The Gibraltar COVID-19 Cohort: Determining the True Incidence and Severity Rate During an Outbreak

Notice this study was conducted locally with individuals associated with local health entities.

We'll comment on it after this introduction:

In scientific studies, groups are divided into COHORTS. While the word cohort is interchangeable with the word “group”, it is specifically used in so-called scientific studies, like this one – The Gibraltar COVID-19 Cohort: Determining the True Incidence and Severity Rate During an Outbreak

And if you look at the trials and reports that are being actively done by Pfizer and others, people are divided into Cohorts, based on variables such as epidemiological traits, vaccinations status, and medical history.

In fact, when the UK Government launched the Pfizer’s trials, it told everyone they were essentially part of a phased trial programme, marketed like this:

To do an experiment of this scale, it had to be managed and controlled in a coordinated manner, thus targeted groups were divided into these cohorts. And the government marketed these divisions as prioritisations. While we were told they wanted to ensure these groups were covered first to protect them, it reads like an engenics list (save the healthcare workers). And one by one, these groups came into focus. With media propaganda, we were made to believe each group could be suspectible; and thus as the trial progressed so did their "coordinated approvals” to administer the experimental injections into cohorts not disclosed on their original list. They came up with “reasons” to include younger and younger individals; right down to healthy children.

Did you not expect this? As the goal was always to jab everyone.

The Government of Gibraltar even told us that :gibraltar: Gibraltarians were part of these cohort studies:

“Since the 9th January, Gibraltar has had available a total of 67848 doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The initial strategy was to administer the vaccine to approximately 500 individuals per day, however, on more than one occasion during the last three months, this number was doubled with over 1000 vaccines being administered in a day. This has all been an incredible achievement that would not have been possible without the contribution of ‘Team Gibraltar’. All priority risk groups have been vaccinated or offered the vaccine and we are currently at OUR LAST COHORT, Stage 9, the Cross Frontier Workers who are also eligible for the vaccine."Health Minister Samantha Sacremento.

They are conducting trials – get that in your heads.

Everything else is deception to make you believe all this “is for the good of all” (aka Communitarianism).

And if you’ve been fraudulently lured and continually coerced into participating, according to both The Nuremberg Codes and The Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, you can STOP at any time.

You stopping being a participant would put a spanner in their wheel.

They have always needed a certain amount of people to participate, and to continue to participate, in order to “accurately” represent population sectors, to get their plus/minus statistics. It was done in the featured Gibraltar Cohort study above.

It also makes one question where will the unvaccinated subjects come from in their studies about the vaccinated vs unvaccinated – because the goal is to leave no one behind.

  1. Because this is a worldwide experiment, they may pull these groups from other countries based on similar epidemiological traits. And since the trials are also phased in time intervals, there is always a country that is behind another, perhaps offering Pfizer and others “the unvaccinated” group they need at the time. Gibraltar seems to be a step behind The State of Israel for instance.

  2. Perhaps, records are kept so-well, even electronically, health officials know exactly who the unvaccinated are within their borders – and pull from those. This seems to be the case in :israel: The State of Israel (see study below).

Most of what they are doing is going on behind the scenes as if it’s a national security issue – when it’s really about governments signing up their people to be guinea pigs for Pfizer and other BigPharma companies – and them covering their crimes against humanity in the form of mass testing (casedemics), initiating the next phase etc...

But make no mistake, they are recording everything.

Ian Cumming – The Handler

Given his background, how much is he involved in the trials being conducted on Gibraltarians?

While I have nothing but praise for everyone who has given their absolute all in achieving this result I would like to take this opportunity to single out Professor Ian Cumming OBE who in chairing the Vaccination Strategy Committee and who led on its delivery for Gibraltar has been instrumental in our success. Professor Cumming is the UK Ambassador for Health to the Overseas Territories and an experienced former NHS and Health Education England Chief Executive as well as an NHS Global Ambassador, Professor of Global Healthcare and the Chairman of the West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust. Professor Cumming has worked tirelessly to ensure Gibraltar had a vaccination strategy that has become a benchmark and a world recognised success story.” – Health Minister Samantha Sacremento.

This question is raised about Cumming because this post is really a follow-up to – What DEAL does GIBRALTAR have with PFIZER? Understanding this deal could explain everything.

How many more Professionals from the UK will need to be brought in to handle the situation on The Rock?

Remember the Wellcome Trust, Bill Gates and other Eugenic-minded organizations and individuals are funding much of what's going on in terms of research. And evil people can do evil things with the data they are collecting. For instance, they could take out a certain group based on their epidemiological information or ethic background. Evil people can also do evil things knowing a person’s individual DNA.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Red Flag: India’s DNA COVID vaccine is a world first – more are coming. And don't forget about all that testing they are doing at the University of Gibraltar, which is funded by the Eugenic-minded – :triangular_flag_on_post: Should Gibraltar joining the UK Genome Sequencing Consortium (COG-UK) be a red flag?

Those in bed with BigPharma and Bill Gates and like-minded will conduct studies and manipulate the data. They must do this to cover up their crimes as well as further their goals.

Here are only examples of this manipulation:

:yellow_circle: Bells Palsy – While it IS LISTED as an adverse effect on these vaccines. They use their magic to make it appear as if there is no difference between the incidence of Bells Palsy between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Read this study on the :israel: Israeli population, which looks at individuals identified by the Meuhedet Health Maintenance Organization in Israel:

Real-world safety data for the Pfizer BNT162b2 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine: historical cohort study

Excerpts: Bell's palsy, herpes zoster, Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS) and other neurological complaints in proximity to vaccination have received special public attention. We compared their rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

Individuals ≥16 years vaccinated with at least one dose of BNT162b2 were eligible for this historical cohort study in a health maintenance organization insuring 1.2 million citizens. Each vaccinee was matched to a non-vaccinated control by sex, age, population sector (general Jewish, Arab, ultra-orthodox Jewish) and comorbidities. Diagnosis of Covid-19 before or after vaccination was an exclusion criterion. The outcome was a diagnosis of Bell's palsy, GBS, herpes zoster or symptoms of numbness or tingling, coded in the visit diagnosis field using ICD-9 codes. Diagnoses of Bell's palsy and GBS were verified by individual file review.

In vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals there were 23 versus 24 cases of Bell's palsy (RR 0.96, CI 0.54–1.70), one versus zero cases of GBS, 151 versus 141 cases of herpes zoster (RR 1.07, CI 0.85–1.35) and 605 versus 497 cases of numbness or tingling (RR 1.22, CI 1.08–1.37), respectively.

No association was found between vaccination, Bell's palsy, herpes zoster or GBS. Symptoms of numbness or tingling were more common among vaccinees. This study adds reassuring data regarding the safety of the BNT162b2 vaccine.

:yellow_circle: Cancer – They are trying to make a case that those with cancer would benefit from the jabs. Conclusion: Moderna’s, Pfizer’s, and Johnson & Johnson’s shots all offered protection against the virus regardless of cancer type, although slightly less so in people with blood cancer.

Read this study:

COVID-19 Vaccines Work in People with Cancer: Study.

When will those suffering from cancer in Gibraltar become the next group they come for?

:yellow_circle: Myocarditis and Pericarditis – While most of us have never heard of these, it is now normal for healthy athletes and children to mysterious develop them; and we shouldn’t connect any dots between these incidences and them being jabbed with a poison known to cause blood clots.

Populations are being studied in REAL TIME

Read this study on the Danish population:

SARS-CoV-2 vaccination and myocarditis or myopericarditis: population based cohort study

Objective: To investigate the association between SARS-CoV-2 vaccination and myocarditis or myopericarditis.

Design: Population based cohort study.

Setting: Denmark.

Participants: 4 931 775 individuals aged 12 years or older, followed from 1 October 2020 to 5 October 2021.

Using individual level information on vaccinations from the Danish Vaccination Register, hospital based diagnoses from the Danish National Patient Register, and the unique personal identifier issued by the Danish Civil Registration System, we created a full population cohort with information on vaccination status of all individuals in Denmark. All Danish residents were followed from 1 October 2020 or from their 12th birthday…

Main outcome measures: The primary outcome, myocarditis or myopericarditis, was defined as a combination of a hospital diagnosis of myocarditis or pericarditis, increased troponin levels, and a hospital stay lasting more than 24 hours. Follow-up time before vaccination was compared with follow-up time 0-28 days from the day of vaccination for both first and second doses, using Cox proportional hazards regression with age as an underlying timescale to estimate hazard ratios adjusted for sex, comorbidities, and other potential confounders.

Results: During follow-up, 269 participants developed myocarditis or myopericarditis, of whom 108 (40%) were 12-39 years old and 196 (73%) were male. Of 3 482 295 individuals vaccinated with BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech), 48 developed myocarditis or myopericarditis within 28 days from the vaccination date compared with unvaccinated individuals.

Conclusions: Vaccination with mRNA-1273 was associated with a significantly increased risk of myocarditis or myopericarditis in the Danish population, primarily driven by an increased risk among individuals aged 12-39 years, while BNT162b2 vaccination was only associated with a significantly increased risk among women – HOWEVER

Of course there is a "however". But that should not stop you from noting the correlations they found.

Who is studying those who have developed Myocarditis and Pericarditis in Gibraltar?

The Gibraltar population is being studied.

It would be naïve to think otherwise, given that the Covid19 Team, the University of Gibraltar, Public Health Gibraltar, GHA, and St. Bernard’s Hospital involvement in the featured study above, or Health Minister Samantha Sacremento's admission about recording adverse reactions.

What all are they studying? Do Gibraltarians have the right to know?

This is a war and there are two sides – Good and Evil.

Independent researchers are looking at the raw data from Yellow Card and coming up with interpretations that are astonshing in term of the number of injuries and deaths. The Daily Expose keeps up on these as well as Vaccine Impact.

Reserachers who are colluding with BigPharma, are coming up with all kinds of different alternative explanations. But the main one they get away with is that “there is no conclusive proof “(plausible deniability); and sometimes they actually add, “more study is needed”. But the reality is “there is no conclusive proof the vaccines are safe.”

In fact, there is mounting evidence that the vaccines are not safe.

Smoke and mirrors. The “more study is needed” should be a red flag, but it just serves to keep the experiments going just as planned – for as long as they can.

Frontline Health and Care Staff as a Cohort

Why were healthcare workers at the top of the list? We can assume that with their deception, they would need to assume these workers were at great risk being around the sick. That’s fair, especially if these “sick” were contagious.

But what really happened was that the contagion came from the vaccinated, as they could spread the spike proteins by shedding them.

The real answer is – Healthcare Workers are being studied. They are just another cohort to study in this mass experiment:


Like all invitations, you can decline.

Although it doesn't help to be constantly badgered to sign up for the next phase by deceptive government messages that don't disclose information pertaining to informed consent.

Did Picardo in his "let's be clear" psycho-babble or other ministers or GHA officials make it PERFECTLY CLEAR that the Drive-Through Testing Center set up in April 2020 was part of an approved EXPERIMENT?

Only patients who had been invited due to their potential exposure will be given the test.

Those individuals were really identified using GHA medical register to select a random sample "invitation list", as outlined in the featured study – The Gibraltar COVID-19 Cohort: Determining the True Incidence and Severity Rate During an Outbreak

A TEMPORARY testing area… work will begin immediately for people who may have been exposed. Your sample be processed in the usual way. The government says the measure is part of a worst case scenario –

Notice the Communitarian spin that makes us think this is "for our own good/safety?" without fully disclosing IT WAS part of a Cohort Study.

This is how it was marketed by Public Health Gibraltar:

Please read complete details here:

This post isn't to say the government should not be analyzing – because it really needed to investigate the elderly death spike which started right after the launch of their vaccine experiment in January 2021 – it's about how open they are with what they are doing. Instead they provide quick answers they cannot really prove in the attempt to hide their crimes or complicity in the deal.

Now to the featured study:

The Gibraltar COVID-19 Cohort: Determining the True Incidence and Severity Rate During an Outbreak

Two cohorts were studied – a clinical and randomized
Over a three day period: 1-3 April.
Nasopharyngeal swabs were sampled and tested with the RT-PCR
Gibratar tested 1500 suspected individuals over 35 days.

The medical health register was utilized to get their 400 members of the public.
No mention of the cycles that were used to determine.

There is no mention of the cycles they used in the PCR test, because anything beyond 24 cycles of magnification and totally unscientific – NUREMBERG 2.0: Legal team wants ‘second Nuremberg tribunal’ to try global lockdown promoters for crimes against humanity - #5 by DOTS

In fact, the PCR test has been proven meaningless to determine infection, which it's inventor Kary Mullis said.


The case can be made that those involved in this study are complicit in Medical Fraud, using an instrument scientifically flawed in order to fraudulently justify and prepetuate government-medical tyranny. Related: Another Gibraltar Casedemic.

This local study also compared Gibraltar to Iceland in its conclusion: "Our results are similar to the reported background population infecion level in Iceland..."

You want to compare Gibraltar with Iceland? Look at this more recent comparison: Highly Vaccinated Iceland & Gibraltar DESTROY COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Narrative, – Vaccinated People Are The Biggest Spreaders

Here's two more studies by individuals in Gibraltar:

1) The CHIR Score for Evaluating the Hyperimmune Response in COVID-19: A Preliminary Concept by Daniel Kumar Goyal and and Fatma Mansab.

Similar to SARS and MERS, the host immune response to COVID-19 is implicated in the severity of the disease itself. Here, we investigate the possible use of scoring systems to help guide clinicians in their determination as to when to commence immunosuppressive treatment in COVID-19. We utilized the relatively established clinical and biochemical severity indicators from large cohort studies to develop a potential scoring system for the hyperimmune response in COVID-19.

SARS-CoV2 causes COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)...

Can you prove the virus that causes SAR-CoV2 exists, Goyal and Mansab? If you can there's 1.5mil Euros to be had – Gibraltar: Whole Genome Sequencing Of Virus Causing COVID Can Now Be Undertaken Locally - #4 by DOTS

Related - The Final Refutation of Virology

2) Room to Breathe: The Impact of Oxygen Rationing on Health Outcomes in SARS-CoV2 by Daniel K Goyal, Fatma Mansab, and Sohail Bhatti

These are only brought up to show you almost everything is being studied.


Look Up.

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They seem to be making it clear that the covid pill trials are TRIALS:

Over 50s and vulnerable urged to join antiviral Covid-19 trial | Evening Standard

Adults over the age of 50 and people with underlying health problems who get Covid-19 are being urged to join a trial testing antiviral drugs.

2,000 people have signed up to @UniofOxford's PANORAMIC study, tweeted Sajid Javid. The UK has ordered almost 5 million courses of cutting-edge antivirals.

The treatment being used in the trial, molnupiravir, has already been approved by the UK medical regulator.

The GHA already promoted this pill:

The :gibraltar: Gibraltar Health Authority is closely monitoring the UK’s rollout of a new anti-viral pill for Covid-19 that can be taken at home and which health officials want to make available here too – BEWARE THE COVID PILL - #3 by Cheeky-Monkey

It will be “a gamechanger” for the most vulnerable people who contract Covid-19, the UK Government has said.

Interesting how the media's worldwide message about this pill is that it is a Game-Changer – mockingbird media, using same message, and copied for The Rock.

This is a list the Gibraltar government put out each day. I thought i would attach it here regarding what you said about cohorts. So much for privacy.... I've never seen anything like this....

Isn't this the Government of Gibraltar's Use of NUDGES? (Daily Reporting - See last article in this reply)

This constant reporting was/is part of the psychological behavioral tactic set forth by the UK Government, of which Gibraltar and its media were/are all too complicit in participating.

1) The removal of our basic freedoms — in the form of lockdowns, travel bans and mandatory mask wearing — have been passively accepted by the large majority of people. Furthermore, the proportion of the general public expressing a willingness to accept the Covid-19 vaccines has been greater in the UK than almost anywhere else in the world. But has the government achieved this widespread conformity through the unethical use of covert psychological strategies — “nudges” — in their messaging campaign ?

A major contributor to the mass obedience of the British people is likely to have been the activities of government-employed psychologists working as part of the “Behavioural Insights Team” (BIT).* – The Most Remarkable Aspect of the Unprecedented Lockdowns: The Widespread Compliance

2) UK admits to using “totalitarian” methods of “mind control” to instill fear UK Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour (SPI-B): The government should drastically increase “the perceived level of personal threat” that the virus poses because “a substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened”. Ramping up the threat – Government psychologists admit waging psychological warfare on the nation.

3) Statement from the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling, Operational sub-group (SPI-M-O). – According to this model people who have had two vaccines will be the majority of deaths in the 3rd wave expected in the UK.

4) COVID Psychological Stress Being Applied to Break Resistance to Vaccine

5) “A genuine deadly pandemic doesn’t need 24/7 adverts to remind you it exists; fronted by fear-mongering and sell-out journalists - Psychological Operations DO!”

Comeuppance or those Nudges?:

Ethical concerns arising from the Government’s use of covert psychological ‘nudges’

We are writing to you as a group of psychological specialists and health professionals to highlight our major ethical concerns about the deployment of covert behavioural-science techniques (commonly referred to as ‘nudges’) in the Government’s COVID-19 communications strategy. Our view is that the use of these behavioural strategies – which often operate below people’s conscious awareness and frequently rely on inflating emotional distress to change behaviour – raises profound moral questions. In light of these pressing concerns we respectfully request that, in your role as chair of the Public Administration & Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC), you instigate a comprehensive inquiry into the acceptability of using these strategies on the British people as a means of promoting compliance with public health directives.


The minutes of the SPI-B meeting (5) dated the 22nd March 2020 stated, ‘The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent’ by ‘using hard-hitting emotional messaging’.

Subsequently, in tandem with a subservient mainstream media, the collective efforts of the BIT and the SPI-B have inflicted a prolonged and concerted scare campaign upon the British public. The methods used have included:

Daily statistics displayed without context: the macabre mono focus on showing the number of COVID-19 deaths without mention of mortality from other causes or the fact that, under normal circumstances, around 1600 people die each day in the UK.


In the UK they tried to make us believe we are at war

This is interesting on the cost of the Covid Testing Facility at Midtown:


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The image about the Midtown Covid Testing Facility reads "Free-Testing they say, but what's free when the taxpayer foots the bill?"

The operations at Midtown Covid Testing Center (reported in the Chronicle's article below on 9 Feb) - "The Government said: “HM Government of Gibraltar would like to express their gratitude to the COVID-19 Rapid Testing Facility for having offered and conducted the day six and seven testing operation at no cost to the Government.”

The specific instructions on what to do remind me of another scenario from the initial post on this thread referring to "The Gibraltar population is being studied," in which an earlier drive-thru testing operation turned out to be a Gibraltar Cohort study.

Wonder if the GHA Midtwon operation results will turn into a Published Cohort Study?