Coronapocalypse; Big Pharma’s Doomsday Vaccine #666

Coronapocalypse; Big Pharma’s Doomsday Vaccine #666 | The Truthseeker

Here’s your Vaccine puzzler for the day:

What do Dr. Barton Williams, Hank Aaron, and 46 elderly residents in a Spanish nursing home all have in common?

Answer— They all died shortly after getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

But let’s not jump to conclusions, after all, in every case, the media has assured us that the vaccine had nothing to do with their deaths. Do you believe that?

Of course, not, but that will probably not undermine your trust in vaccines because–as you know– not trusting vaccines is tantamount to putting on a tinfoil hat and blabbering conspiracy theories about pedophile rings in the basement of pizza parlors. It’s absolute lunacy. One must never question the unshakable integrity of the big pharmaceutical companies who only produce these miracle drugs for purely philanthropic reasons.


“Under cover of darkness, while an unsuspecting city sleeps, an alien life form begins to sow the seeds of unspeakable terror.”

After my personal observation of people who have received the 2nd shot of the covid vaccine (4 confirmed were the Moderna variety / and 2 unknown), besides physically looking “wiped-out”, I was reminded of the characters in the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” where people were changed into something that appeared soulless and certainly different as in “that is not my wife”, “he isn’t my husband / he is an imposter”.

Here is a clip to explain: