Thanks to Vicky Bula, administrator for Vaccine Awareness Gibraltar, we have some initial statistics for reported adverse reactions to the Pfizer Covid Jab.

Vicky filed a FOI to the UK's Yellow Card Scheme in July; and she would like to remind people to make sure they use Gibraltar's recognized postcode GX11 1AA when reporting adverse reactions on the Yellow Card Scheme.

Here is what she wrote (21 Aug 2021):


On 17th July 2021 I filed a Freedom of Information to the Yellow Card Scheme and the MHRA to ask further questions into the reporting of adverse reactions from Gibraltar and the protocols in which healthcare providers and medical institutions need to follow ans adhere to when reporting adverse reactions from Gibraltar.

The MHRA has confirmed that they work closely with the UK devolved administrations as well as the governments of the British Overseas Territories.... this is fantastic news and with further emails and documentation provided to me this would suggest that the MHRA are correct in what they say when referring to the overseas territory of Gibraltar.

It has been confirmed to me that all of those individuals receiving a vaccine are encouraged to report side effects to COVID-19 vaccines to the Yellow Card Scheme by the local governments in these territories...

I filed a FOI to request more information into the vaccine program and the reporting of adverse reactions to date, As per my request, up to 10th August 2021, It has been confirm that the Yellow card has received 22 Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) reports associated with COVID-19 vaccines reported from Gibraltar.

I was told to be aware that this information is based on ADR reports received directly from all healthcare professionals, patients, parents and carers in Gibraltar.

I was also informed to note, that the information generated and supplied to me is dependent on the accuracy of the data and relies on the postcode being provided as GX11 1AA by the reporter on the original Yellow Card.

It was added that if the postcode is incorrectly provided or incomplete, the Yellow Card will not be included in this data for Gibraltar

In response to my questions about the Yellow Card and how it is promoted to healthcare providers and medical institutions - I was informed the reporting of suspected ADRs is voluntary by healthcare professionals..... HOWEVER reporting is encouraged within the codes of practice of all healthcare professionals by their associations and regulators.

I was educated that the MHRA have in place a Yellow Card strategy that works to increase awareness, actively promote and make reporting to the scheme more accessible for everyone....

Where is this education and the awareness to the people of Gibraltar ???

Why wasn’t this information relayed in parliament when the question was asked by Marlene Hassan Nahon ?

Why hasn’t Minister Sacramento Informed the public of the imperative information that needs to be included in a report to the yellow card scheme ?

Although this is an improvement from the information I last requested and obtained there is still a way to go to make sure that the information collected for us is obtained and listed correctly.

Not all is doom and gloom.... Minister Sacramento has confirmed that all adverse reactions, mild or severe are ALL recorded.......

She has also stated and confirmed very recently, (and not before) that an adverse reaction report can in fact be reported to the Yellow card scheme, confirmed in parliament and all of the information is collated and recorded using a tool to allocate the data which suggests that the information is available and should be published promptly to properly inform the people of Gibraltar.

Perhaps this is yet another report that’s sat on her desk with no agenda ..... hoping never to be published .......???? she did say she was going to wait for a long period of time to pass before she published yet she also said that there was no intention to publish the data ????? ! :thinking: which one is it ?

Gibraltar .... please remember that if you need to use the yellow card scheme to report any vaccine, medicine or medical device please make sure that you include the post code for Gibraltar (GX11 1AA) so that the statistics can be accurately allocated..... again this is not something that should be coming from me, this should have already been made aware to the people of Gibraltar as a matter of good governance.....

Good question Vicky – Why hasn’t Minister Sacramento Informed the public of the imperative information that needs to be included in a report to the yellow card scheme ?

"Minister Sacramento has confirmed that all adverse reactions, mild or severe are ALL recorded" – Seems like this should be public knowledge so that people can make good decisions relating "informed consent".

Just a reminder – Death is also a fatal adverse reaction – Gibraltar Deaths After Covid Vaccine Push - #106 by Cheeky-Monkey


Gibraltarians can also share their stories on Defending-Gibraltar.

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Gib Adverse Reactions

People Injured by COVID-19 Jab Share Their Horror Stories

What about Gibraltarians? Will they share theirs here, with us?

Isn't it odd that one cannot really find reports, stories, posts about vaccine adverse reactions in Gibraltar?

Yet, they are happening all over the world.

Is there a tight lid on these stories & why? Word-of-mouth comms reveal they are occurring on The Rock.

We know children are being adversely affected in the UK -

Child Vaccine Murder Charge

14 Vaxxed Children out of school with Adverse Effects

Ella May Moores Facebook post - This is all I've been seeing over the last week or so

Children adverse effects

Children To Be Shot in Gibraltar

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It is odd. It may have to do with the reporting systems in place in the hospitals, care home facilities, schools, etc. . It may be coming from the "higher-ups" to keep it under tight wraps.
And if people see no-one in their locale is reporting it, then they may hesitate to report it too.

I saw a difficult to watch video showing a 13-year old die after receiving the 2nd jab. It looked like it was videoed from a phone. He collapsed and CPR was initiated. He seemed to have come back a little as his arm moved and it looked like he may have lifted his head, but then he died; becoming lifeless, limp, suddenly pale-blue and CPR was stopped after no further response. It was reported as occurring in Brazil. Another video of an occurrence like that, showed the medical staff abruptly closing the door so that the scenario could not be seen.


I have a friend who works in Gibraltar, who told me of some adverse reaction cases in Gib. A 14-year-old who has been suffering for months from swollen ganglia ever since his first vaccine; many 20-30 year-olds with Myocarditis post vax; and an elderly lady who developed Bells Palsy, facial paralysis only a few days after the vax. It is our understanding that Yellow Card forms have been filled out for all these cases. There was a lot of pressure in Gib to be jabbed.


Consider not having the vaccine, or waiting until more information is available, if:

  • You do not want to risk the very rare side effect of myocarditis and pericarditis from vaccination.
  • You want to wait for more information to become available about the risk of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome and of COVID-19 in children and young people.
  • You want to wait for more information to be available about the longer term effects of the vaccines in children and young people.

The above is advice about giving the shot to children from HSE Ireland - Moderna COVID-19 vaccine leaflet for 12-15 year olds -

This advice cannot be found on Public Health Gibraltar's Covid Page

Interesting though that you can find Best Practice Guidelines for a Post Vaccination World

It outlines "10 principles" to return to normality.

Here's four of them in text:

  • Principle 1 - Vaccinated people may carry the virus and may not experience any symptoms. It takes two weeks following a first dose of vaccination, for immunity to be established.

  • Principle 2 - Vaccinated people may still pass on the virus to those that are not protected. The chances of passing it on are reduced between 50-80%, however, if someone is unvaccinated and catches the virus, they are still at risk of falling seriously ill.

  • Principle 3 - We do not know whether vaccination has actually protected any particular individual. Around one in twenty people will not be fully protected despite vaccination.

  • Principle 4 - The virus is mainly spread through aerosols, therefore masks, physical distancing and outside environments all contribute to the prevention of spread.

READ Principle 3 Again -

We do not know whether vaccination has actually protected any particular individual.

The Gibraltar Page –"Pfizer Vaccine 12 – 15 years – FAQ" directs one to a few places.

One being the UK Health Security Agency's COVID-19 vaccination for children and young people aged 12 to 15 years. It does not mention postponing the jab if "you do not want to risk the very rare side effect of myocarditis and pericarditis from vaccination." It does however mention the "rare cases".

It will help stop catching and passing

This is a PR campaign so this is the Promotional Message they want you to remember - it will help to stop you from catching and passing the virus.

Now, read Gibraltar's Principles 1 & 2 Again.

There are mixed messages, but the ones in the media are the promotional ones for high uptake.

Another site the Gibraltar Page points to is the JVCI statement:

The available data indicate that the clinical manifestations of myocarditis following vaccination are typically self-limiting and resolves within a short time. However, the clinical picture is atypical and the medium to long-term (months to years) prognosis, including the possibility of persistence of tissue damage resulting from inflammation, is currently uncertain as sufficient follow-up time has not yet occurred.

Thus, if Gibraltarians want more information they have to "dig" as public health officials and politicians, and their propaganda machine, will only hone in on "all the reasons to be shot".

What's also interesting is one of the the topics they include is "My Covid Experience – Testimonials" (Propaganda). But also interesting is there are only two video testimonials.

Too bad jabbed stories - all of them - are being supressed.

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Freedom Gibraltar

I wonder where all the GHA staff are? Can't be on the COVID ward, that's practically empty...busy with strokes, seizures, heart issues mayhaps?

Gibraltar activists need to start exposing/disclosing local adverse reactions. Their social media channels are full of world events, not what they KNOW is happening on The Rock.

Darkness hates Light. Start shining the light on what's happening in Gibraltar.

This is from a very reliable source: Many 20-30 year-olds with Myocarditis post-vax.

By the way - the visitor that died in Gibraltar in mid-October died of "pneumonitis and myocardial infarction." – Gibraltar Deaths After Covid Vaccine Push - #154 by Cloudcity

Myocarditis infarction is commonly known as a heart attack, occurs when blood flow decreases or stops to the coronary artery of the heart, causing damage to the heart muscle. The most common cause of a myocardial infarction is the rupture of an atherosclerotic plaque on an artery supplying heart muscle. Plaques can become unstable, rupture, and additionally promote the formation of a blood clot that blocks the artery.

The CoVaxx-19 Scorecard: Bleeding, Blood-Clots and the Whole Nine Yards

Nursing baby died with blood clots, inflamed arteries following mother’s Pfizer shot

Salk Institute science paper reveals the covid spike protein is what’s causing deadly blood clots and it’s in all the covid vaccines (by design)

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Thanks Vaccine Awareness Gibraltar and Sista Dee

Sista Dee
I got adverse reaction, in so far as the vaccines seem to have stopped my other medicines from working. So I'm getting more frequent R.A attacks. Was an Ambulance jobie at least twice during the first couple of months after the jab. I'm a bit better now but am scared to risk the booster. I'm not able to wear a mask for longer than five minutes, so have not been able to travel since the pandemic began, unless it's by car.


Public Health Director was recently interviewed by Jonathan Scott on Viewpoint

Vicky Bula, Gibraltar Vaccine Awareness, sent in questions for her:

Vicky posted, the segment where her questions were addressed.

Vicky added on Vaccine Awareness Gibraltar:


On the 7th October 2021 I emailed viewpoint with questions to be asked to the director of public health regarding information that is not currently available in the public domain.

This would include:

Patient Information Leaflets to all vaccinations that are currently administered and available in Gibraltar.

How to report adverse reactions in Gibraltar with all the relevant information that directs you to the correct process to report an adverse reaction

The Yellow Card Scheme and how this applicable to Gibraltar

Until recently (8/10/21) I have shown you that chapter 14a of the Green book has been uploaded and 12/15 year old JCVI recommendations and other useful links for this category, that were not available before...... but where are the links to the whole of the green book, consent forms, information on informed consent, patient information leaflets..... vaccine schedules, all of the information that will make us all make a better choice into this heavily pushed area that has no real clarity ....

If you look into healthy Gibraltar you will find that the information is provided to you as follows,

“The decision to offer vaccines... is exactly that, an offer.

It is important that you carefully consider the benefits and risks of taking up the offer of any vaccination as part of the informed consent process. We would encourage you to talk about this together as families and do some reading around of the topic.”

Pfizer Vaccine 12 – 15 years – FAQ – Public Health Gibraltar

It would be extremely useful if all of the information as described above into the vaccination programs, was actually available, including vaccination schedules, brands, guidance into the reporting of any adverse reactions ...... to be easily accessed by the community ....

Everyone talks about transparency and openness, well it’s time to be transparent in this area because as with many things in Gibraltar this area lacks great transparency and has done for many years.

Does anyone else find it interesting that Carter says they have addressed vaccine adverse reactions in Gibraltar through a "frequency asked questions" section.

Here is how they address them:

What are the side effects from being vaccinated in this age group?

The most common side effect being reported is having a sore arm at the injections site that normally gets better after a few days.

In the trials that have been running, the most frequently reported wider reactions in participants were tiredness, headache, muscle aches, chills, joint pain and a raised temperature. These symptoms were usually mild to moderate and resolved within a few days after vaccination. If required, treatment with paracetamol-containing products can be used.

Is this vaccine safe for this age group?

Worldwide there have been rare cases of myocarditis or pericarditis which is an inflammation of the heart. This is more common in the younger age groups receiving the vaccine especially after the second dose. Having reviewed this very carefully we are reassured that most cases are mild, do not result in the need for hospital treatment and recovery is within a few days.

Our conclusion is that the vaccine is safe for this age group and we will be offering one dose of the vaccine. We will continue to monitor the reporting of side effects very closely, as we do for all vaccination programs.

They do not plan to release information on data from Gibraltarians – not unless a major shift occurs. But for now, all adverse reactions are keep under a tight grip – this is the opposite of transparent.


Deaths among male Children are 83% higher than the 5-year-average since they were given the Covid-19 Vaccine. The UK’s Medicine and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have openly admitted that they suspect myocarditis and pericarditis are potential side effects of the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines, especially among young males. A suspicion that has been strong enough for the UK Medicine Regulator to officially add warnings about myocarditis and pericarditis to the safety labels of the Covid-19 vaccines – Deaths among male Children are 83% higher than the 5-year-average since they were given the Covid-19 Vaccine – The Expose

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Eros Ncjm

People are starting to speak out in Gib, Good.

After receiving the second does of the Pfizer vaccine, I was laid up in the ICU here in Gib, then transferred to Quiron in Marbella for 10 days, then back to the ICU here, believe me Darren, it's very real, I suffered pericarditis and myocarditis, this being a direct result of the vaccine. I also know personally two other people locally who also suffered the same after the second vaccine. I have always been fit, walking around and up the Rock, only now, many months later am I regaining my previous fitness levels.

Shared by John Pine on Gibraltar Social Chat.


In relation to @Cloudcity's post about the the GBC show on the pandemic featuring Helen Carter and Krish Rawal – Season 8 - Episode 11 - 25/11/21 - Live discussion about the pandemic (Viewpoint), there has been an interesting and informative response by Vicky Bula on Vaccine Awareness Gibraltar.

Vicky Bula posted:


Please read all patient information leaflets which can be found on the link below

The information above as well the JCVI recommendations for this cohort , Chapter 14a of the Green Book, Public Health England Guidance

which once again with all the promotion and push for booster vaccination this important information was once again not covered by two ‘medical professionals’, who are suppose to be there to educate the public with such a complex area of health..... educating the public of risk and safety .....

if they can push for mass booster vaccinations ..... they can also be communicating instructions and raising awareness into how to report an adverse reaction and make it known to the public ....

The Yellow Card Scheme Information is added on Healthy Gibraltar (finally) which can be viewed on the link below to be properly informed about vaccinating children....

Parents should be properly informed and educated of the risks and safety of ALL vaccination by the director or Public Health and the Medical Director so that parents can make an informed choice before committing to any vaccine program.... which throughout and past vaccine programs and this whole pandemic, has had very little coverage and awareness in the area of adverse reactions post vaccination .....

The full interview can be viewed

This is new -

"The Yellow Card Scheme Information is added on Healthy Gibraltar (finally).. Yellow card scheme – Public Health Gibraltar"

How long did it take them to take this reporting system seriously by even mentioning it?

Thanks to Vicky for her diligence in trying to get the government to do the right thing.

Informed Consent is very important - and because the government and GHA is being very sly about telling everyone to read the fine print - it's best to read the fine print. So often what politicians and health officials are saying in the media, is not a true reflection of the fine print and reality.

Unfortunately, there is still no list provided by Public Health Gibraltar on adverse reactions similar to the Yellow Card.

And the reason this is not done is their goal is for Gibraltarians to get as many boosters and the system churns out. If it were made public that there are serious issues, how many would hold off not taking the poison?

Actually, there are serious reactions occurring. People aren't speaking out. People are in denial that the jab is related to theirs or their family member's damage. Some people don't want to put their head above the parapit – as Gibraltar is known for its bullying and intimdation to keep everyone between the lines. There are private groups, but somethign has to give. Not reporting these serious adverse reactions is really a crime because people can't make a true informed decision and the government continues to get away with its secrecy and lies.

The media also fail to be the watchdog of the governement for the people. All they seem to do is give airtime and articles to Gibraltar's Booster Boosters.

Responses to Vicky's post include -

William Mellin – Stop lying and tell people the truth of what is really happening and why you are pushing the experimental MRNA injection mantra, you are both in contravention of the Nuremberg code your hypocratic oaths and God knows how many other medical and human rights rules regulations and laws, rest assured that you and many others including the corrupt Government's around the world will be held accountable for all the crimes that are being committed against humanity.

Mark Byrne – William Mellin absolute rubbish conspiracy theory nonsense. Please go find another hobby and stop spreading your poisonous bull crap.

William Mellin – Mark Byrne do your own evidence based research and find out for yourself you brain dead muppet.

Mark Byrne – William Mellin I work in scientific research. For over 20 years I have been studying and working in it, and if you’d done the same, you probably wouldn’t have been brainwashed with all that “experimental vaccine Nuremberg” nonsense.

William Mellin – Mark Byrne well it certainly doesn't seem like you've learnt much in those 20 years, what a waste

Mark Byrne – William Mellin if nothing else, it taught me how to not be sucked into conspiracy theories and antivax lunacy. Think of it as a vaccine. A good education is the best immunisation against misinformation. Happy to show you why it is not “experimental” and why the Nuremberg code doesn’t apply here, if you’re open minded enough to change your opinion when presented with the evidence.

Peter Alan Xiberras – William Mellin AMEN

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Adverse Reaction to Jab reported in the Gibraltar Panorama -

How much more are we willing to allow our bodies to be invaded?


Are we in a pickle? Yes, I’m afraid some of us are. I recall that some time back the Gibraltar health authority was saying that if there were people with underlying health issues they would not be expected to have the Covid vaccine.

However, when it was someone's time to go for her second jab, she was attended to by a very nice young nurse who, on being asked by the patient if any of her underlying issues would be a problem, said 'no no, you’ll be alright.`

But the truth is that she was not alright.

After her second vaccine, all the pain she had been suffering from on previous years which had lain dormant of late, came back to haunt her like a vengeance; as if the vaccine had woken it up.

The comment was 'poor thing; she must be one of the unlucky ones.'


Another good post on Vaccine Awareness Gibraltar -

Posted by Vicky Bula

A question to Direct Democracy

Vaccine Liability

I asked GBC if they could pose a question to the CM to please explain vaccine liability, if a resident /member of the community had/has a severe adverse reaction or event to any of the vaccines offered In Gibraltar and results to being disabled or dies as a result of the vaccination, I asked what compensation scheme is the Government going to implement / make available to protect those people who suffer unexpected adverse events following vaccination as a result of vaccination.

I explained to GBC that The UK vaccine damage act does not apply to Gibraltar and it has been communicated to me by the Gibraltar authorities that there is no equivocal scheme available in Gibraltar as there is in the UK, as Gibraltar is not included in the UK legislation (Vaccine Damage Payment act / Scheme)... I asked for the CM to please make transparent the legislation that applies to these claims ?

I explained that as we follow the UK in the vaccination process and the guidance set in the MOU applies to Gibraltar, Gibraltar MUST follow all UK Government Guidance.

I asked if the CM could dive into this area and better inform the public as this area has not had any information that should already be available to the public of Gibraltar.

Included with the post was the video segment where Picardo addressed her questions.

I'm not sure how to post Vicky's video clip from FB, but one can access it on VWG FB - post link.

And while this clip below has the title that you'd expect it to be the one Vicky posted, it is not the same one. It is titled incorrectly:

The UK's liability against potential Covid vaccination damage extends to Gibraltar.

The UKs liability against potential Covid vaccination damage extends to..


Here is a Gibraltar Social Chat post about serious another adverse reaction -

Maria Bryan (Gibraltar)

Most of this elderly people that have died with under line conditions should not be counted, they cannot live for ever our time has to come to an end at some point. My friend double japped and had a booster, now on a ventilator in the hospital for the last 8 days. People wake up, this vaccine is not helping


Warning Strong language.


Gail 2

gail 3

Gail 4


Those who have succumbed to the jab may go through a grieving process that was used to deal with death, but has a wider range for application. There are 5 stages to grieving: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. The stages are not rigid as in one at a time, nor inclusive and can help with understanding and processing the outcome of a genocide of Earth's inhabitants. What about Repentance?


Vicky Bula of Vaccine Awareness Gibraltar reminded us that a year ago, she'd contacted MHRA about Gibraltar Adverse Reactions.

Some highlights of what Bula wrote:

You will see below ZERO reports have been made to the MHRA.
My question to the Governemet of Gibraltar is: how do adverse reactions, damages or injury get recorded here in Gibraltar?

The data and the information lacks transparency...

The chief minister and the ministers responsible for the vaccination programs need to be clarifying these important issues so that we can all understand the risks and the safety procedures that need to be followed if these severe adverse reactions were to occur

The Gibraltar Governement need to be clear and need to be letting the people of Gibraltar know what the procedures are Incase any damages or injury are the result from this new vaccine .

Tie this into these government proceedings, also posted by Bula.

It was discussed in July 2021 in parliament that the GHA has been keeping a record of side effects caused by the Covid-19 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

It was reassuring to hear the minister for health say in parliament that “side effects from the administration of any vaccine are always recorded, this includes the administration of the Pfizer Vaccine administration”.

She continued with an explanation:

Minor side effects are recorded in patients electronic medical record.

Serious side effects are reported similarily as well as reported to the Yellow Card Scheme to regulatory authorities.

The minister made it abundantly clear that ....

“There is no intention to make this information public, as it is medical in confident information”, the Minister for Health, Samantha Sacramento..... told Parliament

“There is of course someone centralizing the information”...

The Minister told the house that a report would be made available on side effects once enough time has lapsed from the administration of the vaccine, to be able to run a proper analysis of the side effects...

Let's pull this statement out - There is of course someone centralizing the information.
Who is this person, please? How does he/she receive the reports and what is the procedure for informing MHRA or those serious adverse reactions please? How the government has centralized reporting should be transparent, as its procedural and doesn't disclose information about individuals.

If the government ever planned to seriously and professionally keep track of adverse reactions to this experimental injection, it would have also taken as much care as it has in its constant promoting the vaccine programme to log these adverse reactions and inform the public. Was this care taken? Or was it always planned to keep those who have suffered serious adverse reactions cloaked so that government had "enough time to administer the vaccine before causing any alarm?"

And if they took "proper analysis of the side effects" seriously then all side effects would be accounted for - just like in all proper trials.

Sacramento said the government had no intention of making these reactions public. Her reason was confidentality. Seriously! The government has no problem reporting the age and sex of all the elderly who died after receiving the jab. There is a way of reporting these occurances without disclosing identity – which they proved. And a report of these types of statistics should have been on-going and disclosed, as part of the trials, and for proper informed consent.

Something is afoot.

The reporting of the adverse effects NEVER needed to be centralized. Anyone can report to Yellow Card – victims, doctors, etc.

Why has the government blocked informed consent. Why did it take the Public Health Gibraltar so long to link MHRA Yellow Card on its website?

Afterall the UK set it up prior to the start of its programme – Covid-19 campaign – The MHRA launched its public health campaign to inform those receiving Covid-19 vaccines about how to report a suspected side effect to the MHRA's Yellow Card scheme on this Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting website. The campaign aims to ensure those looking to report a Covid-19 vaccine side effect know where to go and what to do. Anyone can report to the Yellow Card scheme, whether for themselves or on someone else’s behalf.

And if this centralized method of reporting was occurring in Gibraltar, the information should be a no-brainer to disclose. Was this "someone" to centralize the information really set up to be a gatekeeper on what got reported the to the MHRA? In the government inquiry, will his or her performance be evaluated or the government's use of such a person?

Why the COVER-UP? Because that's what it looks like it is. If things were properly handled, then Gibraltarians should be given these statistics as a matter of informed consent.


Here's another informative post on Vaccine Awareness Gibraltar:

Victoria Bula shared a post.

28 Jan at 11:07

Still the reporting of adverse reactions following covid vaccination, as well a other important issues relating to the vaccine has also not been addressed nor communicated to the public with issues such as liability, local data collection, monitoring, pharmacovigilance regulatory, memorandums of understandings and contracts, as well as many many other issues that still need to be communciated and published to the community so that we are properly informed >
How long are we going to have to wait for this information to be transparent to the public ???

Victoria Bula

27 February 2021 ·

The Medical Director has now confirmed that adverse reactions are being reported, although he says that for the amount of vaccines administered these are minimal, this is clear confimation that these adverse reactions do occur and have been confirmed. At this point the MD should have been following the guidelines they are distributing at the GHA and quoted section 4 of the Patient Information Leadlet (PIL) this would have properly educated the public into the possible side effects. This includes any possible side effects not listed in this leaflet.

He confirms that the reporting of adverse reactions are being reported and recorded as well as the collection of all data to all vaccine information for all participants to the Immunisation program.


This has become very clear to me and the people of Gibraltar via myself and the yellow card communications that reporting of adverse reactions are encouraged to be reported to the yellow card scheme and that all reports from Gibraltar are all to be recorded via the MHRA - Yellow Card Mailbox. A service that is clear is eligible to the citizens of Gibraltar.

Our Medical Director has made it clear that reactions do happen however he wants to sugar coat that the vaccines have nothing to do with most adverse and severe adverse reactions, he has highlighted the very topic I have been questioning for a long time.

This was the perfect opportunity for our Medical Director to mention what the MHRA do, what their service provides to Gibraltar and what the MHRA can do to ensure medicine and vaccine safety for Gibraltar. This would include information on the method of reporting of adverse reactions. This would have been an opportunity to allow the people of Gibraltar to understand and be prepared for the possibility of any reactions but to truly educate the public so that they understand the risks and the safety information and Introduce the MHRA with their support if a person were ever to require the service .....

Although the Medical Director says they are keeping a report, are these reports in fact being sent to the Yellow Card Service to help better monitor the safety of medicine and vaccines in Gibraltar?

If not, how is this method of reporting being managed in Gibraltar ?

Most vaccine adverse events are mild so the MD says but what he doesn’t communicate is that serious injuries and deaths have and do occur from vaccines and this needs to be monitored and managed correctly, in my view clear direction and management into this area needs great clarification as far as my views are concerned.

This clip can now confirm that adverse reactions have been confirmed, reported ... now it’s time the GoG and the GHA to communicate and publish all of the correct information on the concerns into the reporting of adverse and severe adverse reactions to medicine and vaccines in Gibraltar.

Interesting that Rawal said in the video that a few have fainted post jabbed; and his reasoning being it is a reaction to pain or fear of needles, but not the vaccine.

To listen to him make light of the reactions, you'll have to click on VAG FB page at this link).


Over 100 vulnerable patients in Gibraltar have received a fourth dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, the Gibraltar Government said on Thursday.

The fourth dose is being offered to people whose immune systems may be compromised due to other medical issues, for example cancer treatments.

A total of 118 people in this category have received a fourth dose.

“A small group of immunocompromised patients who had previously received a third primary dose of the vaccine have now been given a fourth dose as a booster,” a spokesman for No.6 Convent Place said.

The data was included in the latest Covid-19 update from the Gibraltar Government, which also indicated that while there is little let-up in the daily number of new cases detected, there is no change in hospitalisation levels which remain low.

The Gibraltar Government has stated on numerous occasions that the low number of hospitalised cases indicates that the vaccines are working to stave off the worst effects of the virus, allowing people to recover at home.

On Thursday, another 151 cases of the virus were detected in Gibraltar, bringing the total number of active cases to 1291 in the community.

There were just two people on the Covid-19 ward in St Bernard’s Hospital, however, and none in the critical care unit.

To date, some 29,142 people have received a third booster shot.


Were GPs in Gibraltar given the same correspondence as Ireland? OR was the directive all coordinated between GHA and NHS/PHE? Pfizer wrote to all Irish medico-vaccinators: send adverse reports to Pfizer

Diarmaid O'Cadhla, Campaign for Truth, has the correspondence in hand.

O'Cadhla said, "We have seen correspondence where Pfizer has usually written to every medical practitioner in Ireland, advising them to report the adverse drug reactions, but if needs be they say, to report them directly to them. In other words (they don't need the central reporting system) they go directly to the drug company... This is a very serious development."

Video in link:
9 To 11 Vax Injuries Come Into ER At Just One Hospital In Cork, Ireland Every Day

9 To 11 Vax Injuries Come Into ER At Just One Hospital In Cork, Ireland Every...