Freedom Gibraltar Protest (Nov 5)


The Freedom Gibraltar Protest on Nov 5 was attended by about 120 people.

It was well organised and a few people made placards sufficient for everyone to have one, all equipped with anti-vaxx phrases.

The walk started close to Ocean Village and continued through it and then past the restaurants below the Watergardens blocks, then into Casemates and through Chatham Counterguard and back up and down Main Street.

The protesters were all in good spirits and many of them also wore the V for Vendetta masks.

A few policy enforcers joined and walked along with the protesters.

According to sources, the turn out was greater than expected.

Press Coverage or Public Social Media posts still pending.

Freedom Gibraltar Has A Website


My understanding is that the RGP prevented the protestors from approaching No 6. The protestors complied, sadly.

There has been no mention of the protest on Freedom Gibraltar's Telegram Channel, FB or website; however this is an interesting FG repost dated today (Nov 8), quoting Dr. Mike Yeadon:

United Non Compliance

Repost from Robin Monotti+Dr Mike Yeadon+Cory Morningstar Channel


The danger is that protests become mere spectacle, a distraction, a circus. The overlords are not interested.

Any protest must be focused. The only thing that can change the direction of the state is a swing in public opinion, and the corporate & state media still hold sway there.

Protests should target primarily state and corporate media HQs, studios and offices. Let the numbers grow and use protests to spread this message through the media:

The only thing that ultimately will work is


Will Gibraltarians get the message?

United We Stand - Divided We Fall.

Mark 3:24 And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.
Mark 3:25 And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.
(King of kings' Bible)

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A brief on the protest has now been written and published today Nov 9 on Your Gibraltar TV-

A march organised by Freedom Gibraltar (FG) took place on Friday evening. The group of protestors mad its way from Ocean Village, through Watergardens, into Casemates, along Main Street and down through Chatham Counterguard.

The group says that over 160 people attended carrying an array of banners demanding “equality and an end to discrimination” with the lead banner declaring: ‘NO JAB – NO JOB? NO WAY!!’.

A statement continued:

“The march was a peaceful protest to highlight the shameful restrictions aimed at those standing up for their constitutional rights and made a colourful visual impact on diners and drinkers in the bars and restaurants along the way.

“FG would like to thank all those who attended, those who sounded their horns in support and the many members of the public who approached them to congratulate and thank them for their action - in addition, the group would also like to extend their thanks to the officers of the Royal Gibraltar Police who escorted the procession and, in the true spirit of community policing, showed great cooperation with the protesters, with a positive and professional attitude – something that has been sorely missed over the last year.”

An FG spokesman said; 'Many people in Gibraltar, even those who have been vaccinated, feel strongly about their civil liberties that have been eroded to the point of destruction by the elected Government over the last year. This march highlights the disgraceful medical apartheid many have suffered, along with the ongoing bullying, intimidation, breaches of both GDPR and various sections of the Equal Opportunities Act, not to mention the behaviour of the Department of Education, who have failed in their duty of care to pupils, teachers and LSAs with the profoundly worrying new practice of 'redeploying' hitherto, exemplary staff members for standing up for their rights...', he went on to say '...despite these unconstitutional measures being taken against certain Government employees, the support from the public from both sides of the divide, has given hope that democracy isn't quite dead in Gib yet!'

"Medical Apartheid"-related on Twitter -

John De la Rosa

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I wonder if they left the e off mad in the sentence above on purpose, which should really be made? In order to portray the protesters as being mad.


:thinking: Not sure. That might be a possibility, but perhaps we should give them the benefit of the doubt because "mad" wouldn't show up in spell-check. However, for editors or news staff not to catch it and change it by now is a little... ah...neglectful...

Then, there's the obvious government control of the media message on this event. And thus, the article would have gone through approval channels on what would be published - making your observation even more interesting, as someone would have caught it.

There's also the possibility that whoever wrote the statement made the mistake in their submission, but for this to have been published 4 days later by a "team" means it was a calculated released which went through an approval process. And quite possibly would not have been published without the submission of "a statement".

When media reports the news, it's usually timely, because reporters really just have to report the facts: who, what, when, where, why, how – with quotes and photos. A reporter could attend the event, get the necessary information and write something within 15 minutes. It's not rocket-science - it's a formula.

"A statement continued" would suggest a representative submitted the information (because the local media didn't bother to show up to report the news).

And Your Gibraltar TV would have to include the grievance in the statement or risk being known for what they are – biased.

They censor the news and Gibraltarians are growing tired of it.

Obviously, whoever submitted the information is also using a bit of PR - praising the police, and ending on a good note.

There was another protest march yesterday along Main Street where Gibraltarians packed shoulder to shoulder to protest court injustice, perhaps more than a thousand people.

It's a stark contrast to the hundred odd small crowd who marched to protest mandatory vaccinations. Perhaps when an amount of people start dying from the jab that it can no longer be hidden, more will show up to march against the medical crimes. After all, one protester commented, "There's not many Gibraltarians so it's harder to trick us."

‘Justice for Carolina' March November 11


This is also a perfect example of how the media is controlled by the government. The government decides what will be covered by GBC and the Chronicle. This march isn't opposing the government narrative, fraud or treason, thus it can be covered by GoG public-relations officers (aka "so-called" journalists).

In contrast - the GBC didn't show up to the Freedom Gibraltar march; and only featured the event in a non-journatlistic "untimely" manner - 4 days later - for appearance's sake.

Shame on the government and shame on the people for allowing the government to get away with its medical aparthaid and crimes against humanity.

I communicated with a friend last night, a disciple, and he made a poignant observation about what is occurring in the world. It's perfect what's going on, because Father is separating the goats from the sheep. In the face of all this evil that is occurring – and it's so obvious – the sheep will turn from it and the goats will accept it. So, anyone accepting all the plandemic-scam is basically a goat. That's not how he put it exactly - I'm paraphrasing.


@Gibmessenger recently asked how we can reach more people in Gibraltar, based on Dr. Yeadon's same question about the world – Michael Yeadon Asks How To Reach More People?


And one of Freedom Gibraltar's Telegram Post was about "United Non Compliance" (above) – Freedom Gibraltar Protest (Nov 5) - #3 by Cheeky-Monkey

Michael Yeadon recently referred to this article on his Telegram Channel:

Massive non-compliance to COVID orders is the only way to save our freedom

Unless you’re willing to give up all personal autonomy to the government, you have to say no to this clear authoritarian overreach, because it’s only going to get worse from here.

More at link.

And then there's this on Activist Post:

Resisting Tyranny Depends on the Courage to Not Conform

“Evil usually enters the world unrecognized by the people who open the door and let it in. Most people who perpetrate evil do not see what they are doing as evil.”

Read the article.

The Most Remarkable Aspect of the Unprecedented Lockdowns: The Widespread Compliance

From Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith Compliance leads to more compliance

“The psychopathic plot to inject 7 billion people starts with compliance conditioning, pandemic messaging, stolen freedoms”

Definition of noncompliance – failure or refusal to comply with something (such as a rule or regulation): a state of not being in compliance

Is Gibraltar Ready For This kind of FREEDOM DEMONSTRATION?