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Fowarded to me from John Weigel:

"Ladies and Gentlemen,

The following article is important to any discussion on the current Covid-19 pandemic, vaccinations and microwave radiation. The presence of the same players and the timing of the deployment of 5G technology and the emergence of Covid-19 indicates a synergy between them which has led to the medical lockdown of global society.

The fact that the U.K.-funded Pirbright Institute was involved in the Mad Cow Crisis as well as with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in Wuhan, China at the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic gives room for skepticism. It is relevant that authorities were aware of Mad Cow Disease as early as 1986, years before the crisis in 1993. In any discussion of the disease, it is important to note that the end result of the crisis was electronic microchipping of cattle (and domestic dogs).

The following is Pirbright's explanation of it's funding:

The Institute is strategically funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, part of UK Research and Innovation (BBSRC UKRI) and also receives funding from many other organisations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The patented work was not funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. More information on The Livestock Antibody Hub which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is available on our website.

Pirbright’s livestock coronavirus research – your questions answered - Pirbright’s livestock coronavirus research – your questions answered | The Pirbright Institute
Posted: 24 January, 2020

Microwave radiation is invisible to the eye. Viruses are invisible to the eye. The contents of vaccinations (heavy metals and nano-bots) are invisible to the eye.


The scope for the abuse of truth and outright lies regarding the invisible is obvious. The daily media blitz regarding the virus and vaccinations is in stark contrast to the absence of public discussion on the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. The emergence of the so-called Green Passport could be an incremental step to the microchipping of human beings.

The following article therefore remains relevant. Subsequent to publication of the article below, the author, Prof. Olle Johansson, was awarded the title "Misleader of the Year" by the Swedish Skeptics Society.

Daily mainstream coverage of the virus / vaccination program for more than a year is ample evidence of social engineering where the public is being manipulated into demanding vaccinations.

Even long-time opponents of electromagnetic radiation technology are being distracted by the virus crisis - real or vastly exaggerated.

As long as the public remains ignorant of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation and is divided over the so-called pandemic, those wishing to implement hi-tech into everyday human life are winning.

The fact remains that long after the Covid-19 pandemic (and there are others in the wings according to Melinda Gates) passes, microwave technology will still be with us as governments turn a blinded eye and the United Nations continues to promote it.

Please circulate widely.
John Weigel, Ireland"

The cell phone can cause mad cow disease

Toxic proteins that migrate through the body's barriers. This is how Mad Cow Disease occurs. And so it is for rats that are exposed to microwave radiation, 5,000 times weaker than that allowed for public exposure from mobile phones. The Swedish government plays a very dangerous game, with high stakes, with the public health writes Olle Johansson, associate professor of neuroscience.

THE FIRST ALARM in Sweden about Mad Cow Disease has just sounded. A farm in Halland (a coastal county in Sweden) first became associated with this “incredibly unlikely event, which has not really happened”, to speak in Tage Danielsson's (one of the most famous comedians, writers, filmmakers, actors, and much more, ever in Sweden; the quote is from a brilliant monologue about the dangers and risks of nuclear power plants, after the incident in Harrisburg, 1979) words. And, fortunately, this time the analysis seems to have been false. But is this the first also the last alarm?

Minister of Agriculture Margareta Winberg has declared that there is no danger. I think she's very wrong. I think there is a huge danger just around the corner and it is not Winberg who should say that I am wrong in my suspicion; I want the Ministers of Trade and Industry Sahlin and Rosengren (who are responsible for the expansion of wireless communication) and the Minister of Social Affairs Engqvist (who is responsible for public health) to reassure us.

No, better than that! I want an absolute guarantee for safety and an absolute responsibility declared for any future danger!

What danger am I talking about? We all know today that Mad Cow Disease (BSE) is due to cattle being fed with ground animal carcasses. In these are infectious agents, prions (special proteins), which transfer to the cattle. Under these unfortunate circumstances the infectious agent can be transported from the gastrointestinal channel to the blood and from blood, or via nerves, through the blood-brain barrier to the nerve cells in the brain. The result: a massive destruction of the brain tissue - the animal loses of control, behaves inappropriately and eventually dies. These infectious agents can be transmitted to humans, which in a corresponding way takes the human form of “Mad Cow Disease” (Creutzfeldt-Jacob’s Disease).

The Swedish researchers Arne Brun, Bertil Persson and Leif Salford, from Lund University and Hospital, have recently made a sensational discovery. They found, and this confirmed the results of other researchers, that very weak mobile phone-type microwave signals break down the blood-brain barrier in rats, whereby toxic proteins can penetrate and damage the brain. The resemblance to Mad Cow Disease is striking. Against this background, it must be considered most likely that Mad Cow Disease is simply due to the microwave radiation from mobile phones and other devices!

More and more people are pointing to mobile phones and base stations as causes of ill health. There is talk of burnout, sleep disorders, cancer, asthma and allergies, disorders of reproduction ... This week, a court in Geneva demanded the dismantling of a mobile phone mast precisely with reference to the perceived ill-health of the surrounding residents. The residents also received financial compensation for their suffering.

The other day you could read in Swedish newspapers that the most common mobile phones on the Swedish market have a radiation value between 1.7 watts per kilo body weight (Ericsson T28s) and 0.17 watts / kilo (Panasonic EB-GD 92). Brun, Persson and Salford used 500-5,000 times weaker radiation (0.4 milliwatts / kilograms) to open up the blood-brain barrier! We are part of a full-scale trial sanctioned by the Swedish government where we are all whole-body irradiated around the clock, regardless of where we are. Then it doesn’t feel safe to know that the Lund researchers were able to break through the blood-brain barrier with a radiation dose that is 5,000 times weaker than the Swedish (non-statutory) recommended value of 2 watts / kilo body weight! Nor does it feel reassuring to constantly read that “mobile phones are harmless”. Who, I ask, who can guarantee this !?

VERY UNCOMFORTABLE is that researchers have recently shown that prions can migrate from mother to foetus. The foetus is normally protected by a membrane between its blood and the uterine tissue, the blood-placenta barrier.

We must assume that this barrier can also be damaged by very weak mobile phone radiation, just like the blood-brain barrier! Will Mad Cow Disease break out in Sweden? Yes, I definitely think so. We will soon have 30,000 new base stations for mobile telephony's new 3G / UMTS, we will have millions of local transmitters / receivers in the form of Bluetooth systems. Does this feel safe? Is it really enough for companies or authorities to stubbornly repeat: "... there are hundreds of reports that show no biological effect"? Would you feel safe with hundreds of harmless snakes in the woods - while you have a poisonous cobra around your neck?

What does the Swedish Radiation Protection Institute do? I do not know. What exactly are our other authorities doing to find out the seriousness of the above? I do not know. What is the government doing? I do not know.

The only thing I know is that there is a risk that there is a risk. If I'm wrong in my fears, well, then you can laugh at me. But if I'm right, can I then laugh …?

With my very best regards
Yours sincerely
Olle Johansson
12 March 2001



Remote assassination with microwaves and smart dust in vaccines and breathed-in chemtrails

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Life or Death: Pharmaceutical “Plandemic” Poisonous Vaccines, or the Healing of the Holy Spirit – Your choice


"A Georgia man has filed a lawsuit against Nissan accusing the automaker of "permanently damaging his health" and "destroying his family and career." What did Nissan do, exactly? According to the plaintiff, the company's "green" LEAF vehicle emitted so much electromagnetic radiation that it caused him to develop lifelong health problems. The 2015 LEAF has a battery underneath the seat that the plaintiff says is a heavy emitter of low-frequency electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. Said radiation allegedly caused him to develop uncontrolled eye dilation, chest palpitations, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and "sporadic hallucinations." "

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EMF's are responsible for killing birds.