Fertility warning: Spontaneous miscarriage and stillbirth reported after experimental mRNA vaccines

In the rush to vaccinate every man, woman and child against a year-old coronavirus strain, sacrifices are being made. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is now reporting thirty-four cases of miscarriage and stillbirth associated with the experimental COVID-19 vaccinations. The initial guidelines warn pregnant women not to partake in these real-world vaccine trials, but the experiment is taking place regardless, as healthcare workers are pressured to take the shots, pregnant or not.

VAERS is a passive vaccine injury surveillance system run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Many vaccine injuries are not recorded because healthcare officials do not want to be held accountable for administering something that did harm to a healthy patient. Because vaccine injury reporting is often discouraged, VAERS only captures less than one percent of all adverse events observed after vaccination. This means that there could already be 3,400 or more cases of miscarriage or stillbirth. A silent epidemic of infertility could be upon us.


UK Government Changes Recommendations on Pregnant Women Getting Experimental COVID Injections Causing at Least 20 Miscarriages So Far


UK MHRA - Tragedy as 22 Miscarriages & 1 Premature Baby Death recorded as Adverse Reactions to the Covid Vaccines

Adverse reactions to both jabs reported to the UK MHRA Yellow Card scheme up to the 29th February shows an increase of two miscarriages on the previous week and means the number of women who have lost their baby as a result of receiving one of the Covid vaccines has now doubled in just two weeks. As of the 14th February 2021, a total of eleven women had lost their baby with three of those being due to the Oxford vaccine and eight of those being due to the Pfizer vaccine.


Number of Pregnant Women suffering Miscarriage after having Covid Vaccine increases by 483% in just 7 weeks

From the UK MHRA Yellow Card Scheme -

"Just seven weeks separate the first and eighth report, and the shocking increase in the number of women losing their unborn and newborn child in that time due to having either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is appalling."

Remember what Sohail Bhatti said in the GBC Newswatch program – Although he said women should consult the physician, he couldn't see a biological reason why pregnant women couldn't get the vaccine. Maybe protecting the unborn baby is enough of a biological reason.

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CDC Now Says Covid VAX Jab Is Linked With 348,600 Deaths in USA, And They Urge Pregnant Women to Get The Jab. Depopulate 2 Birds With One Stone!

As most things of importance, I have been following this in depth, with many hours of personal research. But lets cut to the chase. The “average” vaccine over the course of the last 16 months, has about 10 deaths associated with it.

The COVID vaccine has over 3486 Deaths associated with it, in 4 months. Shocked? Its right here https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/safety/adverse-events.html


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Reprogramming Females: Sterilization of most US girls and women is the next phase for mRNA vaccine “technology”

Yes, mRNA can be used to shut down the human immune system and reproductive system with the flip of a switch.

As the mRNA vaccines and Covid-21 comes to kill off the sick, the elderly, and the newborns (including babies still in the womb), Communist China will begin forced sterilization of anyone who’s left that can still reproduce organic humans.

Meanwhile in the West, people are volunteering to take this jab or being coerced.

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UK MHRA Yellow Card Scheme from the 9th December 2020 though to the 5th May 2021 -

Number of women to lose their unborn child after having the Covid Vaccine increases by 2000% in just fourteen weeks

The number of women losing their unborn and newborn child in that time due to having either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is appalling.

We’re still unable to answer why these women were given one of the Covid vaccines against the Governments own advice.

According to the fifteenth report released by the UK Government on adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines, using data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme up to the 5th May 2021, there has been a 1,700% increase since the 24th January in the number of women who have lost their unborn/newborn child after having the Pfizer vaccine. The total number of miscarriages now stands at 66 alongside 1 report of premature baby death, 3 reports of foetal death and 2 reports of stillbirth. This is devastating.

See link for graphs and more detail.

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Dr Roger Hodkinson says there is “sufficient evidence in the literature” to show the spike protein expresses in the placenta and the testes – and could kill unborn babies in current pregnancies and permanently stop men having children.

Bill Gates admitted he wants to use vaccines to depopulate the world. Like this isn't happening!

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Are the Covid Vaccines safe for use during pregnancy? – We doubt the 920 Women who’ve lost their baby due to them think so

In the United Kingdom the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JVCI) has advised that all pregnant women should be offered the Covid-19 vaccine.

The JVCI say they came to the conclusion that pregnant women should be offered the Covid vaccines because “in the USA, around 90,000 pregnant women have been vaccinated mainly with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and no safety concerns have been identified“. But is this statement true?

The USA (VAERS) shows us that 395 women have reported the loss of their unborn child due to the Covid vaccines.

So to be quite blunt, when the JCVI say that “no safety concerns have been identified” in the USA they’re lying.

After all authorities in the UK keep reminding us that the Covid vaccines have been “through all the clinical trials and safety checks all other licensed medicines go through“. Well to be quite blunt again, that it is another bare-faced lie.

Because in the UK, as of the seventeenth weekly update on adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme, a total number of 79 women have reported the loss of their unborn / newborn child due to having the Pfizer mRNA vaccine as of the 20th May 2021. This includes 72 miscarriages, 1 premature baby death, 4 foetal deaths, and 2 stillbirths. Another 66 (actually 660 – 6,600) women have also reported the loss of their unborn / newborn child after having the AstraZeneca viral vector vaccine. This includes 63 miscarraiges, and 3 stillbirths.

See link for more details.

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Official Government data shows a 5400% increase in number of women who’ve lost their baby as a result of having the Covid-19 Vaccine

Losing a new born is a heart breaking endeavour, as is the pain of losing an unborn child. Which is why we’re both saddened and shocked to bring you the latest update on the number of unborn and newborn children to lose their lives as a result of the mothers receiving one of the Covid-19 vaccines in the United Kingdom.

According to the twnty-third report released by the UK Government on adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines, using data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme up to the 30th June 2021, there has been a 4,425% increase since the 24th January in the number of women who have lost their unborn / newborn child after having the Pfizer vaccine. The total number of miscarriages now stands at 171 alongside 1 report of a tragic premature baby death, 1 report of a death due to foetal growth restriction, 4 reports of foetal death and 4 reports of stillbirth.

Continued at the link.

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by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The CDC released more data today into VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) which shows that there are now 1,969 fetal deaths among pregnant women who received a COVID-19 shot. (Source.)

By way of contrast, I performed the exact same search in VAERS for all non-COVID-19 vaccines for the past 30 years, and it returned a result of 2,183 fetal deaths from pregnant women following vaccination for the past 30 years. (Source.)

So there have been nearly the same amount of fetal deaths following COVID-19 shots during the past 10 months, as there have been for the past 30+ years that VAERS has been in existence!

And how has the CDC responded to this data?

This past week the CDC published recommendations for all pregnant women to get a COVID-19 shot!

CDC encourages pregnant women to take COVID vaccines, citing spike in pregnancy deaths

(Natural News) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued an “urgent” alert for pregnant women to get their dose of COVID-19 vaccines due to a recent record surge in deaths and possible birth defects linked to the virus.

In a statement, the CDC noted that pregnancy during the pandemic is an added concern for families, and pregnant people are encouraged to speak with their healthcare providers about the protective benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine in keeping themselves and their babies safe.

A longer release from the CDC also stated that August saw the highest number of COVID-19-related deaths in pregnant people in a single month, with 22 fatalities reported. The risk of ICU admissions and “intensive ventilation” for pregnant women has also increased more than two-fold, while the risk of death increased by 70 percent. The CDC also warned of complications that the virus could cause during pregnancy, which can include inducing premature labor and stillbirth.

The CDC declared that COVID-19 vaccines were safe for pregnant women in April after a major study found no significant safety concerns to their health. It also reiterated the same stance days before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave full approval to Pfizer’s vaccine. The CDC cited more recent data which said that the jabs did not show any increased risk of miscarriage among nearly 2,500 who received an mRNA vaccine before 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Vaccination coverage in pregnant women is said to be highest among Asian women (45.7 percent), and lowest among Blacks (15.6 percent).

CDC Director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky claimed in a White House COVID-19 briefing that studies show vaccines are safe for pregnant women. She shared that they now have extraordinary safety data with all of the vaccines.

“We know that pregnant women are at increased risk of severe disease, of hospitalization and ventilation. They’re also at increased risk for adverse events to their baby. We now have data that demonstrates that vaccines — at whatever time in pregnancy or lactating that they’re given — are actually safe and effective and have no adverse events to mom or to baby,” she claimed during the briefing.

She also claimed that some antibodies from the vaccine could transfer to the baby, potentially protecting it. Similar to the flu, the immune system proteins activated in the mother’s body could travel to that of her unborn child. (Related: Public health ‘experts’ push to inject COVID-19 vaccine into pregnant women.)

Dr. Dana Meaney Delman, the CDC’s lead on maternal immunization, also told its Advisory Committee On Immunization Practices about the worrying trends among pregnant women, sharing that there have been increased numbers of pregnant people admitted to the ICU in July and August. The trend continued in September.

Are vaccines truly safe for pregnant women?(NO)

Secret Instructions in mRNA Vax To Cause Ovarian Failure In Future Generations of Women?!

VERY URGENT: The fertility crisis in mRNA countries is deepening

Horrible Truth Is Becoming Clear - Birth Rates Dive Since 2021 - mRNA Continues Killing Masses Of Unborn Babies And Sterilizing Millions Of People - AlexBerenson