GREAT RESET: Klaus Schwab and the great fascist reset

The pedo meat supplier for the Royal British mafia family. The DICTATOR is DEAD, short LIVE the DICTATOR. The sheep don't even realize they're being lead to the slaughterhouse, and pray their oppressors, is what royalty really is.

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Yes, interesing indeed.

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World Economic Forum Cites Compliance with COVID Mandates to Promote ‘Climate Change’ Lockdowns

BREAKING: Davos launching new push for permanent "climate change" lockdowns: "The lockdowns aren't for them, the lockdowns are for YOU."

BREAKING: Davos launching new push for permanent "climate change" lockdowns: "The lockdowns aren't for them, the lockdowns are for YOU.


Earlier this month, roughly 22,000 Colorado residents were prevented from adjusting their thermostats after their opt-in “smart” thermostat company locked the devices at 78 degrees F° during a heat wave, citing a local “energy emergency.”

Over the summer, the WEF argued that pushing forward an “clean energy transition,” partly by hiking up already record-breaking gas prices, would be necessary for both saving democracy and staving off environmental catastrophe.

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DEFEAT Agenda 21, the PLAN is at JAHTruth DOT net 2015

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A Conversation with Alex Krainer


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Dr Vernon Coleman: Why We Must Fight To Keep Cash

# Feb 28 – The Tide is Turning Against Satanists!

by tts-admin | Feb 28, 2023 |

(Tim Buckley, Vanguard CEO) — Feb 28, 2023

Scott Adams, Woody Harelson, Bill Maher …. Now Vanguard, one of the biggest asset managers is abandoning ESG which is the Rothschild’s attempt to manacle free enterprise with Satanist “social and environmental “priorities.

Vanguard CEO Abandons ESG Investing Alliance: “Not In The Game Of Politics”

“We don’t believe that we should dictate company strategy,” he said, in his first public comments about the decision.

“It would be hubris to presume that we know the right strategy for the thousands of companies that Vanguard invests with. We just want to make sure that risks are being appropriately disclosed and that every company is playing by the rules.”

The Great Reset, Here's How it Happens: Andy Schectman

The Great Reset Heres How it Happens Andy Schectman

CEO of Miles Franklin Precious Metals presents a case for a great reset of the global financial system, through the emergence of a BRICS nations currency backed by commodities, including gold.

Andy Schectman offers insights on how a "great reset" may be playing out from a financial perspective and how the majority of the world sees the United States to be using the weaponisation of the petro dollar as a bullying tactic against other nations. One of the slides in the 20 minute presentation shows "By weaponising the dollar, the US is shooting itself in the foot" as other nations are actively seeking to move away from it.

Martin Armstrong: The Great Reset will FAIL & EVERY government will collapse


Journalist Alex Newman of The New American joins Harrison Smith of “The American Journal” to discuss how the shifting “multipolar” global order is simply a rebranding exercise done by the usual suspects. In this segment, Newman explains how predatory global elites such as David Rockefeller and George Soros are openly working to move the center of power in the direction of Communist China.

Martin Armstrong, Ross Clark, Markets, USD

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Who is Klaus Schwab?

MONOPOLY: An Overview of the Great Reset


Klaus Schwab Putin is one of YGL