Is this the reason for the renaming to Delta Variant?

The Indian government has debunked the fairy tale of the Indian Corona variant. In an official statement, the government is primarily asking social media platforms to delete any content that reports an alleged Indian Corona variant. WHO also does not carry a so-called Indian variant called B.1.617, the Indian government said.

The original document can be found on
India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology site

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Yes, the Indian Government asked for the name change.

But whether one calls it Indian or Delta or B1617 - it's still the one they refer to and the next "scare". What's in a name? Perhaps, India is keen not to be associated with a virus, because people are calling the first one the "China" virus.

Not sure if it really matters in the big scheme of their "variety" show. Wonder if there will be a "Gib" variant...

Interesting that this is the symbol for Delta -


Now, who likes that symbol?

How To Defeat The New World Order

Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

One key to defeating your enemy is KNOWING your enemy better than he knows you. Metaphorically, they know what you ate for breakfast today, so you need to know, not only what they ate today, but what they plan on eating tomorrow. So, who is it that knows so much about you? There is a very small, highly organized, materially who are secretly running the entire world from behind the scenes. Governments, policy think-tanks, media, educational organizations and foundations, are all just among the visible part of their structure that they allow you to see. You may be familiar with the names of people like Rothschild, Oppenheimer, Rockefeller, Bronfman, queen Elizabeth 2, etc., and organizations like: the Committee of 300, the Pilgrim Society, the Fabian Society, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Round Table, the Club of Rome, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA - Chatham House), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the United Nations Organisation, and others; but these are all inter-connected components of the world wide conspiracy that can simply be called by one name: the Hidden Hand.

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Agreed. It looks like you have finally found the virus isolate. :thinking:

India's official objection to the "Indian variant":

Perpetual Lockdown

UK ‘May Need More Lockdowns This Winter’, Claims Senior Medic and SAGE Member

Dr Susan Hopkins, member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), which advises the government on its pandemic strategy, and is the chief COVID-19 advisor to Public Health Englandhas signalled that Britons may not see the end of Chinese coronavirus restrictions in July, saying that the UK “may have to do further lockdowns this Winter”.

The idea of another lockdown in Winter 2021/22 is not new, having been raised as a possibility by England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty in January 2021.

At what point will people realize this is about control – being "billed" as about health?

As predicted -

FEAR NEWS RAMPS UP (just read the headlines):

As predicted:

Children Become The Target:

More children are being infected with the Delta variant of Covid-19, according to a GP in Northern Ireland. Dr Tom Black, who is also chair of the British Medical Association in NI –

"That means kids are at higher risk of contracting the Delta variant, the most transmissible to date... The best way to protect yourself from the Delta variant? Get vaccinated." - article quote.

So now, it's deadly, and profits can keep rolling in -

How the Deadly Delta Variant Could Boost Pfizer's and Moderna's COVID Vaccine Sales

They're all in on it.

Covid “Delta Variant” is just a fancy name for vaccine injury

Ten More Indian Delta Variant Cases Detected In Gibraltar

At the moment, the Indian Delta variant – which is much more contagious – accounts for 46% of active cases in Gibraltar. This means that almost half of the coronavirus patients have this variation of the virus.

Of the total number of people who have the Indian Delta variant, four are residents of Gibraltar and seven are ‘visitors’, which is what Gibraltarian health officials call people whose stay is temporary (workers and tourists, mainly).

COVID-19 And All Its Rules Could Slam Spain’s Economy This Summer

Just when we all thought the end of the pandemic was in sight comes a piece of shockingly bad news for Spain, Britain, and the rest of Europe.

No, Simon Constable, this is not shocking at all, but expected.

“The Delta Covid variant has quashed hopes of a ‘normal’ summer tourism season for Spain,” states a recent report from London-based financial research company Capital Economics.

Merkel and Macron, are likely making things worse for mainland Europe’s beleaguered economy, states a recent report from the Telegraph. They are trying to restrict British tourists from visiting mainland Europe due to concerns that British citizens will infect the EU with the new COVID variant.

Lies about Indian Delta Variant in the UK -

FACT CHECK: Paul Murphy spreads uncorrected misinformation on covid variants

For a media class that is so utterly consumed and terrified of the spread of so-called “misinformation,” Irish journalists are remarkably relaxed when a TD like Paul Murphy makes demonstrably false statements about covid-19 variants.

...TD expressed his BELIEF that because of the rise of the Delta variant in the UK, Ireland should implement Mandatory Hotel Quarantine with Britain to prevent the variants’ spread here.

"And if the Delta variant is to become dominant, like it is very much so in Britain, well then we have a very serious problem on our hands. It’s more transmissible, it’s more dangerous.”


By any metric, the Delta variant is not more dangerous than other variants we’ve seen in the past.

“It is more dangerous” is totally disingenuous, and does not appear to be factually correct based on the information currently available to us.

Read more at link on Gript.

Mosquitoes added to the FEAR-MIX:

Man left fighting for life after contracting deadly West Nile Virus AND Covid in Spain as country fears second outbreak

An outbreak last year centred around the wetlands of the Guadalquivir River in the municipalities of Coria and La Puebla del Rio near Seville, began at the start of August.

It went on to become the worst on record in Spain’s southern Andalucia region, which includes popular Brit holiday areas like the Costa del Sol and is the most populated of the country’s regions with nearly nine million inhabitants.

Seventy-one cases were recorded in Andalucia, 57 in the province of Seville and 14 in neighbouring Cadiz.

Elderly people and those with underlying health conditions like diabetes and cancer are most at risk from the virus, but it can cause meningitis in children.

Wonder what the solution will be - Get the vaccine to protect yourself and families. The propaganda is endless.

Even wonder if mosquitoes will get the blame for vaccine adverse reactions – it's a thought. West Nile virus supposedly causes inflammation of the brain.

Fear Plus -

Scientists closely watching worrisome Delta Plus COVID-19 mutation -

On Tuesday, India’s Union Health Ministry labeled the “Delta Plus” strain a “variant of concern.” It said a consortium of 28 laboratories involved in genome sequencing believes the new strain has three concerning characteristics: increased transmissibility, stronger binding to receptors of lung cells and potential reduction of monoclonal antibody response, meaning the variant could be more resistant to vaccines.

According to Public Health England, 197 Delta Plus cases had been detected in 11 countries as of June 16, including 83 in the United States. The other countries are Britain, Canada, Japan, Nepal, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey.

The Delta Plus variant has acquired the spike protein mutation called K417N, which was also found in the Beta variant first detected in South Africa. Studies have found that the Beta strain is more resistant to vaccines than other variants, fueling fears that the same might apply to Delta Plus.

The possibility that the Delta Plus strain could be even more contagious than the Delta variant is worrying some scientists.

Part of the plot - fear, worry, danger – LOCKDOWN RESTRICTIONS INCOMING...

The Play Is Being Set Up:

What's in a name -

The Variety Show
The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a new naming system for variants of Covid-19. From now on the WHO will use Greek letters to refer to variants.

The name says it all


Incoming Propaganda & Politics-

Spain confirms new rules for UK visitors amid fears over spread of Covid variant

Spain will only let in Britons who are 'fully vaccinated' or have a negative Covid test after Merkel called on EU to ban UK tourists and Portugal brought in 14-day quarantine for unvaccinated Brits

Incoming another Casedemic - And Lockdown. This is a PSYOP.

SIDE NOTE: "RUMOURS are circulating in the medical profession that Public Health England are telling dentists to expect and plan for further lockdowns from October this year to March next year...we ask any dental clinic staff or others out there who could confirm or refute that PHE are warning care providers about this plan/expectation to contact us."Readers, can you help? | The Conservative Woman

DELTA variant hysteria exposes the sobering truth: Covid vaccines don’t work, and “variants” are pushed as scare stories to demand more vaccines, mask mandates and destructive lockdowns

(Natural News) We have now reached a stunning tipping point in the global push for mass vaccinations that inject people with spike protein bioweapons. New research finds that “fully vaccinated” individuals are suffering an eight times higher mortality rate than the non-vaccinated. And [a

stunning report out of the UK](Whilst You’ve Been Distracted by Hancock’s Affair, PHE Released a Report Revealing 62% of Alleged Covid Deaths Are People Who’ve Been Vaccinated) finds that 62% of those dying from covid are people who have been vaccinated .

Delta variant vaccine failure now used to demand return to lockdowns, masks and social distancing

As I publicly predicted months ago, these new “variants” are greedily invoked by health tyrants to unleash a return to authoritarian lockdowns, mask mandates and other freedom-crushing demands. The failure of their own vaccine creates the very conditions that give them the power to take away yet more human freedoms. And just to add insult to injury, they demand you consent to every new vaccine they concoct, always with the same calculated lie: “If you just take THIS vaccine, then you’ll be safe and free!”

But it’s always a lie. The vaccines don’t really work as promised, and you’re never free until you stand your ground and say no to the medical tyrants.

Continued at link.

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Top Experts Say COVID-19 ‘Delta Variant’ Symptoms Are Identical To ‘Hay Fever’, Common Cold


Top experts have likened the COVID-19 “Delta Variant” to the common cold and hay fever. This comes as people like Anthony Fauci, Boris Johnson, and the WHO are pushing for more social distancing, lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccinations.

Experts in the United Kingdom have compared the symptoms of the COVID-19 “Delta Variant” to that of hay fever and the common cold, according to various reports. The new strain has reportedly been the cause of 99% of all new COVID-19 cases in the UK. “The main symptoms of COVID-19 appear to have changed — with headaches and sore throats now more common than fevers and coughs, according to a warning by UK experts,” noted the New York Post.

Continued at link.


Trial in France for more draconian legislation -

France to Become First Country to Mandate COVID Injections for Ages 24-59 to Stop “4th Wave”?

Yes, the "4th Wave" is the Indian-Delta variant.

Here we go with the next stage of the “Plandemic,” just as predicted. A “scary” new wave of a variant COVID-19 virus - Delta is being used as an excuse to step up mass vaccination efforts, just as those who volunteered to receive the COVID injections have now mostly received them, and demand has now dramatically decreased with billions of doses still available worldwide, with more on the way.

Spain rushes to vaccinate younger age groups as coronavirus cases rise

The rising number of contagions among young people has put the regions on alert.

Threat of delta variant

All Spanish regions are also rushing to administer the second doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines, which are needed for full protection. This comes amid growing fears over the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus, which was first detected in India last year and is up to 60% more contagious, according to the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC). The ECDC forecasts that the delta strain will account for 90% of all new infections in Europe by the end of August. What’s more, according to data from authorities in the United Kingdom – where the strain is already predominant – the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are only 35% effective against the variant if only one dose has been administered. In the case of alpha strain, first detected in the UK, this figure is 50%.

T.H.E.Y. are so predictable. They are using this fear-porn to go after the children.

It's July and guess what? T.H.E.Y. ramp up their fear-mongering to initiative their Autumn goals.

One just has to read the headlines without being sucked into the brainwashing.

Spain's regions to reintroduce anti-Covid measures – The coronavirus epidemiological curve is rising fast among young people in Spain and the country's regions are accelerating the implementation of new measures to contain the infections among adolescents and the 20-30 group,

Army returns to fight Covid and track positives among youths in Spain – The army in Spain returns to fight COVID and track positive cases amongst youths as cases continue to rise.

Delta variant drives Spain's Covid-19 rate to highest in mainland Europe – The Delta variant of Covid-19 and a surge in infections among younger, unvaccinated people have catapulted Spain's coronavirus rate to the highest in mainland Europe, according to Financial Times research.

Gibraltar is in on it -

Government urges caution as pandemic evolves - Fair cancelled

Gibraltar Government urges caution as the pandemic evolves

GoG: The developing COVID-19 pandemic... the number of cases in Gibraltar is starting to creep up slowly... This is happening in many parts of Europe including in the United Kingdom and in Spain. There are a number of reasons for this including the fact that many young people have not been vaccinated and that they are gathering in events that appeal to their age group.

It's the STORY that's developing (The tall-tale). What is evolving is their propaganda so that T.H.EY. can continue their emergency powers of a totalitarian government. The end goal is for everyone to be vaccinated, including children.

Crossing our fingers and hoping that's not what they are doing is naive. Well, it's actually is a form of denial. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

How long are we going to sit on the fence Gibraltar?

How long must we suffer O Lord? – Until you return to keeping and enforcing The Law

There are 21 new cases of Covid 19 in Gibraltar, 19 of them residents, bringing the total up to 92.

Of the new resident cases, 15 of them are vaccinated adults.The hospital remains Covid free, although there is one positive case in ERS.

Levels of Monarch Programming

The levels of Monarch Programming identify the slave’s “functions” and are named after the Electroencephalography (EEG) brainwaves associated with them.

Types of brain waves in EEG

Types of brain waves in EEG

Regarded as “general” or regular programming, ALPHA is within the base control personality. It characterized by extremely pronounced memory retention, along with substantially increased physical strength and visual acuity. Alpha programming is accomplished through deliberately subdividing the victim’s personality which, in essence, causes a left brain-right brain division, allowing for a programmed union of Left and Right through neuron pathway stimulation.

BETA is referred to as “sexual” programming (slaves). This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive instinct, devoid of inhibitions. “Cat” alters may come out at this level. Known as Kitten programming, it is the most visible kind of programming as some female celebrities, models, actresses, and singers have been subjected to this kind of programming. In popular culture, clothing with feline prints often denotes Kitten programming.

DELTA is known as “killer” programming and was originally developed for training special agents or elite soldiers (i.e. Delta Force, First Earth Battalion, Mossad, etc.) in covert operations. Optimal adrenal output and controlled aggression are evident. Subjects are devoid of fear and very systematic in carrying out their assignment. Self-destruct or suicide instructions are layered in at this level...

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