Gibraltar Deaths After Covid Vaccine Push

While the headline count may be inaccurate, the ALARM for the spike in deaths is spot on.

Do you see the pattern developing here? Inject the elderly first, watch them die by lethal injection, and then blame it on the virus, while encouraging everyone else to get the “vaccine” to protect themselves.

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From David on Twitter

Here is the thread from Twitter:

Research shows there are issues involving COVID-19 deaths in Gibraltar … that now seem to have seriously accelerated ever since the introduction of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

The death rate was well down the Deaths Per Million League Table. Not due to isolation, since Spanish workers have continued to pour into Gib every morning, back out every evening.

Since the 9th January “Covid deaths” per million have rocketed to Third Place on the Worldometer site.

Tiny Gibraltar is like a petri dish; in no other place has there been such a brutally clear relationship between vaccine roll-out and increased “Covid deaths.” - RAF deliver COVID19 vaccine to Gibraltar

We warned about this. Receipt of influenza vaccination. Examining virus interference by specific respiratory viruses showed mixed results. Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus by 36%.

What actually happened was a massive campaign to vaccinate with the flu vaccine in September 2020. We raised concern about potential consequences in April / May, but this was ignored. - Gibraltar launches massive Flu Vaccine campaign to protect community - 661/2020

The neighbours don't like it, don't take it, Andalucia has a very poor flu vaccine participation rate, so much so the government tried to artificially inflate its success...a bit of propaganda, but liar liar pants on fire.

Knowing the neighbours is key -

This stunning graphic I took from official sources - because as explained the virus does not respect a fence, literally this is the neighbour, it is one epidemiological region – cases and admissions rise in perfect synchronicity, outcomes diverge, do you see it? Blatantly obvious.



Government confirms 6 further deaths related to COVID-19 - 75/2021

Informe COVID-19 en Andalucía

Government confirms two further deaths from COVID-19

With official sources you can fact check. The trend is your friend, when you deviate from natural trend in magnitude 15x, the divergence must have causative source. Although obvious this must be checked it demands urgent attention / serological forensic analysis future lives at stake.

Update to show the changes in one week.


Carry on reading to graphic, what we see is 2 very similar health regimes follow same high standards, one side of fence rejected the flu vaccine, the other totally pro-vaccine past 7days 30k people 30+ approx 15 times higher than the neighbours past 7days deaths in 300k=18.

If it hadn't been that one side of the fence is delayed in its vax delivery compared other, this could have gone unnoticed, maybe it would have come out eventually, but there is something gravely wrong that two plots follow same curves and the outcome of one diverges drastically.



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VERY IMPORTANT to this situation. Please read:

This image explained in referred post above:


This article sounds familiar with how the elderly deaths are being portrayed in Gibraltar. Excerpt:

According to the news account, a single nursing home in upstate New York vaccinated 193 residents beginning on Dec. 22 and subsequently reported 24 deaths within the span of a couple of weeks. Although the facility has attributed the deaths to a COVID-19 “outbreak,” there had been no COVID-19 deaths in any nursing homes in the entire county “until the first three deaths … were reported Dec. 29.”

Pointing out that 24 deaths among 193 vaccinated residents equates to a 12.4% mortality rate, one observer notes that this reflects a “124-fold increase in mortality over and above the COVID-19 death rate for the population at large.”


25 Jan 2021 Gibraltar Death Stats:

January 25, 2021 - Gibraltar Panorama reports total deaths at 65.

The Gibraltar Chronicle provides more detail -

January 25, 2021 - Covid cases decrease and vaccinations continue, but two more deaths confirmed

Of the total 65 deaths since the start of the pandemic, 58 died in the first 25 days of 2021, with seven deaths recorded throughout all last year. Over the past week since Monday, January 18, 20 people have died from conditions related to Covid-19. On Monday the Government confirmed the deaths of two local residents. The first was a woman aged 75 to 80 years old, who had underlying health conditions and died of Covid-19 pneumonitis. The second was a resident of Elderly Residential Services, a woman aged 85-90 years old, who had underlying health conditions and also died of Covid-19 pneumonia.

These further 2 deaths have not been updated on the statista site:

As of January 25, 2021, Coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths worldwide per one million population, by country

Gibraltar, 63 deaths (18 in last seven days), roughly 1,869 per million (534 per million in last seven days).

65 Total Deaths from start of Pandemic. :thinking:

16 Deaths recorded from start of Pandemic up to January 10 (prior to vaccine rollout).

49 Deaths since January 10 vaccine rollout - From Jan 10-25, 15 days, 65 total -16 prior = 49 Deaths in 14 days, with early spikes as outlined from reports).

How many of them received the latest flu vaccine prior to the Covid vaccine: - As pointed out by David in his twitter thread above -

We warned about this. Receipt of influenza vaccination. Examining virus interference by specific respiratory viruses showed mixed results. Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus by 36%.


January 26 - Four more deaths reported.

All four were in their 80s or 90s, and two were residents of the Elderly Residential Services.
The first death announced yesterday was a man aged 95 to 100 years old, who also had underlying health conditions and died of Covid-19 pneumonia.

The second was a woman in her early to mid 80s who had underlying health conditions and also died of Covid-19 pneumonitis.

The third was a woman aged 85 to 90 years old, who had underlying health conditions and died of Covid-19.

The three have been recorded as deaths from Covid-19.

The fourth death was a man aged 85 to 90 years old who died today of an acute cerebrovascular event.

Some 69 people have died since the pandemic began, with 62 dying in the past 26 days alone.


Damage Control?


Joseph Goebbels was a German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany

Let’s add to GBC’s analysis - Gib tops world stats in vaccine rollout, but also deaths per capita from above.

Quote from GBC: Gibraltar now ranks second in the world of countries with the largest percentage of individual doses of the Covid vaccine administered.

It is also the top country in the world with the most covid tests done per million of the population.

Gibraltar joined the W.H.O. bandwagon to test, test, test in order to create a CASEDEMIC.

A CASEDEMIC could easily be achieved because the flawed PCR tests aren’t fit for purpose, produce false positives, and are a fraud. The primer sequences in the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 is found in all human DNA.

Running around the country with covid-19 tests and finding more and more people who carry the virus without symptoms is not legitimate medicine. And that means testing asymptomatic people for the presence of the virus achieves nothing other than spreading irrational panic about a disease that’s no longer much of a threat to the masses. – Bhatti’s DEATH-CERTIFICATE Tweet Explained + How "Cases" are Used - #3 by Cheeky-Monkey

Quote from GBC: However it is also ranked top in the world of deaths per million people, and second in the world of countries with the most cases million people.

Again, do not confuse a CASEDEMIC with a real pandemic. Asymptomatic spread is rare, as per the W.H.O. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that asymptomatic carriers are not the source of outbreaks.

What is GBC trying to do with this article? Is it a case of look at Gibraltar cases, not at our deaths? Most of us who have been researching the Truth about this plandemic are sick of this fear-mongering casedemic rhetoric. Stop it, you aren’t blinding us with your casedemic-scam science.

What should be scary is that people are now dying rapidly in Gibraltar, which correlates with the introduction of vaccines.

Quote from GBC: These statistics however can be easily skewed because of Gibraltar's small size, as evidenced with other small territories at the top of the list, such as San Marino, the Faroe Islands and Andorra.

Yes, numbers can be skewed, especially when the whole picture is off-kilter. We can compare San Marino and Andorra with Gibraltar, but you cannot leave out the variables at play.

San Marino (Italy) was hit hard early on with its death toll, NOT after vaccinations. Remember Italy was an epicenter for Europe; whereas Gibraltar remained largely unaffected, with its first death recorded on Nov. 11, 2020; and its sixth death recorded on December 18.

From Wikipedia – San Marino had 62 confirmed deaths – 42 of them died by June 2020; and by December 2020, the death toll was 57. Thus, 62 total deaths – 57 who died in 2020 = 5 deaths.

Please note than on January 25, 2021, statista reported:

San Marino –
65 deaths
0 in last seven days
Roughly 1,920 per million
0 per million in last seven days

Gibraltar –
63 deaths
18 in last seven days
Roughly 1,869 per million
534 per million in last seven days

Also note that Jan. 19, 2021, it was reported that Italy agreed to supply San Marino and Vatican City with Covid vaccines.

The difference is the majority of San Marino’s deaths occurred in 2020; and the majority of Gibraltar’s deaths occurred January 2021, after the vaccine program began. When you compare them don’t forget the variables of time and vaccine introduction, please.

Andorra -
96 deaths
5 in last seven days
Roughly 1,244 per million
65 per million in last seven days

The total number of deaths was 75 by the end of October 2020; and 84 total in December 2020. No deaths were recorded for the first six days in January.

Jan, 19, 2021, Spain will send 30,000 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine to Andorra; and Italy will send vaccines to San Marino. Thus, it would seem San Marino and Andorra have not began their vaccine administration; and no reports are found that they have done so.

Is the GBC, the Global Government of Gibraltar’s ministry of propaganda trying to affect your perception? They are complicit in “selling” this euthanasia program on Gibraltar and covering up the lies, by spinning the truth.

Murderers don't always appear as gangsters:

Aktion T4 program personnel enjoy a social gathering during some time off. Circa 1940-1942.

Dr. Hermann Pfannmüller stands trial for euthanasia crimes in Munich. 1949.


{Note, death numbers continue to rise, but the above was done for comparison at the time they were reported on the referenced sites}


Nursing Home Whistleblower: Our residents are dying. Our residents are dying – after taking the vaccine – they are dropping like flies.

This is a very clear pattern now. Inject the elderly with the mRNA injections, then blame their illnesses and deaths on the COVID virus.

James reports that in 2020 very few residents in the nursing home where he works got sick with COVID, and none of them died during the entire year of 2020.

However, shortly after administering the Pfizer experimental mRNA injections, 14 died within two weeks, and he reports that many others are near death.

When they ask questions to authorities about the deaths after the vaccines, they explain the deaths as being caused by a “super-spreader.” He says, I’m not the smartest person in the world; but I’m not the dumbest either. I’m not the wisest, but I’m not stupid.

They are saying that the deaths are not related to the vaccines. This is not isolated, it’s happening all are the world. There is a silence, like this is all normal. Is it because their lives are unimportant? It has everything to do with us. Whatever is in this vaccine, it is too much for the residents. How do you tell me that I just cared for a patient, left the room and come back and they’re dead? We have to challenge the medical science; and those doing the vaccines.

After being injected with the mRNA shot, residents who used to walk on their own can no longer walk. Residents who used to carry on an intelligent conversation with him could no longer talk.

The residents who refused to take the injections, are not sick, according to James.

James calls upon other CNAs, nurses, and family members to go public and tell the world what is going on with these experimental mRNA COVID injections. Article and Bitchute video below.


No link between recent deaths and vaccine, Govt says

Governments and health authorities are lying to you.

They are the ones murdering the elderly by lethal injection with experimental vaccines. They are also the ones denying responsibility for this genocide.

They are all on it together.

There’s a lot at stake here.

:white_circle: These individuals know they are responsible; but they want to avoid trials – at all costs – that their predecessors faced during the Nuremberg trials. It’s a lie or die situation for them.

:white_circle: The pharmaceutical companies and health authorities (controlled and funded by them) cannot afford public perception to change on their experimental vaccines, because they AREN’T DONE with their human trials. This is why so many are vaccinated en masse. They also can’t complete their two-dose human-trials if people start backing out. They started with the elderly for several reasons, and it was a “case for killing Granny” for economic reasons, but they also knew they had a better shot of convincing everyone this targeted group was dying anyway, so their deaths were perceived as “normal”. Attorneys who turn politician are crafty, and they understand they must create “plausible deniability”.

:white_circle: They also don’t want all their profits to go out the window with payouts.

You may want to believe all those elderly died of something unrelated to getting vaccination/euthanized, because you want to believe your governments and health authorities are taking care of you. They are “taking care of you” but not in the way you believe. They take care of finances (1 Timothy 5:10).

Most governments and health authorities are in lockstep with the depopulation and green agendas of eugenicists to save humanity. Humanity doesn’t mean the same thing to them as it does to everyday folks. They believe in a world population of only 500 million, noted on their Satanist Georgia Guidestones (an amount they can control through technocratic surveillance) with lots of green open spaces, owned by the arrogant ruling class or the organizations they control.

James, the certified nursing assistant, who knew something wasn’t right about the residents of the nursing home dying, prayed privately to Father. And Father answered him; and guided him to make the video and speak the truth. Father communicates with us telepathically. And if your intuition is telling you something isn’t right, consider that Father telling you something isn’t right. Don’t ignore Him.

Father continues to warn everyone. There are no coincidences.

We are at war here – Good versus evil; and the evil ones don’t fight fair. They’re devils with forked tongues spewing out venomous lies. They may look like sheep, but underneath they are wolves, ravenous for the kill. They have moved slowly, but when they strike they strike hard.

Governments like Gibraltar, Norway, France, Sweden, Iceland, and Portugal are trying to cover their backsides on this one – again, because a lot is at stake. Without much investigation, they claim there is no evidence that the deaths are related to the vaccines. They would probably also claim there was no evidence of fraud in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. Governments and the companies that control them are corrupt to the core.

The Government of Gibraltar wants to quash any claims that the jab is linked to the deaths, using words like “entirely untrue” when that statement itself is entirely untrue. There has been no proper, independent investigation.

“There is no evidence of any deaths in Gibraltar arising from inoculations with the Pfizer vaccine,” Mr Picardo said.

A lying politician’s claim is worthless; and Fabian Picardo and Sohail Bhatti foolishly believe they haven’t already lost credibility with Gibraltar’s growing silent majority. What happens when this majority starts taking Father’s signs seriously? What happens when God’s Law is reinstated? When The Lord finally grinds to dust the final ruling government (Daniel 2).

Plausible deniability only works in the short-run. And so does passing the blame.

“The Gibraltar Health Authority can confirm that there is no evidence at all of any causal link between these six deaths and the inoculation with the Pfizer vaccine,” the statement said.

The European Medicines Agency said that despite the deaths, "to date no specific concerns have been identified with Comirnaty", the commercial name for the Pfizer shot.

The EMA noted that the authorities investigate fatalities to determine whether the vaccine was responsible.

"It is not unexpected that some of these people may naturally fall ill due to their age or underlying conditions shortly after being vaccinated, without the vaccine playing any role in that," the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency [MHRA] said.

Read that Athanasian-creed-type spin again. Up is down. Left is right.

"It is not unexpected that some of these people may naturally fall ill due to their age or underlying conditions shortly after being vaccinated, without the vaccine playing any role in that," the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency [MHRA] MHRA said.

So now, they are shifting your attention to the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency [MHRA], who is supposed to be monitoring the situation. The UK adverse effect database known as the Yellow-Card is run by this entity.

What are the chances these databases are set up to control the narrative and provide plausible deniability? It would be similar to a “so-called” inquisition set up by the government to investigate the government (i.e. the Hillsborough Tragedy in Sheffield). They must control the narrative at all costs.

:triangular_flag_on_post:With just a cursory search on the MHRA, a red flag immediately popped up, with obvious conflicts of interest and a revolving-door policy between drug regulators and BigPharma.

The Director of Inspection Enforcement and Standards Division is Gerald Heddell, who has ties to The Wellcome Foundation, Glaxo Wellcome and GlaxoSmithKline.

That’s only half of it – Covid19 developers have ties to Eugenics (Shock)

Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement

You can do your own further research about how “Wellcome” organizations are tied to eugenics, but the National Health Federation has previously tried to warn everyone about MHRA; and its real purpose of protecting BigPharma:

In the article about Oxford-AstraZeneca’s Vaccine Tied to Eugenics above, Andrew Pollard is mentioned. Pollard heads the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). Recall Dr. Sohail Bhatti recently mentioned the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) that conveniently revised its stance on pregnant and breast-feeding moms getting the vaccine.

There is also red flags concerning the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Complaint to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) over maladministration at the EMA

Lobby groups call for closure of “revolving door” between drug regulators and industry

Again, they are ALL on it together – governments, health agencies, politicians, Global think tanks, politicians, doctors, scientists, BigPharma, and media – whether we are talking Oxford-AstraZeneca or Pfizer. Pfizer’s background in Nigeria is damning. Just think of all these agents as agents of evil, working for the Synagogue of Satan.

Trust The Lord.


There’s more to the Norway news:

This is all The Chronicle reported:

“The alarm was sparked last week by Norway, which reported the deaths of 33 of some 20,000 retirement home residents who had received a first shot of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, Afp reported. At least 13 of the fatalities were not only very elderly but also considered frail with serious ailments, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health said.”

According to Vaccine Jury News, at least Norway hasn’t ruled the vaccine out completely (although they are being crafty in their wording)

"Norway has reiterated in recent days its recommendation for a medical evaluation before the vaccine is administered to a very fragile or dying person … We cannot rule out that adverse reactions (such as fever and nausea) to the vaccine occurring within the first days following vaccination may contribute to more serious course and fatal outcome in patients with severe underlying disease,” the statement read.

Isn’t it still under investigation?

President of the Children’s Health Defense weighed in -

“This is so disturbing,” said Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, president of Children’s Health Defense. “We have this population of elderly who have the greatest risk of getting COVID, and now we find out they are the ones who also have the greatest risk of death from having a fatal reaction to the vaccine.”

“Redwood said that the science is clear: the elderly have weaker immune systems, which is why they’re more susceptible to COVID in the first place.”Norway Officials ‘Not Alarmed’ by Deaths of 23 Elderly People After COVID Vaccine


JANUARY 27 2021 World-o-meter statistics

January 27 - Olive Press News reported another elderly death in Gibraltar.

This brings the death toll to 70.


(Source) Death = 70


(Source) Deaths = 65


(Source) Deaths = 98

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Jab latest – German expert panel recommends against giving AstraZeneca vaccine to over 65s

“There are currently insufficient data available to assess the vaccine efficacy from 65 years of age,” the committee said.

AstraZeneca denied on Monday that its Covid-19 vaccine is not very effective for people over 65.

British Prime Minster Boris Johnson hit back at the claims from Germany, as he argued the evidence shows it “provides a good immune response across all age groups”. The Prime Minister joined Public Health England (PHE) in defending the use of the jab. Johnson backed the advice from the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

German Authorities Won’t Recommend AstraZeneca Vaccine for People Over 65

The new recommendation came from the Standing Vaccine Committee at the Robert Koch Institute, which sets vaccination schedules in Germany. It cited “insufficient data” on the vaccine’s effectiveness in people over 65 years old.

The recommendation comes after days of pushback on reports by two top German newspapers earlier this week that the AstraZeneca vaccine had very low rates of efficacy in people over 65… The German committee’s decision seems to suggest that the newspapers were correct, at least, in highlighting the concerns of some German officials.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is currently authorized for use in the U.K., with no restrictions for people older than 65.

Germany and AstraZeneca were both forced to deny German media reports that the vaccine was substantially less effective among the over-65s on Wednesday. The pharmaceutical giant strongly refuted the claims in a written statement. - Germany ‘won’t approve’ AstraZeneca vaccine for over-65s | The Independent

{Gibraltar was also recently forced to deny, deny, deny.}

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In this Lew Rockwell article, Dr. Cahill provides more evidence the vaccines are dangerous and deadly.

There are potentially three adverse reactions (from messenger RNA vaccines—MODERNA, PFIZER).


Beginning with anaphylaxis in the first week. Therefore, these vaccines shouldn’t be given in the 2nd dose.

Then the real adverse events will happen, against whatever is the real mRNA in the vaccines, and when the person vaccinated comes across (this coronavirus) sometime later (in animal studies, 20% or 50% or 100% of the animals died).

Among people over 80, maybe about 2.5% will experience severe side effects, adverse events where people cannot work or live life normally.


Then with the 2nd vaccination it could be 1 in 10 or ten percent. For the over 80-year-olds, I would think that 80% of them would have life-limiting reactions or die when they come across the messenger RNA again.

For others (not elderly) it could be half of the people who could be severely harmed.


It’s anaphylaxis in the first wave.
It’s anaphylaxis +allergic reaction the 2nd wave.

But the 3rd reaction occurs when you come across whatever the messenger RNA is against (virus, bacterium, etc.), and now you have stimulated your immune system to have a low-grade autoimmune disease, not immunity to yourself per se because the mRNA is expressing a viral protein.

Cahill – We urgently need quality control to randomly require doctors to give 1 in 100 vaccine vials to a repository and someone like me could forensically analyze what’s in these vaccines. So, when the elderly start dying, we will know.

The above article contains the video of her statements.

Meanwhile on The Rock, the government plans to administer second doses this weekend.


24 Residents Dead in 3 Weeks as One Third of UK Nursing Home Residents Die After Experimental mRNA COVID Injections

And in all of these cases, the local media is quoting local officials as saying that the “vaccines” have nothing to do with the deaths. How can people keep believing this is true?

The correlations between the roll outs of these experimental mRNA injections and nursing home deaths is very clear.


Pseudo vaccines implicated in January surge in UK all-cause deaths?

A stat surges because something causes it to surge and when it surges way above the usual norms, that tells you some new causative factor has been introduced.

So what is it? What new factor has entered in that is causing a sudden sharp rise in deaths to manifest in January 2021? Well, the surge is date-coincident with the introduction by government of the experimental biochemical agents deceptively labelled “vaccines” and their injection into millions of people in a short space of time.

Despite the warnings from various experts, the government is forging ahead and enthusiastically injecting the populace regardless. We must begin to consider that sickness and death are the desired result.


As of January 30, 2021, the Gibraltar death toll is 73 (Worldometer)

These three further deaths were recorded on Jan. 29, reported The Gibraltar Chronicle.

Govt eases lockdown restrictions after ‘coldest, cruellest and deadliest month’

Three more deaths; and some 14 people had died in the last week alone from Covid-related causes, bringing the death toll since the start of the pandemic to 73.

All but seven of those people died since the start of the year. January, Mr Picardo said, had proved to be “…the coldest, cruellest and deadliest month in the past one hundred years of our collective history as a people.”

Well T.H.E.Y. (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) did inform the world, in advance, that this would be a DARK WINTER.

Picardo: “There is no other way to describe that death toll.”

Yes, there is another way to describe it – murder & genocide come to mind.

Mr Picardo announced that he will bring a motion to Parliament for a permanent monument to those who died during the pandemic, repeating too an earlier commitment to hold a multi-denominational service in their memory.

Maybe the family, friends, residents would rather the money for a “ritual” monument go toward and investigation or Nuremberg-type trial.

See Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth at

7/7 Was An Inside Job – Watch 7/7 Ripple Effect

Isn't it interesting how the deaths don't even make the headline of the Chronicle article, but mixed in with everything else that Picardo wants Gibraltar to focus on? There will probably be headlines coming about the memorial for The Rock to focus on.

Remember your dead not by statues but by seeking Truth and Justice.

Mr Picardo said the inquiry into the handling of the pandemic would help establish how the virus entered ERS facilities, but stressed this was not about apportioning blame.

He had nothing but fulsome praise for the staff at ERS, who he said had put themselves at great risk” to care for the most vulnerable in this community, and had gone “above and beyond” what was expected of them.

“Their efforts have been extraordinary at every level,” the Chief Minister said.

It’s encouraging (for now) – that Picardo isn’t placing the blame on the ERS facilities and their staff, because that liability-claim game is being tried in New York to deflect blame off the governor and his policies in a larger debacle happening there.

"The state Health Department issued its own internal report which claimed its nursing home order was not the cause of deaths of nursing home residents."

"The report claimed that infected nursing home staffers and family/visitors unknowingly spread the virus to the frail and elderly residents. Critics panned the report as self-serving and incomplete."

Vaccine companies are mostly protected from legal-suits, but in the "sue-game", the attorney-rule is to throw the blame on everyone and see where it sticks. Plus, the UK is already addressing clinical negligence – Covid-related deaths in care homes in England jump by 46% | Coronavirus | The Guardian


Evil never sleeps.


This is one of the most evil and destructive things that Der Führer Picardo has ever said:-

“Assume everyone you meet outside of your home has Covid in the way that you approach them, even your best friends.”

Der Führer Picardo is complicit in assisting to break down society for the financiers who feed him the agenda which keeps him in lock-step with their evil plans.


Inquiries • Questions • Investigations


In an above reply, David raised the question that Gibraltar elderly deaths might be related to the flu vaccine; after all, Gibraltar had a massive flu vaccine campaign in September 2020.

David wrote, “We warned about this. Receipt of influenza vaccination. Examining virus interference by specific respiratory viruses showed mixed results. Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus by 36%.”

He compared the stats between Gibraltar and the neighboring Spanish province of Andalucia. He noted a trend – that Andalucia rejected the flu jab, while Gibraltar pushed it.

And while governments and health authorities were pushing the flu jab, independent experts were warning that flu vaccines could increase CV infections. For example:

New Study: The Flu Vaccine Is “Significantly Associated” With An Increased Risk of Coronavirus

Does the Flu Shot Increase COVID-19 Risk (YES!) and Other Interesting Questions

The flu vaccine isn’t all it's cracked up to be – in fact it’s one of the most dangerous. In October 2020, the flu vaccine even caused concerns after deaths were recorded in South Korea - Fears mount as South Korea probes cause behind 36 people's deaths after flu vaccination

Questions: Is the combination of poisons in the vaccines lethal? Do the flu jab ingredients or their effects on bodies interfere or react adversely once covid vaccine ingredients are injected?

AS A SIDE NOTE – if a prior flu jab turns out to be related to covid deaths, then Gibraltar’s children might fair better than other parts of the world, because many parents on The Rock rejected the vaccines for children – despite the GoG’s fear-mongering, which of course, managed to get to the elderly in care homes. How children are going to react remains undetermined, but one study showed covid infection rate may be 440% higher among children who had flu shots. Again, the question on how flu-vaccinated children and non-vaccinated children fair when it’s time to get the jab is unknown. Even if they start experiencing major adverse effects, we know the drill, authorities will claim – “no evidence to suggest the two are related.”


In terms of how bodies will REACT, Dr. Dolores Cahill made very important points.

Prof Cahill explains how these agents alter the way the immune system is programmed to work so that if some time after having been “vaccinated”, the person comes into contact with a Coronavirus (Covid, flu, the common cold) their body will trigger a WORSE reaction to the virus.

Dr. Cahill said It’s anaphylaxis in the first wave; It’s anaphylaxis + allergic reaction the 2nd wave; and the 3rd reaction occurring when one comes across whatever the messenger RNA is against (virus, bacterium, etc.), which stimulates one’s immune system to have a low-grade autoimmune disease.

This also raises the question on if adverse reactions could occur, because “SARS-CoV-2 is found in all human DNA”. They say it’s in the coronavirus family, same as the cold and flu.

Dr. Cahill refers to this study:

Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus

conclusions of study


1) This comes from a doctor who is adamantly pro-vaccine:

Jan 26, 2021 - Dr. Hooman Noorchashm writes the FDA, Pfizer and Moderna, with concerns especially for the frail and elderly.

In a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Pfizer and the press, Dr. Hooman Noorchashm warns of an “almost certain immunological prognotication that if viral antigens are present in the tissues of subjects who undergo vaccination, the antigen specific immune response triggered by the vaccine will target those tissues and cause tissue inflammation and damage.”

“Dr. Noorchashm’s prognostications of harm in elderly individuals with cardiovascular disease coincides with the numerous reports of unexplained cardiovascular deaths following COVID-19 vaccination in Norway, Germany, the UK, Gibraltar and the U.S.,” said Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, director and president emerita of Children’s Health Defense.”

2) Comment from J. Patrick Whelan MD PhD (Dec 9, 2020)

I am a pediatric specialist caring for children with the multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C). I am concerned about the possibility that the new vaccines aimed at creating immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (including the mRNA vaccines of Moderna and Pfizer) have the potential to cause microvascular injury to the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys in a way that does not currently appear to be assessed in safety trials of these potential drugs.

And finally, before you fall for all the propaganda that covid19 vaccines will save lives, according to this report in the British Medical Journal, the current trials aren’t necessarily designed to tell us that – Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us.

Where are the independent investigations?

The Coming Genocide of Adverse COVID Vax Reactions, and Who to Blame for It

robert kennedy jr quote

Where is the justice?