Child Migrant Abuses from The Criminals in ALL Walks of Life, Another Plandemic

Police Dismantle Organization that ‘Enslaved’ People in Cadiz Province

A human trafficking and labour ring was dismantled in Cadiz.

This is all too common, as a similar incidents in Gibraltar have been broken up by the RGP. 50 people arrested after migrant smuggling, 44 from Spain, charging migrants $8000 to bring them into Europe. Fraudulent documents, flights, accommodations, all organized by smuggling rings.

Unscrupulous criminals who exploit human suffering of migrants for economic benefit has a huge impact on society at large, said Ian McGrail, RGP.

Police Bust Smuggling Ring Between Morocco and Spain

Unfortunately exploiting migrants and labour, especially children, is a big business, and it seems many factions of society have their hands in this pot. You have the Mafia making profits, the smugglers, the traffickers, you have families selling their children for profit, drug dealers, [many times these all go hand in hand], and those who are charged with the care of the migrants themselves. From the top down, the ones who make the BIG $$$ are creating the policies and those enforcing them. All scraping for a piece of the pie, the untold billions that are made from this tragic engineered, so called "civil society". It is this very system that attacks the worldwide population, upbraiding not only the migrant, but society as a whole. Its the globalization itself that has lead to human trafficking. Placing migrants in the global economy where international markets move large amounts of populations, (Making merchandise of them.)

2 Peter
2:3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

The majority of the migrants who end up in Spain, (The hub or gate to Europe ) are from Africa, specifically from Morocco, and are males between 14-17 years of age. In 2019, there were 2687 arrivals of child migrants into Spain, and in 2020, over 23,000. These children have become participants in a planned global migration regime. As Jorge Buxade, of the EU Parliament accused the Moroccan government of unleashing torrents of illegal immigrants as a population replacement, and weapons on the backs of the European taxpayers. This "good practice policy", falls in line with the aging pensioners, and social security recipients that will be dying off soon? No need to pay the dead if they can be replaced with the immigrant labour in their twisted market game of chess. Right now, globally, 100 million people are over 60 years of age, and by 2050 2 billion will be over 60. (The migrants will play a role in coping with the transition, and easing burden on care and social security.) What timing with the covid jabs that are killing off the elderly.

Insider - Vaccines are Killing the Elderly

New Analysis: Pfizer Vaccine Killed ‘About 40 Times More Elderly Than the Disease Itself Would Have Killed’

This globalization includes hundreds of millions, if not billions to the Moroccan government to manage the fluxes, yet they aid the "invasion". Cadiz's Manuel Gavira requested Minister Ruiz to step down for promoting an "invasion".

Majority of Child Migrants Gone Missing in Europe are from Morocco


Billboards with "unaccompanied minor children receive $4700 a month, whilst granny s pension is $426 a month." have been popping up in Spain and is being called hate crime?

The social affairs minister said it is a criminalization of boys and girls migrating alone.

Catholic Charities, UNICEF, and Save the Children want an investigation to see if VOX broke any laws with the billboards.

Most of the money spent on underage unaccompanied children in Spain does not go to the migrants themselves, but to various organizations that work in reception fields. BINGO!!!

UNICEF teamed up with the Spanish BAR Association and now local regions are responsible for cost, accommodations, education, legal, health and therefor a financial burden and economic hardship on local regions. Regions then started to make "children get lost" passing them elsewhere.

They change the terminology of these kids, as some may be called migrants, child laborers, asylum seekers, refugees, etc. It depends on the trends that are set and agreements signed and what CON notates enough emotion to encourage the rights of the migrant over the rights of the national in the host nation. Spanish youth suffer a whopping 37% unemployment, yet the EU''s legislation encourages unskilled migrants to flood Spain. It is the same all over the world.

The Junta de Andalusia is not only a participant in this "scheme" they are a Donor. This way they can control the mechanisms, create public opinion, regulate and mandate the legal and policy planning, all while safeguarding the interests of the elite.
If they focus on the well rehearsed human drama with the established media, they gain the advantage with their "interculturality".

It is this production system, the Melange, really the poison. From, DUNE - GIBRALTAR: The Fremen & THE WAY

Hidden Hand are dependent for their power and wealth upon the spice Melange The word Melange is French and it means a mixture, or, as in this context, "Variety"; which is supposed to be "the spice of life", or so the English expression says. That expression is NOT really true, because, as Paul Muad'Dib says, "It is poison."

The Spanish Government has also outsourced some of its responsibilities to direct public attention away from migration and deflect blame. Frontex a (Front) company of Policy Enforcers for the European Union, oversees border control, pollution, and illegal fishing. Their budget is so bloated, in Feb. 2021, they were accused of scores of unregulated lobbyists repping the industry's of surveillance, bio-metrics, and weapons.

The IOM Spain is working on a project for development in Africa and investment possibilities, as well as counseling to "potential entrepreneurs" for creations of small businesses. This means they will establish a business for a foreigner, (migrant), (illegal immigrant), while the young man in the Campo De Gibraltar struggles without work, and the taxpayers foot the bill.

The main reason for migration is the economy. "Migrants become an instrument of production, transformed into an object to be manipulated." "some think tank bankster".

Another piece to this puzzle is the Corona virus, which "pushed migrant reception to the brink."

These children are housed in centers, or camps, many overcrowded at this point, and pose a major risk for the spread of corona virus. This according to the NGO's whose objective is to facilitate the influx of these children used as pawns.

On July 30th 129 migrants tested positive for Covid-19 in Italy and the Military troops were called as a matter of public health and order, while Spain called in the Army to Ceuta as a security measure to quell the overflowing migrants at the border. The same thing in Texas where the Pentagon said the deployment of active troops on the southern border was legal.
Is this to get everyone used to the military presence that is rapidly creeping up on us?

Not only are kids getting tested for the Corona virus, but DNA testing is a requirement as well. And I'll venture to say, most are likely receiving the Covid Jab, as immunization is part of the package being foisted upon these children. Of course this is all for the "benefit" of the Hitlers of the world.

They want an expedited release to the mainland of Spain and NOT to country of origin. This way they can obtain legal, health, housing, employment, guarantees etc. This behemoth service industry is feeding off of the host nations and the children it claims to serve. Everybody has to get paid.

Spain is a hot bed and host to many young migrants. And sadly they do fall prey to the criminals. 18,000 children have gone missing from European Countries, from Jan 2018 - Dec 2020. That is 17 kids a day. Federia Toscana of Amnesty stated, the high number of missing children it is a reflection of a child protective system that doesn't work. These kids are exposed to violence, trafficking, forced labour, sexual abuse...

With all of these Companies and Governments, NGOs and religious organizations, Non Profits, Armies, Volunteers, alphabet agencies, and track and trace technology how could any child possibly go missing?


Gibraltar dismisses Priti Patel's radical new plans to process Channel migrants there as 'groundless speculation' as Isle of Man's chief minister also laughs off proposals as early 'April Fools' joke'

Priti Patel wants to use Gibraltar as a processing center and Camp to hold Asylum seekers while their applications are being heard.

According to The Times, islands off the coast of Scotland are under consideration, while the Isle of Man and Gibraltar have also been discussed by top officials.

Speaking to The Times, the unnamed expert said: 'There is no law that explicitly prevents people from being removed to a third country.

Fabian Picardo called the reports groundless speculation and stressed that Gibraltar would be unable to host asylum seekers, on a constitutional basis and geographical limitations of the territory.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said we are trying to fix the system, to save lives and to avert human misery. People are crossing the channel and are being fooled/ conned/ by gangsters into paying huge sums of money. These people are risking their lives, some dying making this crossing.
It's a repugnant traffic that we need to stop, that's why the Home Secretary set out the tough series of proposals.

The plans, to be set out as part of the UK Sovereign Borders Bill, will establish new 'legal safe routes' allowing genuine refugees to secure the right to come to the UK directly from war zones.

But the proposals, which constitute the biggest shake-up of asylum laws in a generation, will also see Britain take a much tougher line on unauthorized immigration.

Countries that do take in these migrants, may have held out for the higher payments that they will receive, along with other perks such as development, etc.

Mrs Patel wants to end the "asylum shopping" where refugees travel through many countries before they reach the UK. New tougher laws on smuggling gangs will be introduced.

Gibraltar has hit out at secret plans to dump illegal immigrants on The Rock

ANGRY Gibraltar has savaged secret plans to dump illegal immigrants on The Rock as Downing Street refused to deny the plot.

This was also reported in The Sun, and an interesting choice of words used by the Prime Minister's Spokesman. Asked specifically about Gibraltar, the PM's spokesman added: “I'm not going to pre-empt what we are going to set out, I would just point back to what Priti Patel and the PM have said before about the need to fix the asylum system and make sure people are not making these perilous journeys.”


Also the G-7 with Queen Elizabeth gathered this week. The Queen, as head of state of Gibraltar, could, and does impose decisions on The Rock. This is about the time of the "coming weeks", where the plans for overseas territories, and controversial decisions may be bought to light.

Areas of topic to be discussed in the Build Back Better Summit are international security challenges, economic recovery and growth, the climate crisis, human rights, etc. Asylum seekers/ refugees/ migrants, falls under each of these categories.

The UKs role to make Just Transition a standing priority of the G7 agenda, including by promoting commitments that unlock the transition of all sectors of the economy, so as to ensure a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient future.•

Migration Data and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognizes for the first time the contribution of migration to sustainable development. Migration is a cross-cutting issue in the 2030 Agenda, relevant to all of the Sustainable Development Goals

Makes you want to Spin the Wheel... Wheel of Fortune...


Spin the wheel to explore how each SDG relates to migration and learn more about migration-relevant data for each.


10.7: Facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through the implementation of planned and well- managed migration policies

Conflict and Atrocity Protection

The failure to respond to the refugee crisis risks more conflict, triggering further refugee flows.
At the beginning of 2020, 60% of all displaced people were children, who risk losing out on education during and following Covid-19.
Our recommendations focus on the diplomatic and economic interventions where G7 countries can have the most meaningful impact to de-escalate current conflict and nurture peaceful societies.

Gibraltar may not be out of the water just yet as a host country to warehouse asylum seekers.


Bishops urge the welcoming of migrants, including Bishop Robert Innes of Gibraltar.

MANCHESTER, England (CNS) — Catholic and Anglican bishops of dioceses along the English Channel have called for “a climate of welcome” in the face of unprecedented numbers of migrants attempting to reach Britain in small boats.

In a June 18 statement, the six bishops also denounced the “prejudice and fear” they said were prompting politicians to introduce harsh measures to prevent migrants illegally entering Britain by crossing the channel, one of the busiest shipping lanes in the word.

The bishops said the migrants, are fellow humans who deserve to be helped to find places where they can live in dignity and contribute to civil society.”

The Bishops did not disclose their "sustainable goals", for agenda 2030, in regards to migrants, nor did they disclose the profit margin or dollar distribution, upon the heads of the asylum seekers for which they will benefit financially.

Don't believe a word Priti Patel says
From Nigel Farage

The numbers on illegal immigration in 2021 so far, have doubled from last year.

The boats they have now are 11 meters. Small inflatable dingys are not so small any more.
Recently one boat carried 70 men aged 18-28, while the other carried 50 all between the ages of 18-28. Most of them would have never qualified for refugee status. This is completely out of control.
Were talking at least 20,000 this year alone. All of whom will have to be housed and taken care of.

The government lies, there is never a debate on this nor a national conversation.

My advice to you on whatever Priti Patel says on immigration is DON"T believe her.

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Migrant goes on hunger strike to protest detention and repatriation delay

A migrant who has spent nearly six months detained in Windmill Hill has been hospitalised after declaring himself to be on hunger strike, the Gibraltar Government confirmed on Wednesday.

The man, in his 20s, was arrested after he was found in Devil’s Tower Road in January and was subsequently charged with the offence of being a non-Gibraltarian in Gibraltar without valid papers.

He pleaded guilty to the offence and has since been detained in prison until he is seen out of Gibraltar.
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, travel links to Morocco have been suspended for months, leaving the man in limbo.
The Moroccan Community Association in Gibraltar held a protest on Friday calling on the Moroccan authorities to reopen borders, using Gibraltar’s successful vaccination rate to help encourage this move.

According to the article, the number of people landing in Gibraltar is set to increase. Fronted figures show a 27% increase in the numbers from last year.

Home Office plan to imprison asylum seekers arriving by boat will cost £400m a year, analysis shows

Rwanda, Ascension Island and Gibraltar have been mooted as potential offshore locations. The Home Office is looking to send asylum seekers overseas while their claims are processed, like Australia in 2013.

The second reading of The Nationanality Borders Bill will be read today and tomorrow the 19th and 20th of July, 2021.

The Bill gives extreme powers to Home Secretary, including life sentences for those facilitating illegal entry, the removal of people who "have no right to be here", and creates a pathway for over 5 million from Hong Kong.

Prosecuting and fines will be easier with this bill passed.

Children and migrants will be housed in ex millitary style camps until proof of age, and status.

According to Frontex, there were 36 deaths and 9 wrecks this year alone in the Straits of Gibraltar.

The broken asylum system is costing taxpayers 1 billion a year. On average the Home Office provides $50,000 a year for each unaccompanied child.

There is already a back log of over 100,000 asylum cases and the Home office is being accused of running a secret policy detaining people in order to deport them.

The UN warned last week that the UK’s plans took an “almost neo-colonial approach” and was designed to shift the duty for shielding refugees away from Britain.

Gillian Triggs, the assistant excessive commissioner for cover on the UNHCR, mentioned throughout a Chatham House briefing final Thursday that the UK appeared to be making an attempt to “wash its hands” of its worldwide duties.

Immigration Lawyers are already challenging these "unlawful policies".

Gibraltar doesn't seem to be out of the woods just yet in housing asylum seekers

From a different perspective Barbara Lerner Spectre: (On immigration)

“I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformati on, Europe will not survive. (video here)

Raab Attacks EU Plan for Gibraltar Over Sovereignty Concerns

Raab said the EU’s draft negotiating mandate was no basis for talks over a long-term solution for the small stretch of land adjoining Spain’s southern tip. The EU’s proposal “directly conflicts” with a temporary agreement struck last year, he said.

According to a person familiar with the matter, the U.K. believes the EU has abandoned its commitment for Frontex to operate controls in the territory, opening the way for Spanish authorities to conduct border checks instead. That would be unacceptable to both the governments of the U.K. and Gibraltar, the person said.

The U.K. is also concerned about Spanish authorities holding exclusive competence for short-term visas for people entering the bloc’s border-free Schengen area through Gibraltar. British officials also object to proposals for applying EU law, including allowing Spanish police to cross the border, as well as on market regulations and customs rules.

More than 1,000 migrants crossed English Channel over two days


Will the migrants who sailed across the Channel require proof of “vaccination” to enter the country, like most Britons returning from overseas? No and nor will they require a job offer. Instead, they will be housed and fed at taxpayer’s expense. And for most this will continue indefinitely because few, if any, will ever be repatriated.

Why is this allowed to continue? Could it be because the British government is simply following orders from the global elite, who want to create a world without borders? A sort of global refugee camp whose inhabitants live without national or even racial affinity and who are more easily manipulated as they are dependent of the largesse of the globalist controllers.

Is this why Britain has paid “not one euro” of the £54 million it promised to France to try to stop migrants making the perilous journey across the English Channel?

Is the British government simply using this as a pretext to cover what is effectively an “open borders” policy?

Home Secretary Priti Patel recently threatened to withhold the funding unless more people were stopped from reaching the UK.

France’s Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said “not one euro has been paid” of the money pledged by the UK government to the French.

“We are asking the British to keep their promises of financing because we are holding the border for them,” Mr Darmanin said.

He also called on Britain to take measures to reduce its “attractiveness” for migrants without residency papers, without elaborating.

#A row over migrants crossing the Channel has reached new proportions as the President of France, Macron sensationally calls Boris Johnson 'a clown' as Britain described as 'CIRCUS'

The President added: “It is very sad to see a great country, with which we could do so much, led by a clown.”

The row escalated further on Monday after Mr Johnson was accused by France's interior minister of making a "mockery" of British-French relations and told to "take responsibility" for the migrant crisis after last week's fallout.

Treat as hostile act!' EU blamed for UK's migrant crisis after Britain blocked from talks.

Britain has been uninvited to a "crunch" meeting, in relation to Boris Johnson's letter to Emmanuel Macron on Twitter. The 5 step plan that France and the UK should take to deter migrants from crossing the channel after 27 people died, on November 24 was released to the public, instead of to the President directly. This prompted a war of words and a ban of Britain sharing in the decisions. Priti Patel warned that without cooperation from the EU, far worse scenarios will arise in the coming weeks.

There is a blame game going on here, with the Brits accusing the French of not doing their job at the border to stop the crossings, while the French are accusing the Brits of the atrocities, and ownership of the escalating crisis.

"When Mr Johnson says that France must 'take back its migrants', what he is actually asking us is that France exonerate him from all responsibility in matters of reception," said Gerald Darmanin.

Downing street has urged France to sign off on a on a returns agreement to allow the UK to send people back to France who have had their asylum claims rejected.


The UK and France have vowed to step up co-operation to reduce the number of crossings.

Almost 26,000 migrants have successfully made the crossing this year, according to data from the Home Office.

That’s more than three times the total number who are reported to have crossed in 2020.

Boris Johnson would like a single command structure with private contractors.

Big money is flowing from the British Government into the hands of the French politicians, the UK has pledged to give France €62.7m (£54m) during 2021-22 to help increase police patrols along its coastline, boost aerial surveillance and increase security infrastructure at ports.

Boris stated "We’ve had difficulties persuading some of our partners, particularly the French, to do things in a way that we think the situation deserves.”

Where does Gibraltar find itself in this?

What deals has Fabian Picardo made? Have any deals been made to house migrants on the Rock?

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Brits Told to Reduce Living Standards as Government Spends £4.7 Million Per Day on Housing Refugees in Hotels

Earlier today, the Bank of England said citizens must prepare for the biggest fall in their standard of living for decades since records began.

GDP estimates have been slashed while interest rates have been raised as the Bank says inflation will surpass 7 per cent.

However, there’s plenty of money for illegal migrants arriving on boats.

UK taxpayers were initially told that the bill for asylum seekers’ accommodation was £1.2 million a day.

However, after claiming there had been a “drafting error,” the Home Office admitted that the cost was actually four times higher at £4.7 million a day.

“The U.K. government is therefore spending £1.3 billion a year on housing prospective asylum seekers, many of whom have arrived in the U.K. via the English Channel in dinghies last year,” reports ReMix News. “That figure rises to more than £1.7 billion when the resettlement of Afghans fleeing the Taliban is taken into account.”

The Suicide of Europe: Irish Independence vs African Independence

Mass migration is not, as it seems, an organic emanation of humanity from poor countries, but a calculated project to repopulate the territory of the declining West, with racism its chief instrument, wrote John Waters.

In a two-part series titled ‘Europe’s Death Rattle’, John Waters explores mass migration with reference to Stephen Smith’s book ‘The Scramble for Europe: Young Africa on its way to the Old Continent’.

Part I discusses – as the culmination of a long-time plan – a global calamity of food scarcity, due to Covid measures and ‘sanctions’, which will cause record numbers of mainly African migrants to enter Europe seeking food.

As Waters’ articles are longer than most would read in one sitting, we are breaking Part II, headed ‘Open Borders, Shut Mouths’, into shorter sections and publishing them as a series titled ‘The Suicide of Europe’. This article is the fifth in our series.

Irish independence vs African independence

Another of the many ironies for Ireland is that we continue to be an emigrating culture, so that, these days, as already noted, Irish emigrants and African immigrants cross paths at Dublin airport: Until the present year, we have been shedding almost as many natives as there were aliens arriving, though 2022 looks set to reverse that slight imbalance.

Meanwhile, the fact that our ancestors were forced by genocidal famines to seek a life elsewhere, and therefore went to Britain and US to build roads and bridges and skyscrapers, is used to suggest that we have no option now but to open our borders and shut our mouths.

What nobody says is that the departures of such people was one of the primary factors in the failure of Ireland to become independent and make its way in the world by its own lights. Now, we learn that we are part of the ‘white’ world, as taunts of ‘white supremacy’ and ‘white privilege,’ issue — almost invariably, though not exclusively — from the mouths of people whose faces are themselves conspicuous by their paleness.

The comparisons to be pointed to between Ireland and many African countries are legion. The failure of Africa’s postcolonial states has been widely discussed in the academia of the West. But what we understand from this, as Stephen Smith notes in his book, purely concerns what Africa lacks: good governance, sound fiscal practice, and infrastructure — it tells us what Africa is not. But we know almost nothing of what Africa is, and why and how it has been able to survive in a sort of independence for 60 years. Its ‘lack of institutional capacity’, in World Bank parlance, remains as though a profound mystery to Western observers.

One problem, undoubtedly, is that, because the colonial state was by definition
extrinsic, the colonised peoples came to see government as an extraneous phenomenon. All power resided in the metropole, to which all resources were promised and destined, including human resources in times of war. ‘In the eyes of many Africans,’ writes Smith, ‘this foreignness of the state — its extraneous character — translated into a governance that was arbitrary and alienating.’

This raises ominous possibilities:

That, emerging from their dysfunctional continent to arrive in the metropole, Africans feel they have, in a sense, arrived at the centre of their own polis . What is foreign to them is the only ‘core’ their homelands possess. That is what they have been taught by the ancestors of present-day Europeans: that they are not African, but British, French, et cetera , from which they naturally adduce that Europe owes them something, at the very least a living.

Added to that they have a smattering of knowledge of Woke concepts like ‘equality’ — which seem to suggest further categories of entitlement — and the protection of the United Nations, which makes each migrant a kind of mobile jurisdiction of international law, attracting protections and rights which far exceed those of many of the current inhabitants of their chosen new European homelands. This too is a recipe for disaster.

Colonialism, bequeathing to the mentality of modern Africans an odd legacy of attitudes — hostile and deferential — had the paradoxical effect of empowering the side-lined categories in Africa’s prior native gerontocracies — in particular women and the young. For Africa’s powerful gerontocracy, Smith writes, quoting Nicolas Argenti, the era of the Whites became ‘the era of insolence,’ when children, ‘their mouths on fire,’ emerged from a long silence. In other words, colonialism already carried the seeds of what is nowadays called Cultural Marxism: the colonisers planted the seeds of their own future destruction.

On arriving in Ireland, then, such wayfarers, imagine themselves to have arrived in the ‘White World’, whereas they have, in fact, arrived in a post-colonial outpost not all that unlike the place they left behind.

Colonies’ Concessions

Ireland shares not just the essence of the African experience but also many of its pathologies. Smith cites the American anthropologist Rebecca Hardin on the matter of ‘concessions’ — formal legal arrangements by which foreign actors are enabled to manage and exploit land or other natural resources of former colonies, which have long been a feature of Irish ‘economic’ policy. The ‘beauty’ of these arrangements, he explains, is that they not only satisfy rent- seeking states but even better, reinforce the sovereign power of such, despite the supplicant states’ inability to exploit their own resources themselves. This phenomenon of ‘concessions’ has been an unnamed and unacknowledged feature of Irish ‘development’ policy since the 1960s, with massive tranches of multiple natural resources being sold for a song to foreign interests.

Today, the breadth of what our political class has been selling off is imaginative indeed; they sell, in effect, the very essence of Ireland: its resources, yes, but more so its values, culture, uniqueness, weather, laws, constitution, natural rights, landscape, particularities, citizens’ rights, citizenship, passports. The intake by stealth over the past two decades of hundreds of thousands of outsiders is yet another example of such concession-granting: the transnational tech and chemical corporations from which the Irish political class obtains its lifeline trickle of financial run-off, need low-cost labour to allow their business models operate to maximum efficiency. Many of these companies — which were supposed to hire Irish workers — are now overwhelmingly staffed by imported labour.

Smith’s description, intended as a sketch of African political reality, provides another unwitting but devastating insight into modern Ireland:

‘What is fascinating in this political alchemy is that it transmutes incapacity into profits, or base metal into gold: the less the state can act on its own, the more it has to offer to external partners. They stand-in for the state and pay it recognition rights — tribute.’ This, in under 50 words, amounts to a precise summation of Irish industrial policy since the early 1970s.

The charge of ‘racism’ is not merely disingenuous and utterly destructive of sense and reason it is also a projection. Those who orchestrate the replacement of the European population are engaged in an unprecedented exercise in ethnic cleansing, but they conceal this behind a shield of misappropriated history and profoundly dishonest sleights-of-hand.

Drawing its energy from historical acts of inhumanity — almost invariably resulting from the colonial incursions of European settlers in Africa and the Americas — the word ‘racism’ has legitimately acquired a profoundly toxic power. Themselves arguably the most appropriate candidates for such a designation, these malevolent manipulators seek to achieve the same outcome as the long-gone adventurers who first gave the term life, while dousing themselves in altruistic sanctimony.

The above is an extract from his article ‘Europe’s death rattle, Part II’. You can read Part I HERE. Follow John Waters’ work by subscribing to his Substack HERE.

Please see:
A Brief Summary of The Book of Tephi, queen of Tara and Gibraltar for insights as to why Ireland suffers so many troubles today.

The Ulster flag.

The phallic Baal-pillar stone that is now wrongfully and blasphemously called the Lia Fail, was re-discovered and placed on The Inauguration Mound at Tara some time between 1839 and 1845.

As the real Lia Fail is also known as Bethel, meaning ‘House of God’ in Hebrew and it is prophesied that Christ will come and be Inaugurated King of the Israelites, including the Irish, upon the Lia Fail Stone at Tara, there could be no greater insult to God or Christ than to name a stone phallus The Lia Fail. That is telling God that His House, where He should come and live, is a stone phallus and that Christ should come and sit on a stone penis. The wrongful naming of the obscene phallic stone at Tara caused God’s Cursing of Ireland which brought about the Great Famine of 1845-52 and it is still the "Curse of Tara" and Ireland.

Teia Tephi left many prophecies in her autobiography, most of which have been fulfilled in exact and minute detail. The most important one is yet to be fulfilled and it states that she will, one day very soon (according to Nostradamus), be recovered from her tomb at The Hill of Tara and The Torah contained in The Ark of The Covenant will once again be re-instituted, bringing peace and prosperity to all of Ireland (North and South), with the simultaneous inauguration of Christ, during the Second Coming, as King of the faithful of Israel upon the real Bethel / Lia Fail / Stone of Destiny on the Inauguration Mound at the Hill of Tara, on the Island of Destiny.

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More than 40,000 migrants have crossed the Channel to the UK so far this year, official government figures reveal with 972 arriving on 22 boats yesterday

The UK is seeing an increase in migrant crossings compared to 2021 which had a recorded 28,561 crossings.

The latest figures come after 972 people - including men, women and children - made the crossing in 22 boats yesterday.

The arrivals on Saturday were the first so far in November, with the most recent crossings previously made on October 31 when 46 people were detected on one boat.

The milestone comes as immigration minister Robert Jenrick has insisted a move towards more basic accommodation is necessary to remove a 'pull factor' for those making their way to the UK in small boats.

He claimed the country's 'generosity' towards refugees is being 'abused' by people 'skipping the queue', putting a strain on the immigration system.

In an article for The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Jenrick said a 'chronic shortage of acceptable accommodation' for 'record numbers' of migrants has forced the Government to procure expensive and often unsuitable hotels, burdening the taxpayer with an 'unacceptable' cost.

'Human decency has to be accompanied by hard-headed common sense: illegal immigrants are not entitled to luxury hotels,' he said.

'Conditions in the UK are almost always better than in neighbouring countries, which helps explain why the UK is a destination of choice for economic migrants on the continent 'asylum shopping'.

''Hotel Britain' must end and be replaced with simple, functional accommodation that does not create an additional pull factor.'

It is nearly seven months since then Home Secretary Priti Patel announced plans to send migrants to Rwanda to try to deter people from crossing the Channel.

Since then, 33,805 people have arrived in the UK after making the journey.

Some reasons for incoming asylum seekers, from the posts above:

The main reason for migration is the economy.

"Migrants become an instrument of production, transformed into an object to be manipulated."

"some think tank bankster".

"unaccompanied minor children receive $4700 a month, whilst granny s pension is $426 a month."

Many who are not children at all, but pose as children, collecting a hefty paycheck each month.

But is it really worth it if the vaccination will kill you, both physically and spiritually.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognizes for the first time the contribution of migration

Migration is a cross-cutting issue in the 2030 Agenda, relevant to all of the Sustainable Development Goals

Of course all the money to be had from the vaccinations, (corona, diphtheria, +++.) Nov. 10th, officials confirmed migrants being held at Manston immigration centre are being vaccinated against diphtheria." "There have been multiple reports of people at the site with scabies and diphtheria", UK Health Security Agency said it is now moving with the Home Office to vaccinate migrants at the centre following a spike in infections, warning accommodation settings should be considered 'high-risk for infectious diseases'.

Sounds like some serious "scary lockdowns" coming soon - to a theatre near you.

Agencies are raking in the dough from housing, to security -(forex), as well as religious organizations etc.

History repeats itself, as the pockets of the politicians, scribes and priests are always lined, whilst using the migrants as pawns in this game if life.

Back when French President Macron called Boris Johnson a clown, a row spilled over which has not yet been mopped up.
Migrant $$$ that the UK pledged to give France - €62.7m (£54m) during 2021-22 to help increase police patrols along its coastline, and to boost aerial surveillance, and to increase security infrastructure at ports. A lucrative sustainable business indeed, each accusing the other of not meeting their agreements.

On April 14, Ms Patel signed what she described as a 'world-first' agreement with Rwanda, under which the east African country will receive migrants deemed by the UK to have arrived 'illegally', and are therefore inadmissible under new immigration rules.

However, the first deportation flight, due to take off on June 14, was grounded amid legal challenges.

The legality of the policy has since been contested in the courts, with ministers and campaigners awaiting a ruling from High Court judges on the case.

The number of people reaching the UK in small boats from France after navigating busy shipping lanes has increased steadily in recent years.

Some 299 were detected in 2018, followed by 1,843 in 2019 and 8,466 in 2020, official figures show.

Another elaborate money making "scheme" - WHERE-
they can kill two birds with one stone.

From Nigel Farage

The numbers on illegal immigration in 2021 so far, have doubled from last year.

The boats they have now are 11 meters. Small inflatable dingys are not so small any more.
Recently one boat carried 70 men aged 18-28, while the other carried 50 all between the ages of 18-28. Most of them would have never qualified for refugee status. This is completely out of control.
Were talking at least 20,000 this year alone. All of whom will have to be housed and taken care of.

The government lies, there is never a debate on this nor a national conversation.

My advice to you on whatever Priti Patel says on immigration is DON"T believe her."

An army in the making!

Home Office plan to imprison asylum seekers arriving by boat will cost £400m a year, analysis shows

Rwanda, Ascension Island and Gibraltar have been mooted as potential offshore locations. The Home Office is looking to send asylum seekers overseas while their claims are processed, like Australia in 2013.

**The Bill gives extreme powers to Home Secretary, including life sentences for those facilitating illegal entry, the removal of people who "have no right to be here", and creates a pathway for over 5 million from Hong Kong.

Child Migrant Abuses from The Criminals in ALL Walks of Life, Another Plandemic - #6 by be1

From the recent photos of migrants, it look as though they are fulfilling the Hong Kong pathway.


9:27 God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

They are letting the Chinese in en masse.

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Data from the UN's refugee agency shows at least 120,441 people arrived in Europe via the Mediterranean by land and sea last year.

Thats the figure they tell you, but most certainly its much higher than that.

T.H.E.Y. need these migrants, the pitch forks from the average Joe they have screwed over are not just poking, (they're feeling it) at them but a raging flaming inferno is bout' to burst against these B-tards.

Channel crossings: 45,756 people came to UK in small boats in 2022

Last crossings were on Christmas Day, with none recorded in last six days of the year

We will link the article and post the 1st comment, as it explains more clearly than the guardian the abuses of controlled migration, as the links above.

1st comment by Ed

Commentary – Jan 1, 2023

If the Guardian were a real newspaper it would ask how many of the 45,000 plus illegal migrants who arrived in the UK last year were deported? How many are now working honest jobs and how many are being supported by state welfare, which is funded by taxpayers?

The fact that the Guardian doesn’t investigate the fate of the 45,000 plus illegal migrants speaks volumes. That’s because the Guardian isn’t a real newspaper. It’s a mouthpiece for the global elite to manipulate public opinion and misdirect readers’ perception of events.

The Guardian doesn’t follow-up on the fate of the 45,000 illegal migrants because it doesn’t want readers to consider the ramifications their arrival will have in an already overcrowded island. Nor does it want us to reflect on how this will impact on housing and health care, both of which are under severe strain as it is.

So in the guise of ‘informing’ the Guardian is actually dumbing down readers comprehension of events.

That’s why it doesn’t ask why “refugees” and “asylum seekers” are prepared to risk their lives and pay as much as £5,000 doing so to get into the UK? Why are they prepared to take such risks and pay so much when many Britons would consider themselves lucky to even have £5,000 to spare?

Again, the Guardian doesn’t even ask bother to ask; just as it doesn’t bother to look at those who make up the “asylum seekers” and illegal migrants.

So I’ll hazard a guess and say that the vast majority of new arrivals on Britain’s shores recently were male, single, under-40 and probably unvaccinated too. I’ll go further and say that most were unskilled and possessing only the most rudimentary education.

Adding upwards of 45,000 such new arrivals every year is a recipe for cumulative disaster. That’s why the UK government hasn’t taken decisive action to deal with the problem and why the Guardian doesn’t expand on the likely impact these new arrivals will have.

That’s because this is population replacement at work.

In essence this entails eliminating an educated, generally law-abiding native population who expect higher pay and won’t tolerate police brutality. Then replacing them with people who will more readily accept lower wages and thuggish autocrats.

To do this may seem an impossible task so how could so many possibly be eliminated, you may ask? Well haven’t people just lined up to be injected with an untested ‘vaccine’, not once but two or three times?

It may be a slow process but sudden, unexplained deaths and heart attacks are now sky rocketing. So the sick and dying can now be replaced with the new arrivals; who might be more prone to crime and not as well educated but who will more readily accept lower wages and who can be more easily controlled with sheer brute force.

They will also be less inclined to sudden, unexpected heart attacks. So they can be worked to the death and won’t require expensive after care subsidies.

As far as the ruling elite is concerned it is a win-win situation.

This is how they are creating a modern, technological slave state. Right before our eyes. Ed.

Although Ed, we believe they are all vaccinated.

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