The Psychopathy of Christian Zionism

Christianity under the jackboot of Satanist Rothschild's state of Israel...

Zionists Move to Ban Christianity as "Anti Semitic"

May 2, 2024


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Christianity is antisemitic

Criticism of Israeli genocide also deemed "antisemitic"

The House vote was 320 to 91 with 70 Democrats and 21 Republicans voting against the bill. The GOP opposition largely came from the right flank of the conference. The bill would next need to be taken up by the Senate.

Andrew Torba, Founder of Gab--"The bill adopts the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of "antisemitism" which includes the basic Biblical Truth that the Jews killed Jesus Christ as "classic antisemitism." The bill has raised serious concerns among Christians who believe that their First Amendment rights are being threatened. For example H.R. 6090 could potentially make it a crime for pastors to preach sermons that adhere to Biblical passages, of which there are many, which explicitly state that the Jews killed Jesus.

As a result, churches may become targets for Civil Rights Act discrimination lawsuits, leading to a wave of anti-Christian sentiment and the stifling of religious expression. This legislation follows just a few weeks after we learned, during Holy Week of all times, that saying "Christ is King" is "antisemitic" from many of the gatekeeping establishment voices on the right. It also follows a slew of similar "hate speech" legislation at the state level that is being passed by Republican governors in red states, including Ron DeSantis who flew to Israel to sign his.

Are you paying attention yet, Christian? Do you see what is happening here and what is at stake?

The New Testament provides ample evidence that the Jews killed Jesus. This is a basic core tenet of the passion story and thus a basic core tenet of our faith that we are required to affirm as Christians."

E Michael Jones- "320 congressmen betrayed the American people for Jewish money. Judas got 30 pieces of silver from the Jews to betray Jesus. Mike Johnson got $500,000 from AIPAC to put Americans in legal jeopardy for quoting the Bible. By the way, is it now anti-Semitic to say that Judas got 30 pieces of silver from the Jews, or is it just illegal?"

Why evangelicals influence US foreign policy in the Middle East | EP1 |...

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How evangelicals influence US foreign policy in the Middle East | EP2 |.

TWHOFTF 9:3 It was the counterfeit-Jewish RELIGION and their PRIESTS, that nailed Jesus onto the cross. Many true racial Jews accepted the New Covenant. The Way Home

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A Nancy Drewberry editorial / commentary:
Whilst against the "anti-semitism" bill which is totally under false pretenses, I am also against blaming everything bad on all jews. On another thread, I've posted a comment expressing my distaste for those professing Adolf Hitler was a hero, when Adolf Hitler was a liar, deceiver and a staunch satanist. I am equally angered with blaming everything on all jews with a disregard for other reasons for the evil in this world; and people might consider simply looking in the mirror!

According to jews, I am a jew based on maternal genealogy. According to christians, I am a christian based on christian teachings; puting me into a category is hard to figure out and to categorize. I do not partake in either organized-religion and unfortunately many people still do. When the Southern Kingdom was taken captive into Babylon, and later released into Judea (correct me if I am wrong w/historical info, please), the Idumeans were called jews, but there were Judahites that the body of Jesus was born into. Jesus called out those Idumeans which can be found in Scripture (Rev. 2:9). So, why is everybody fighting!!! More importantly, is the search and recognition of True Israel which is not a landmass in the Middle East. Recognizing True Israel directs the heart and mind to The Laws of God which determines right from wrong. Instead people fight each other and make it personal rather than adhering to the Blessings and Curses associated with behaviour. I am not in a position to teach, instruct, but I can point out observations. Blaming all jews is not right. In fact, it is very wrong. Ones nationality does not determine righteousness; actions, thought, word and deeds do. Why is everyone so confused!
They are confused because they are listening to the satanic voice in their heads instead of to God's Voice. As long as that continues, there is little hope that things will get better for mankind.

The Serpent People Return to Ukraine

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Texe Marrs does a good job at exposing the genetic origins of the 'jews' incorrectly proclaiming they are the Israelites of the Old Testament. What he (and others) fail to do is highlight how these so-called 'chosen' ones, in light of the coming of Christ Jesus 2000 + years ago (and now), is their disobedience to the Laws of God as found in The Torah. Now doing that would really bring it home. DNA, genealogy is not the key to salvation, redemption. Even if one is found to be a full-blooded Israelite, if they do not follow The Torah as written (not as taught in Judaism) and behave poorly, regardless of their genealogy, then what good is there in them? What Marrs brings attention to is important, even key; but, not the whole story. He misses the point by a long-shot about The Law by not highlighting behaviour as taught by Father and Son (The Lord). Matthew 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. The verse includes The Holy Torah.

Texe Marrs pointing out the association between the counterfeit-jews and Ukraine is outstanding.