How long did it take Gibraltar to do a U-turn from its "Mass-Vax–We're Open" tourist propaganda? Not long.

U-TURN – Gibraltar to continue rapid Covid19 testing for all UK arrivals due to Indian Variant

We expected the "switch" - given these headlines:

SAGE are trying their best to convince the Government the UK should be kept in perpetual Lockdown

Government insider says UK Gov. has a plan in place to continue Lockdown and the Mainstream Media are in on it

Governments, media and corrupt health official and authorities will keep the fear-mongering ramped up (and continual throughout the summer) so that they can initiate the next lockdown in Autumn.


This fear-mongering has been pointed out by Laura Dodsworth, author of State of Fear.

"Talk about the Indian variant is a psychological nudge to encourage us to keep fear levels high," Dodsworth said in an interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer:

Dodsworth isn't the only one accusing the government of fear-mongering.

Sky News Fake News – Indian doctors to be CHARGED with Scaremongering over the Indian Variant HOAX

A little comic-relief video – "If I am playing the part of a dead Indian Covid Variant person do I need to be still and not move?"

A Nurse in Halifax Nova Scotia Breaks her Silence About the ScamdemicIndia – In MSM, you are seeing severe situations that are taking place in India. These images are from May 2020 when there was a gas leak. Listen to what citizens in India are saying about the current situation. There are not people dropping dead on the street. The media is lying.

Nothing but lies and propaganda – Uncovering the truth about India’s alleged “Covid Crisis”

More fear-mongering (and possible setup for the coming restrictions):

Then, there is Daily Expose that is keeping up on the propaganda. If you're not reading the Daily Expose, you should be:

India’s “Covid Crisis” has been hijacked – The Mainstream Media are lying to you

Don’t fall for the trap – The ‘Indian Covid Variant’ doesn’t exist, they haven’t even isolated the ‘”Original” Covid Variant’

We can’t ignore the link between the Covid Vaccine roll-out and rising “Covid” Deaths any longer, India is one coincidence too far

Daily Expose isn't the only one questioning the Indian Variant with the roll out of vaccines:

Locally do Rasiklal and Vipul Surti know they might have been scammed about the oxygen?

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Your Government is Lying #1: fiddling stats and shifting blame


Those who have not taken the vaccine are increasingly becoming the target of a government campaign of discrimination, abuse and intimidation, with yesterday’s attack by Matt Hancock specifically blaming refuseniks for the surge in Bolton a sign of things to come.

The decision to blame ‘refuseniks’ for the Indian Variant comes as no surprise.

Not only does it put more societal pressure on those who don’t want the vaccine, but also provides a handy scapegoat when another Lockdown is wanted.

Same with Gibraltar's politicians - poly meaning many - ticks meaning blood-sucking parasites.

Most people KNOW that politicians are professional liars, who will say and promise anything to get elected, and then do the opposite, but people insanely keep voting for them anyway.

The TRUTH about Democracy


They Plan to Blame Children and Unvaccinated for a Resurgence
as per described in their government document disclosed by the Daily Expose:

The document states that “The resurgence is a result of some people (mostly children) being ineligible for vaccination; others choosing not to receive the vaccine; and others being vaccinated but not perfectly protected.”

The unvaccinated are already targets like described in GibMessenger's reply abovethose Refuseniks.

Now to add the children into the Indian-Variant Hype Mix:

Government Claim Young Are Susceptible to INDIAN VARIANT as SAGE Implements Plan to Stop Unlock

The Whitehall source exposing SAGE plans was already posted here - The Never-Ending Lockdown and the World Under Seige

So the story goes the B.1.617.2 strain now accounts for almost three-quarters of cases in the town and is spreading fastest among people aged 11 to 22, according to the latest Bedford Borough snapshot.

The Mail on Sunday featured the headline Youths aged 11 to 22 are at centre of Indian Covid variant surge in Bedford as locals fear another lockdown, but then gave no evidence that a) they were being especially focused on and b) that the Indian variant was any different to any other version of Covid for young people.

They've got to create a reason to jab young people; and they want a vaccine programme, most likely compulsory, in place by this Autumn.

They've got to create a reason to make those Refuseniks take the jab

This summer will be filled with fear-mongering news to the lead up to the next Lockdown – especially for the unvaccinated.

The Dystopia Nightmare continues – Emergency Alert System Will Issue Lockdown Instructions by Text Message Broadcast – It will be impossible to opt-out of the system, the command will override all settings on your phone. Alarmingly, the system is likely to be operated by local authorities who are said to want control of the device to enable local lockdowns.

Things are always the opposite.

The Refuseniks need to beware the Branch Covidians and their Satanic cult, as well as Beware of the Covid 1984 PCR test.


New World Order Emerging After Pandemic, Big Role For India, Says PM Modi

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday projected an 11.5 per cent growth rate for India in 2021, making the country the only major economy of the world to register double-digit growth this year amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

A new world order will take shape after the coronavirus pandemic and India will have a major role to play in it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday at a meeting of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) which governs at the centre.

"Addressing the meeting of NDA leaders, Prime Minister Modi today said that after the pandemic, a new world order is about to take shape & India has a big role to play in the emerging new world order," Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Pralhad Joshi tweeted.

This article is from January, but what's interesting is Modi mentions their role in bringing in the NWO. Here's a question – "Did he know that a variant would be named after India? Modi sounds compromised (bribery perhaps). It's also interesting he brings this up in the same month that mass-vax started happening. Did they need a "variant" to explain all the "adverse reactions" happening to the vaxxed?

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The excellent UK Column broadcasts three time a week, and professionally cover subjects the mainstream media ignore.

A recent episode which discusses the Indian Variant among many important topics can be watched below.

The UK Column Show on the Indian Variant and Further Lockdowns:


India's Prime Minister Modi's very disturbing plan to essentially give power over to Bill Gates:

Prime Minister’s interaction with Mr. Bill Gates

In closing, Prime Minister also suggested that the Gates Foundation could take the lead in analysing the necessary changes in lifestyles, economic organisation, social behaviour, modes of disseminating education and healthcare, that would emerge in the post-COVID world, and the associated technological challenges that would need to be addressed. He said that India would be happy to contribute to such an analytical exercise, based on its own experiences.

What did Gates promise him? A seat at the NWO table? And who's raking in the dough behind the scenes?

Also, two Indian pharmaceutical companies made the list – 9 New Big Pharma Billionaires Emerge Amid Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout – India’s Cadila Healthcare and the Serum Institute of India, and holders of BioNTech stock.

India's political elite sold out to the eugenicists long ago, taking money from Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust – but that's another story. India has also been involved in created digital identities.

Again, what is going on behind the scenes – Boris Johnson and Modi agree ‘quantum leap’ in UK-India relations. It sounds like they are in Lockstep together on the NWO's Plan – "The road map includes plans to expand UK-India health co-operation to enhance global health security and pandemic resilience."

Concerning the news of the Indian Variant, it may very well be fake and you can find videos of people living in India saying its fake news.

The following UK Column News Program – UK Column News - 21st May 2021 brings up the Indian Variant again.

Surge and deployed are military terms. Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen ask where's the evidence, as "linked to" is vague. They are creating data to create computer-generated models – is that evidence? No. In this segment they break down the propaganda.

Starts at the 13:56-minute mark - Indian Variant Requires Fear Inducing Surges and Compulsory Testing of BAME Communities:

Secret Fear-Campaign to STOP 21st June Unlocking Gains Momentum as Hancock Hypes Indian Variant

As the 21st of June nears we are witnessing the ramping-up of hysteria, not over the South African variant first earmarked but Indian Variant that is made out to be the killer virus that will have us scurrying for cover again.

For a month now the BBC have been running endless stories about a supposed apocalypse taking place in India, this is entirely fictitious.

"Up to three quarters of new UK Covid cases could be of the Indian variant" Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said, which is absolutely meaningless.

Gibraltar's government and Ministry of Propaganda are ramping up their coverage of cases in the plan to blame the unvaccinated and children – Opening Gib Could Be A Plan For The Next Lockdown – Picardo would make Franco Proud

Pandemics are Big Business - Is the INDIAN VARIANT Going to Be the Next One?

Big Pharma Is Already Preparing Vaccines For The Next Global Pandemic

Now that Pfizer and Moderna have demonstrated just how profitable a vaccine business can be during a global pandemic, drug companies around the world are rushing to prepare for either a resurgence of mutant COVID-19, or perhaps some new virus...

GlaxoSmithKline is investing in its vaccine business in order to get ahead of the next pandemic...

GSK is in talks with the British government to onshore more of its vaccine development and research capabilities, alongside production. GSK and its hedge fund backers are in the process of spinning off the company's consumer health division next year and leaving its biopharma and vaccine arms, businesses that Connor describes as the company's "crown jewels."

GSK and its partner Sanofi plan to start advanced trials with more than 37,000 people in coming weeks, with multiple formulations of the vaccine to better protect against variants such as those first found in South Africa and India.

Just like Pfizer's criminal history, Sanofi and GSK have a sorted past, ie: Corruption in Pharma: Sanofi Only the Latest Company Accused of Bribery – Intelligence Pharma. Paris-based Sanofi settled corruption charges with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for more than $25 million. The most notorious case of a biopharma bribery scandal was GlaxoSmithKline in China.

We saw this coming a mile away... LOCKDOWN CONTINUES

21st June Scrapped as SAGE Tighten Their Grip on Downing Street

SAGE control No 10 Downing Street, and are not about to give up that power any time soon.

Scientists from SAGE have been all over the media with apocalyptic stories of mutations, double mutations, and super mutations that are all heading for these shores with the express purpose of killing us all. The media have also played a part in this with sensoralistic reports of a supposed third wave in India, replete with crying peasants, burning pyres, and worried looking doctors. This, we've learned, is all part of a structured and plan leaked to Vision News in March by a Whitehall whistleblower with more to come as we near the 21st deadline.

Prof Finn, from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation BLAMES THE UNVACCINATED: "the country remained vulnerable as there were still large numbers of unvaccinated people." He said the new variant first identified in India looked to be more infectious and it was something "we need to take seriously".

Government Advisor and devout Communist and anti-government campaigner Susan Michie, also briefed against Downing Street also supported keeping Britain lockdowned (shock).

Read more at link.

Psych! Perpetual Lockdown.

The Ultimate Variants Update, in 3 Minutes Flat! – Ivor Cummins

Deadly Variants or Political Scariants? – Cummins explains how they manipulate the data.

Title says it all. Have you been fear-mongered by your media, using unscientific exaggeration of variant data? Have your freedoms been threatened by this?

The scare-mongering continues -

B.1.6172 Covid variant now 'dominant' in UK

Update on Delta (formerly known as Indian) variant of coronavirus cases in Swindon

Why the name change?
Don't call B.1.617 COVID strain 'Indian variant': Health Ministry

Fair enough - it's a "global variant" that's going to initiate another "global" lockdown or backtrack of reopenings - The Covid Variety Show continues.

4th June 2021

The first case of the Delta variant, first found in India, has now been detected in Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Government has confirmed.
A Government spokesman told the Chronicle the individual was a UK visitor to Gibraltar, who is vaccinated, and aged 50 to 55 years.
The spokesman added, no close contacts have been identified at this stage and the positive case was identified on June 2.
"[The Genome testing] took 48 hours but the person has been in isolation since the moment of their positive test," the spokesman said.
"The genomic testing result comes later but that does not delay the isolation."
The Government has urged the public to remain prudent and cautious given the latest surge in cases of Covid-19 in different parts of Europe.
“This becomes more relevant because the first case of the Delta variant of the virus, which was first identified in India, has now been detected in Gibraltar by our new testing facility,” a press statement from No6 Convent Place said.
“The person is in isolation and close contacts are being identified.”
“Gibraltar has done extremely well with a very successful testing and vaccination programme that has been recognised across the world.”
“However, this does not mean that we should let our guard down and become complacent.”
“This success should not be put at risk.”
“It is important to remember that the virus is still out there and that even people who are vaccinated against Covid-19 or who have contracted the virus previously are at risk of catching it, the latter for a second time.”
“There are examples of this in Gibraltar already.”
The Government added, the vaccine will reduce the severity of the infection in the vast majority of cases and reduce the number of hospitalisations.
“It is the most effective method of protection and the Government continues to encourage it,” the statement said.
“This is a proven fact already. However, a large cohort of persons under the age of 16 remain unvaccinated in Gibraltar pending the latest scientific advice.”

This post was updated at 2.45pm to include further information on the positive Covid case.

Ramping up coverage to coerce people into vaccination, especially children...

Can you see how the government propaganda wants to slowly affect public perception?

More fear mongering.

The UK's Health Secretary says the link between rising coronavirus cases and hospitalisations is "severed but not broken".

Speaking on Sky News, Matt Hancock confirmed the new Covid-19 variant, known as Delta, is 40% more transmissible than the Alpha or Kent strain.

He said this makes the decision about lifting lockdown restrictions in England on the 21st June "more difficult".

Meanwhile, in Gibraltar, the number of Active cases fell slightly over the weekend to six (four resident and two visitors).

We told you so – Perpetual Lockdown.

“Far More Dangerous” New Variant 'Could' Cause Further Delays After July 19th says PM

Johnson said: "[We must] wait another four weeks – or maybe as little as two weeks. But let’s be realistic, [it’s] probably more likely [to be] four weeks." Claiming that July 19th would be a terminus date, Johnson then slipped in "That, of course, doesn’t exclude the possibility… that there is some new variant that is far more dangerous – that kills people in a way that we currently cannot foresee or understand. That’s obviously the case."

This is an obfuscated reference to a known SAGE plan for creating scare stories about fictitious mutations that are wheeled out as soon as they are needed. They did it at Christmas (Kent) in January (Brazilian), February (South African) and again in May (Indian) and they will do it AGAIN, most likely with the Nepal variant, the seeds of which have already been planted in the media.


Maybe the Mutant Ninjas can help.

12 fully vaccinated people resident in UK have died from Indian/Delta variant of Covid-19

A new report from Public Health England (PHE) shows out of the 42 British people known to have died with the Indian / Delta variant – 12 were fully vaccinated.

See where this is going?

The Government Won’t Let Go of Its Pandemic Power – UK Column


Global COVID-19 death toll exceeds 4 million

June 18 (Reuters) – Coronavirus-related deaths worldwide passed a grim milestone of 4 million on Thursday, according to a Reuters tally, as many countries struggle to procure enough vaccines to inoculate their populations.

While the number of new cases and deaths have abated in countries like the United States and Britain, several nations have vaccine shortages as the DELTA VARIANT becomes the dominant strain around the world.

It took over a year for the COVID-19 death toll to hit 2 million, while the next 2 million were recorded in just 166 days, according to a Reuters analysis.

The top five countries by total number of deaths – the United States, Brazil, India, Russia and Mexico – represent about 50% of all deaths in the world, while Peru, Hungary, Bosnia, the Czech Republic and Gibraltar have the highest death rates when adjusted for population.

These statistics are skewed as independent experts have been saying for months (and featured many times on Defending Gibraltar). Plus, during the height of the pandemic, one could die of a heart attack and it be called "death by Covid". Then, one could die of a Covid jab and it be called "Death by heart attack" but still counted as a "covid death". Gibraltar only experienced the death spike AFTER their assault on their elderly.

And people thought getting their two jabs would bring back freedom! Psych. T.H.E.Y. (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) have been talking boosters for months (more poison, more profit). "Doctors and NHS trusts are demanding a plan for Britain's Autumn booster jab rollout within weeks to ensure the UK can end its 'emergency response' to Covid-19 and edge further towards normality. Medics also want clarity from ministers on how long they believe that immunity from the first two jabs will last and whether children are to be vaccinated as England's proposed 'Freedom Day' arrived with little relaxation of rules because of the Indian 'Delta' variant."

Crazy world or is it hell?

Even the picture with the article is fear-porn.

Yes, surely we're already in Hell, with one Way out.

Is this the reason for the renaming to Delta Variant?

The Indian government has debunked the fairy tale of the Indian Corona variant. In an official statement, the government is primarily asking social media platforms to delete any content that reports an alleged Indian Corona variant. WHO also does not carry a so-called Indian variant called B.1.617, the Indian government said.

The original document can be found on
India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology site

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Yes, the Indian Government asked for the name change.

But whether one calls it Indian or Delta or B1617 - it's still the one they refer to and the next "scare". What's in a name? Perhaps, India is keen not to be associated with a virus, because people are calling the first one the "China" virus.

Not sure if it really matters in the big scheme of their "variety" show. Wonder if there will be a "Gib" variant...

Interesting that this is the symbol for Delta -


Now, who likes that symbol?

How To Defeat The New World Order

Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

One key to defeating your enemy is KNOWING your enemy better than he knows you. Metaphorically, they know what you ate for breakfast today, so you need to know, not only what they ate today, but what they plan on eating tomorrow. So, who is it that knows so much about you? There is a very small, highly organized, materially who are secretly running the entire world from behind the scenes. Governments, policy think-tanks, media, educational organizations and foundations, are all just among the visible part of their structure that they allow you to see. You may be familiar with the names of people like Rothschild, Oppenheimer, Rockefeller, Bronfman, queen Elizabeth 2, etc., and organizations like: the Committee of 300, the Pilgrim Society, the Fabian Society, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Round Table, the Club of Rome, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA - Chatham House), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the United Nations Organisation, and others; but these are all inter-connected components of the world wide conspiracy that can simply be called by one name: the Hidden Hand.

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Agreed. It looks like you have finally found the virus isolate. :thinking:

India's official objection to the "Indian variant":