Ukrainian Soldiers Refuse To Obey Orders and Threaten Ukrainian Generals With Reprisals In KHARKIV

Neo-Nazis From 'AZOV' Battalion Refuse To Obey Orders and Threaten Ukrainian...


Ukraine SitRep: An Army And Country At Their End

Russia Is About To Overrun Ukraine's Defenses – Why Are There No Peace Negotiations?

But of course.....



What happens when when you steal all the money and don't build defensive structures to stop the advance of the Russian army? Ask Ukraine! New reports show Ukraine build shell companies to steal millions in US dollars meant for trenches and fortifications.


Even some finns did it:-

Elite cars, real estate instead of 5,000 bulletproof vests for the Armed Forces: three detained in Finland on suspicion of laundering ammunition funds

Well I am sure Finnish politicians just like their counter-parts in the west are getting their kickbacks from the aid they are giving Ukraine. You seem surprised..Since most of the western politicians are acting against the interests of their own people eg mass immigration etc you can bet they are being paid handsomely to betray their people. However Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe, which is why western politicians love them so much, so that they can get their noses in the trough.

Even the Guardian admitted it 9 years ago. I am sure they have changed their tune nowadays though as they have warmongering to do...I am sure nowadays too the CIA run MSM has Russia at the top :slight_smile:

Note the below article from Newsweek where they try to make out this guy is pro-Russian, still the sheeple will believe it. Why would a guy who is supposedly pro-Russian try and assasinate a relatively pro-Russian western leader. The MSM must think their readership are stupid, sadly they are right.

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Shakeup in Russian National Security

Well, Finland is usually ranked the least corrupt country in the world.....

which is might seem like at first since it's not blatantly out in the open on every level. The corruption, the "fellow brother" system is a bit more subtle and ingrained... and the people are quite gullible...

Sounds about right. They are also the most trusting of the MSM if I remember correctly.Same in UK, the corruption usually at the higher levels, probably masonic.
Funny in the third world corruption is more open and extends to lower levels - more equal opportunity type corruption, but at least people in the third world have no illusions about who governs them.


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