Christmas Lockdown For Britons?

Lockdown for Christmas? Britons Avoid More Holiday Restrictions… For Now


While Javid said that the UK is unlikely to see a Christmas lockdown, similar promises on the matter have been broken by the British government in the past.

The UK Health Secretary has told Britons not to change their holiday plans, but avoided promising there wouldn’t be a lockdown this Christmas.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid claimed that there are currently no plans from the government to introduce a Christmas lockdown but caveated by saying that he could not make a direct promise amid the new coronavirus variant.

The comments came after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reimposed mandatory mask-wearing in shops and on public transport after two cases of the new Omicron variant of the Chinese coronavirus were detected in the country.

While Javid said that the UK is unlikely to see a Christmas lockdown, similar promises on the matter have been broken by the British government in the past.

Having promised a temporary five-day loosening of COVID rules for the holiday season last year, Johnson later proceeded to cancel Christmas at the last minute for much of South-East England, including London.

Lockdowns are not the only Covid related issue the Johnson government has flip-flopped on in the past.

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Does this news make you feel depressed, oppressed, confused? Are you losing hope? That's because this is not only biological warfare but also psychological warfare – and you were meant to feel all these and more.

But mostly, Britons were supposed to equate getting the jabs/boosters with keeping X-mass on the table. Didn't Britons get the message when the warning sounded in Gibraltar – GIBRALTAR: ‘Most Vaccinated’ Place On Earth Just Cancelled Christmas. Comply with our jab-jab-jab push.

The new variant is also a PSYOP - Everyone is to remain afraid so that they can't think straight – THE BOTSWANA “BOO” VARIANT


Who let the Grinch Out? Picardo Did You Do This? –

GIBRALTAR: ‘Most Vaccinated’ Place On Earth Just Cancelled Christmas

Their coercion to get people jabbed with an experimenatal vaccine is evil - just like Krampus.

DEVASTATED families are having to cancel their Christmas holidays due to the new last-minute restrictions introduced by Spain. – Spain demands CHILDREN are double jabbed before entering - forcing Brits to cancel Christmas holidays

Spain to ban unvaccinated Brits from WEDNESDAY throwing Christmas holidays into chaos

British tourists in Spain will face £50,000 fine if caught without new Covid document

Krampus is a horned, figure, in Yule-tide folklore who during the Christmas season scares children who have misbehaved and this year, he's working behind the scenes to scare children who have been unvaccinated.


Krampus Taking the Babies (it must be around sacrifice time)

He's the evil side-kick of Santa Claus (anagram for SATAN LUCAS/LUCIFER) X-MASS - YULETIDE A PAGAN FESTIVAL

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Neil Ferguson Claims 5,000 Deaths a Day from Omicron Without Lockdown

Professor Neil Ferguson, the architect of the general containment theory is again fear-mongering in the British press forecasting up to 5,000 Omicron deaths per day this winter unless restrictions are tightened within a fortnight. This is despite Chris Whitty's assurances that SAGE members don't talk directly to the press about Government policy.

Ferguson is softening up the public for the Prime Minister to announce another Lockdown, with reports suggesting that not only will Christmas be banned, but a three month lockdown starting in January will follow it.

Last year Ferguson did exactly the same, with the week running up to Boris Johnson cancelling Christmas seeing him constantly on the airways whipping-up fear and panic to soften up the public into accepting house arrest for everyone for months.

Ferguson has a long history of doing this. and NONE of his predictions have ever come true.

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And there's this article about a lockdown after Christmas:

UK considering “circuit-breaker lockdown” after Christmas