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Scott Ritter - Lies and deception about Ukraine Russia conflict DGTV

Scott Ritter December 24 Bakhmut is about to fall

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SCOTT RITTER - ELENA OELKE on Zelensky Visit to usa war russia ukraine new news

TG 983 The Gaggle Talks To Scott Ritter


Scott Ritter: We Are On The CUSP Of Thermonuclear War !!! Situation Is Out Of Control

Scott Ritter: We Are On The CUSP Of Thermonuclear War !!! Situation Is Out Of...

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Scott Ritter: Ukraine Should give up the Donbass

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Scott Ritter - NATO - A Broken Alliance - 2/17/23



Scott Ritter: A Massive Offensive In Ukraine


More informed insights from Scott Ritter. According to the former US Marine Intelligence officer and UN Weapons Inspector, it’s over. Ukrainian forces will soon face a full Russian offensive and run out of ammo as they do so. What’s more, their WESTERN BACKERS KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN LAST SEPTEMBER. In other words, they set the Ukrainians up for a fall.

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Scott Ritter Gives The Ukranian People Some Advice On What To Do With Zelensky


Putin: 'This is a Global Conflict' - Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter explains to the Health Ranger that the West won’t be able to stop Russia’s advanced nuclear missiles and hyperglide vehicles

Western powers are trumpeting the claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin is sick and dying; is losing the war in Ukraine; and will soon run out of weapons and manpower to continue his fight against the West. Former United Nations (UN) weapons inspector Scott Ritter, however, says otherwise.

In a powerful interview with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger – be sure to watch below – Ritter explains in detail how Russia actually has the upper hand in all this. America’s military stands no chance, he says, against Russia’s advanced nuclear missiles and hyperglide vehicles, which are much more powerful than anything the West currently has in its arsenal.

“The United States since 1992 has treated Russia as a defeated enemy, and we have sought to keep them down,” Ritter explains to Adams on his “Health Ranger Report” program. “We succeeded in doing that for 10 years under Boris Yeltsin – a new president came in, Vladimir Putin, who wasn’t going to play that game, and we’ve been trying to get rid of Putin ever since.”

“We do that by trying to destabilize Russia, and one of the key aspects of destabilizing Russia was to expand NATO to Russia’s border to include stripping away Ukraine from a Russian spear of influence, knowing that this would provoke a confrontation with Russia.”

The U.S. and NATO “miscalculated,” Ritter says

According to Ritter, this is a fight the West thought it could win, easily. The reality, though, is that Russia flipped the script and is actually now winning the war while the West wobbles on the verge of collapse.

“We miscalculated,” Ritter says about the U.S. and NATO’s efforts. “The Russian economy is doing well, and getting better. Europe’s economy, on the other hand, isn’t doing well. And the last time I went to the supermarket and looked at food prices, we’ve got some issues too.”

What began as a localized conflict in Ukraine has also since spread to the rest of the world, hence all the talk about World War III. The U.S. and NATO are poking the Russian bear, to the detriment of the West.

Because they are now using Ukraine as a proxy to fight Russia, the West is escalating the situation into a global conflict, and “surprise, surprise: we’re not doing well,” Ritter warns.

“It’s a year into the conflict and the fact is the Russians have mobilized successfully; they have positioned their military on the battlefield in a manner which will lead to victory over Ukraine – Ukraine has been propped up by American taxpayer dollars and NATO weaponry.”

For revealing all of this and more, Ritter landed himself on two separate blacklists, one of which is a propaganda outlet that operates right out of the office of the presidency in Ukraine.

“The Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD), a unique name because it’s purely a propaganda outlet of the office of the president in Ukraine, so they work directly for Volodymyr Zelensky,” Ritter says.

“This is an office that was created by the U.S. State Department actually, funded by U.S. taxpayers, and they take anybody who speaks out in a manner that opposes the narrative being pushed by the Ukrainian government, by the U.S. government, by the mainstream media, if you dare challenge this, then you get put on this list, it’s a blacklist, they call you a Russian propagandist, they call you an information terrorist, they call you a war criminal, and the idea is to have you canceled.”

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Scott Ritter of joins The Alex Jones Show in-studio to break down how the world is on track for nuclear war with Russia if we continue on the current path.


Scott Ritter to tour Russia in May. Scott Ritter answers questions from the audience with host Jeff Norman