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UFO Sighting :flying_saucer: Video shot in New Jersey, USA :flying_saucer: May 8 2023 UAP :flying_saucer: Disclosure

UFO Sighting :flying_saucer: Video shot in New Jersey, USA :flying_saucer: May 8 2023 UAP :flying_saucer: Disclosure

Official Trailer - The Lost Century: And How To Reclaim It

The Lost Century: And How to Reclaim It | Dr. Steven Greer| Official Trailer


Dr. Steven Greer presents "The Lost Century", an expose of 100 years of illegal UFO secrecy, which has cost humanity centuries of spiritual, cultural and technological development.

Presently, humanity is nowhere near the moral consciousness required to occupy outer space.

German connection with UFOs. The Aldebaran Mystery Revisited


Dr. Steven Greer talked about underwater craft from the Deep-State military industrial complex. Could this be a reason for the increase of death in the sea's wildlife? The evil cabal led by satan attempts to destroy God's creations on every single level.

Unidentified mysterious cylinder found on beach, officials warn public to stay away

A strange giant cylinder object that nobody can identify was found on an Australian beach near Jurien Bay on Sunday afternoon. The Australian government is telling people at the beach to stay away from it because it might be dangerous.

The object looks like a long cylinder and it could possibly be a piece of a spacecraft from another country, according to experts. The Australian Space Agency shared the news about the weird object on Twitter:

“As the origin of the object is unknown, the community should avoid handling or attempting to move the object,” the authorities warned.

The Australian Space Agency added that if anyone sees any more pieces that they think could be related, they should let the local authorities know and also inform by emailing space.monitoring@space.gov.au.

“We are committed to the long-term sustainability of outer space activities, including debris mitigation.” The agency added that it will continue to highlight this on the international stage.

The container appeared on the shore of a beach in Green Head, which is about 250 kilometers north of Perth. People in the area noticed it and told others about it because they were curious.

A resident named Garth Griffiths mentioned that one of his neighbors informed him about the unusual discovery on a Sunday afternoon, according to abc.net.au.

“Sometime yesterday, a local lady and her partner discovered it just floating on the edge of the water and dragged it out with their four-wheel drive,” he said.

“It’s a sort of semi-cylindrical object, made of light carbon fibre material like lightweight resin. According to Mr. Griffiths, the container was being watched and protected starting from 8:00 a.m. on Monday. However, it seems that local people had already gathered at the site the night before.

Experts speculate on the origin of the mysterious object.

At the same time, a few space experts believe that the container might be the fuel tank of a rocket called the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). The PSLV rocket was last launched on April 22, 2023, as mentioned in a report by The Independent.

As the investigation was underway, the police in Western Australia took charge of protecting the unknown item throughout most of the day. This was done to ensure the safety of both the object and the people visiting the beach.

Not everything is a UFO.

“Looks like a classic bolide.” Bolides are large meteors or fiery balls that explode.

Green fireball in Louisiana skies prompts UFO panic; Meteorological Society investigates

The American Meteorological Society is now investigating the latest fireball clip from Louisiana. Similar sightings have been reported in six US states recently, bringing the total to 29.


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Here we go. The FAKE alien invasion has begun. Though a manufactured (not extraterrestrial) alien invasion, people being injured, terrorized, harmed, killed, abducted is real. Reported by former FBI (X-files) agent John DeSouza to begin August 2023. Right on schedule. This false flag is likely going to be a doozie.

The reports coming from Peru are gruesome and correlate with satanic activity.


Timothy Alberino and Doug Thornton do a deep dive into the alleged attack on a village in the Peruvian Amazon by extraterrestrial beings. Alberino relates the legend of the pelacaras (face peelers) and discusses the correlations between the Peru alien incident, the Las Vegas alien incident, and Phil Scheider’s encounter with large grey aliens while employed in the construction of a deep underground military base (DUMB) in Dulce, New Mexico. Alberino also discusses the high strangeness and heightened UFO activity in the Peruvian Amazon.

Peruvian Village is terrorized by aliens hovering above the earth, says locals

In the past two weeks, a small rural community in the Alto Nanay district, within the Loreto region of the province of Mainas, Peru, has experienced attacks by “strange creatures.”

Residents of the town of San Juan Batista, who belong to the Iquitos tribe, have reported that these creatures hover in the air, approximately one meter above the ground, while adorned in what appears to be “silver” robe.

These enigmatic beings emerge during the onset of nightfall, prompting many individuals to speculate that they might be extraterrestrial in nature. Witnesses also describe the creatures as possessing notably elongated heads.

“They exhibit a silver hue, their footwear is circular, and yet they possess the ability to fly. Suspended at an elevation of about one meter, they emit a red light from their shoes. Additionally, they feature elongated craniums, wear masks of considerable length, and possess eyes that are partially yellow. They make eye contact briefly and then depart abruptly. Their movements are remarkably swift,” attests a community leader.

Simultaneously, these creatures seem to randomly target individuals with motives that remain unfathomable.

Recently, a 15-year-old girl became their latest victim; she was approached from behind, and her neck was slashed with a bladed instrument. There have also been unverified accounts of one individual losing their life due to the actions of these “aliens.”

The inhabitants of this community are grappling with overwhelming fear. They have attempted to shield themselves with firearms, only to discover that their efforts have no impact on these mysterious creatures.

“Children have ceased sleeping soundly, and mothers are apprehensive about disrobing. These entities are indeed extraterrestrial, and they seem to possess a form of armor. I fired two shots at one of them, yet it appeared unaffected, subsequently rising and vanishing,” a resident recounts.

Others have recounted similar instances where attempts to defend against these “aliens” lead to their sudden disappearance, as if they dissolve into thin air.

Numerous news accounts from the Loreto area have surfaced on the internet. Some even depict scenes of panicked crowds attempting to flee from these assailants during the night. However, available footage does not provide a clear visual of the adversaries, and photographic evidence of these “aliens” remains elusive.

This problem is already being dealt with by the National Police and the Navy. People ask to be protected from aliens.

Some believe that people suffer mainly because of their panic, and the descriptions of “creatures” are greatly exaggerated by fear. They think that maybe some bandits in masks are attacking people.

Meanwhile, students from the National University of the Peruvian Amazon, located a few kilometers from the settlement where they first saw the creatures, began to report sightings of “silver creatures.”

The observation of “alien” began to be reported in the neighboring city of Pucallpa, where people from the same Iquitos tribe live.

The other day, one of the Peruvian ufologists, Anthony Choi, arrived in the area: “Yes, there are non-human beings in the Peruvian Amazon, yes, they are here. And this fact not only takes place, but it has already happened in the early years and in other places. Now such cases also occur, for example, in Pucallpa, in the Yarinacochas region . So yes, these facts are real,” he said.

Richard Dolan interviews Jinwoo Yu of the Korean UAP Society for a fascinating look into the UFO/UAP phenomenon as recorded by South Korean researchers. Jinwoo provides several accounts of UAP in and around the Korean peninsula complete with helpful visuals.

It starts with the oldest recorded UFO sighting in Korea in 1609 of a cone shaped object, which was then followed by a second object on the same day that was circular and giving off red, white and blue colours while making sounds like thunder. It is then said to have ascended, turning all red and then transformed into a white cloud. It then moves on to sightings observed by American troops, during the Korean War. Then a sighting by elementary school students is described, with 2 objects being seen coming out of another cloud.

‘Flying Aliens’ Harassing Village in Peru Are Actually Illegal Miners With Jetpacks, Cops Say

Russia's Luna-25 Crashes On The Moon As Chandrayaan-3 Readies For Touchdown...

Countdown on UFO’s, UAP’s and Congress - Dr. Steven Greer