Why aren’t Gibraltarians who oppose 5G investigating all the new #TECH gadgets and applications? T.H.E.Y. are INCREMENTALLY preparing you for a more advanced state of mass surveillance. NWO politicians are pushing all of this TECH, camouflaged as health protection. Yet, there are serious concerns with CONTACT TRACING APPS, even in the face of government officials’ promises.

History has proven restrictions implemented in crises don’t go away. T.H.E.Y. will always find new reasons or applications to keep them.

Do you trust their promises? Did you trust MSWord and Windows, only to find out about the inbuilt backdoors? Did you trust your electronic devices were for your benefit, only to find that T.H.E.Y could remotely turn on cameras and microphones?

There are always HIDDEN AGENDAS.

The more TECH the GOG uses, the more reason to bring in 5G, because how do you think all this surveillance is going to operate in real-time with low-latency?

Why did John Cortes and Albert Isola throw a fit about the GRA’s assessment that Temperature Scanning qualifies as an invasion of privacy? Know them by their fruit.

AND read up on how their NEW TECH TOYS aren’t what they are cracked up to be. Please post articles about serious concerns, flaws, etc. on this thread, as a reply. Educate others who blindly go along with the NWO plan. Thank you.

First, A little background on TECHNOC-RATS:
The Technoc-rats’ lust for 5G is so strong that they are perfectly willing to ignore all human concerns, protests and especially health concerns.

Read these articles:

Look up this Washington Post Article:

Please REPLY with more articles/evidence below.

State of Israel perfecting surveillance technology

Israeli penetration of U.S. telecommunications began in the 1990s, when American companies like AT&T and Verizon, the chief conduits of the National Security Agency (NSA) for communications surveillance, began to use Israeli-produced hardware, particularly for law enforcement-related surveillance and clandestine recording. The devices had a so-called back door, which meant that everything they did was shared with Israel.

Another plan being promoted in a joint venture by APPLE and GOOGLE that appears to have White House support involves “add[ing] technology to their smartphone platforms that will alert users if they have come into contact with a person with Covid-19.

People must opt into the system, but it has the potential to monitor about a third of the world’s population” with monitoring done by central computers. Once the legal principle is established that phones can be manipulated to do what is now an “illegal search,” there are no technical or practical limits to what other tasks could also be performed. :eye: :eye: :triangular_flag_on_post:

With any software, beware of back doors, phones that already come with tracing apps, ESPECIALLY FREE PHONES!


:green_circle: DOT 1: NHS announced what might be the largest handover of NHS patient data to private corporations in history. In the name of beating back the pandemic, governments around the world are giving tech giants extensive access to valuable stores of health data.

:purple_circle:DOT 2: Contacting Tracing with Apple and Google

In what may be the biggest endorsement yet for the Bluetooth contact tracing method, Apple and Google recently announced that they’re partnering on a solution that combines Bluetooth, cryptology, and location tracking. Apple and Google will release an API in May, followed by a platform for building Bluetooth tracing into software.

:brown_circle:DOT 3: NHS contact-tracing app doesn't work properly on iPhones

Experts have warned the Government is likely to face a court battle over the app amid privacy and data fears.

Scottish government also dealt a potential hammer blow by saying it will only commit to the technology if it is shown to work and is secure.

:red_circle:DOT 4: Apple and Google are exploring Bluetooth contact tracing with this in mind.


:green_circle:DOT 1: What can go wrong with a massive surveillance project

The British government has been trying to mesmerise the public, like a snake charmer does a king cobra, with its contact tracing app.

Company behind UK’s Covid-19 tracing app leaks 296 emails, killing trust in both the government & the scandal-riddled contractor: Serco, a vast company which has a hand in many pies. It jumped in to secure the contract to train, recruit and manage contact tracers, of course whilst maintaining the privacy of everyone involved.

But at this early stage, it has been forced into a humiliating apology after it shared the email addresses of 296 tracers by accident.

Serco has fallen at the first hurdle, jeopardising the success of the app that so many hopes have been pinned on.

Serco which included breaching responsibilities of the handling of nuclear waste, manipulating results to show it met NHS targets, covering up sexual abuse of immigrants.

MUST READ: :pushpin:

:brown_circle:DOT 2: There's always something hidden. Beware.

Documents seen by Guardian show tech firms using information to build ‘Covid-19 datastore’. Technology firms are processing large volumes of confidential UK patient information in a data-mining operation that is part of the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

:red_circle:DOT3: Tech industry has a long-history of data abuses.

They use technical details to hide their tracking capabilities. Governments can’t solve the adoption-rate problem by making apps mandatory. They’ve mislead people before and made promises. With big tech’s history, do you actually TRUST them? What have T.H.E.Y. done to gain such trust?

MUST READ: :pushpin:

:yellow_circle:DOT 4: EU push for coronavirus contact tracing suffers setback

Experts concerned that some 'solutions' to the crisis may, via MISSION CREEP, result in systems which would allow unprecedented surveillance of society at large

Julian Teicke says that storing data on individual smartphones only isn't decentralized at all. "Basically it says that Google and Apple will be the only players having access to individual ID identities…giving those companies even more power."

Also: please read the entire thread above

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Police Use Facial Recognition Smart Helmets To Conduct Indiscriminate Surveillance At Airports

Airports taking government surveillance to a frightening new level.Imagine police officers on Segways travelling through airport terminals across the country using facial recognition smart helmets to identify you and your family with no option to opt-out. How do you opt-out if a police officer with a smart helmet looks at you? Short answer: you can’t.

They are so excited about police surveilling everyone from 21 feet away. Governments are using fear as an excuse to use facial recognition/thermal imaging under the guise of public safety.

Rome is also testing the helmet, see the article link above for more details.

Can you say Technocracy Police State?

If you are an X-files fan, Season 11 Episode 7 gives us a futuristic, smart world that can go terribly wrong.

X-files season 11 episode 7, entitled “Rm9sbG93ZXJz” trailer -

So what were the producers telling us in advance?

Artificial Intelligence | Coffee shop run entirely by robots becomes sensation in Dubai (2min)

This is related to the jobs robots can be taking over, as described in DOT 4 of this thread reply:

  • robots that replace humans costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Robot babies, nurses, janitors, concierge, ect.