic valve had completely calcified.

He said that doctors described the degree of calcification as one “normally associated with having major heart issues for years.”

Canada Moves To Begin Euthanizing Children Without Parental Consent

The World Economic Forum-infiltrated Canadian government has proposed a raft of amendments to the country’s laws on “assisted suicide,” allowing the government to euthanize minors without parental consent.

Canada has been completely infiltrated by Klaus Scwhab’s World Economic Forum and the policies of the Trudeau government are now reflecting the full horror of the Davos agenda.

Depopulation is the primary goal of the World Economic Forum in the coming years and Canada has a head start on the world in that regard. According to the latest figures, Canada euthanized an astonishing 10,000 people last year.

Justin Trudeau’s federal government has been pushing assisted suicide and euthanasia, with the government progressively loosening restrictions on its Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) program. This program was initially introduced to provide individuals suffering from terminal illnesses with a choice to avoid a slow and agonizing death. However, the laws governing the program have gradually become more lenient.

Canadians can now be euthanized for a variety of reasons, including minor illnesses or being too poor or homeless. And they are trying to expand the eligibility even further.

A new government report on MAiD recently presented to Parliament urges the inclusion of minors in the eligibility for physician-assisted death — without parental consent.

The Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying presented its latest report last week, which included a recommendation that minors be able to request MAiD.

“For MAID and mature minors, the committee heard a mix of views about whether MAID should be available to those under the age of 18,” the report read.

“Many witnesses believed that age alone does not determine whether someone is capable of consenting to MAID. At the same time, a cautious approach was recommended, especially since there is little evidence from youth themselves on this topic.

“Most witnesses agreed that if MAID for mature minors were allowed, it should only be under track one (reasonably foreseeable natural death).

“The committee recommends that mature minors should have access to MAID under track one.

“The committee also recommends that youth be consulted on the topic of MAID and mature minors.”

The committee then made the recommendation that Canada should begin, within five years, funding research and consulting “with minors on the topic of MAID, including minors with terminal illnesses, minors with disabilities, minors in the child welfare system and Indigenous minors.”

Additionally, the report recommended that minors be able to be euthanized, even if their parent doesn’t approve:

That the Government of Canada establish a requirement that, where appropriate, the parents or guardians of a mature minor be consulted in the course of the assessment process for MAID, but that the will of a minor who is found to have the requisite decision-making capacity ultimately takes priority.

The report had the backing of Liberal, NDP, and Bloc-Quebecois members of the committee, though a dissenting opinion from conservatives was also included.

They argued that “it would be irresponsible for the Liberal government to move ahead with any expansion of MAID for mature minors,” and said they do not support this further expansion.

“The Liberals’ rushed and reckless approach to Canada’s MAID regime has put the lives of vulnerable Canadians at risk,” the dissenting opinion said.

“We caution the Liberal government against repeating the mistakes they made concerning MAID MD-SUMC.

“MAID policy must be grounded in evidence, consultation with impacted groups, and with serious consideration given to protecting the vulnerable.”

Bill in Canada to CRIMINALIZE "Offensive Remarks" about Transgender Freaks; $25,000 Fine!

The government of Ottawa, CANADA is considering a Bill to make it criminal to utter "Offensive Remarks" about (Mentally-ill) Trans-gendered freaks, with fine up to $25,000 per offense!

Here's video of the Bill's announcement:

[video embedded in article]

In order to be clear about this, the government of Canada is "protecting" mentally delusional people, who ignore actual physical, biological, reality, and telling everyone else THEY must accept the mental delusion or face a fine.

There is no such thing as "Trans-gender." It is a physical and biological impossibility.

Humans have DNA and Chromosomes which exist in every cell of our bodies. Each and every cell has DNA coding as to whether the cell belongs to a male or female.

Trans-gendered ignore that physical reality and claim their sex is something OTHER THAN what their DNA and chromosomes are. This is a mental delusion. It is a mental sickness. It is not reality.

Some of these so-called "Trans-gendered" take hormones and have surgery to mutilate their outward appearance from their actual biological sex, to what APPEARS to be the other sex.

These artificial hormone-taking, and surgically mutilated people do not, and cannot, change their DNA and their chromosomes. So while their artificial efforts to deny reality may make them APPEAR OUTWARDLY as the other sex, every cell in their body remains the sex they were born with.

The entire "Trans-Gender" movement is nothing more than severe mental illness. Denial of reality.

From another point of view, one can safely argue that Trans-gender people are literally at war, with God Himself. Their claim to be a different sex, is their statement that THEY are right, and God is wrong.

Worse, these people are so self-centered, so selfish, and so spoiled, they DEMAND everyone else agree with them, accept them, and not even speak any truth regarding them.

Mentally-ill, spoiled brat people are not the stuff of which legislation should be based.

Shame on Ottawa.

Trudeau gov’t to remove religious symbols from Canadian Coat of Arms

The new design has not been made public, nor have Canadians been consulted in the change to the country's Coat of Arms.

The Trudeau government plans to redesign the Canadian crown that sits on the Royal Coat of Arms following the Coronation of King Charles III by removing all religious symbols.

According to the National Post, the Canadian Heraldic Authority, the body responsible for granting coats of arms in Canada, will replace the St. Edward’s Cross which has been on the Coat of Arms since 1957 with what critics call “the Trudeau Crown.”

The new design is further expected to remove all religious symbols, replacing crosses and fleur-de-lis with maple leaves, snowflakes, and stars, which is causing some to accuse the Liberal Party of politicizing the symbol of the Crown and the Royal Coat of Arms.

“It means the proposed Canadian crown is totally unconnected to the King or the coronation, and it means the unity of the symbol of the Royal Crown that represents the sovereign throughout the realms will be broken, further distancing the King and the monarchy as an institution,” commented Christopher McCreery, author and expert on Canada’s relationship with the Crown.

“In essence, it is akin to a new national flag being raised on Canada Day, with no consultation or debate, developed in secret by those who wish to advance their personal vision of the country,” he added.

The Reform Party Leader Preston Manning challenged the decision, asking then Heritage Minister Michel Dupuy to whom Canadian symbols belong: “To the sovereign, to the government, to some Liberal backbencher or to the people of Canada? Why were the people of Canada not consulted and involved in changes to the Canadian Coat of Arms?”

While the changes must ultimately be approved by the English Monarch, King Charles III has little actual power to overturn the decision if the new design is actively promoted by the Canadian government.

The original Canada Coat of Arms was adopted by proclamation of King George V in 1921. In 1994, an inscription was added reading: “Desiderantes Meliorem Patriam,” which means “Desiring a Better Country” from the Epistle to the Hebrews.

While sovereigns have the right to choose which style of Royal Cross will represent their reign on coats of arms, coins, medals and other symbols of authority, Canada has not changed Her Coat of Arms since adding the inscription in 1994.

According to officials, the Trudeau government is taking advantage of King Charles III’s decision to be represented by a Tudor Crown, instead of the St. Edward’s Crown which was used by his late mother, Queen Elizabeth, to push forward a new “Canadian Crown” and eventually completely reform the Royal Coat of Arms.

This change is not the first push to remove religious symbols from Canada, despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s repeated claims that he is a faithful Catholic. In 2019, the government of Quebec passed a bill forbidding civil servants to display religious symbols on their person while at work.

The removal of religious symbols from public places is not a new practice and has occurred throughout history. In Communist Russia, Stalin forcibly removed all crucifixes and religious art from schools and government offices, in addition to closing churches, and synagogues.


Justin Trudeau took it upon himself to lecture Italy about its LGBT policies.


"Divorce, ritual killings, inconvenient ancestors, and a lot of "pride" - the drama in the crime family sitcom, The Castreau Show, blows all of Kanada away."
Reporting: Jeff Berwick.

Numerous ineligible victims were among the thousands of patients Quebec has euthanized: Oversight body

The commission that monitors the practice of state-administered euthanasia in Quebec sent out a memo earlier this month reminding doctors that they are only to help exterminate human beings who satisfy the Canadian province's criteria for so-called "medical assistance in dying."

This reminder was apparently necessary because some doctors have reportedly flouted the rules, euthanizing individuals who couldn't consent along with patients who were ineligible for various other reasons.

Last year, there were nearly 5,000 cases of doctor-assisted suicides in Quebec, which has been touted as the world's "euthanasia capital."

Canadian state media indicated that by year's end, an estimated 7% of all deaths in Quebec will have been the result of doctor-assisted suicides.

That's 4.5 times more than Switzerland, 3 times more than Belgium, and over twice the Canadian national average, according to Dr. Michel Bureau, head of Quebec's Commission on End of Life Care, which monitors the practice in the province and reports back to the legislature.

Full article



China's 'CEO Whisperers': Chinese Communist Party Takes Over Canada


Euthanasia Houses Will Open Across Canada That Will Kill Patients

One in five cite loneliness as a reason to want to die

In 2021, 10,064 lives were ended by assisted suicide or euthanasia, an increase of over 32% from the previous year, accounting for 3.3% of all deaths in Canada.

According to the latest report on Medical Assistance in Dying from Health Canada, 17.3% of people also cited “isolation or loneliness” as a reason for wanting to die. In 35.7% of cases, patients believed that they were a “burden on family, friends or caregivers”.