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Part 2: Megyn Kelly Breaks Down the Tucker Carlson vs. Fox News Legal Battle...


A "frail" great-grandmother was holding a steak knife and approaching police "at a slow pace" when she was tasered by an officer at an aged care home in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains.

Report Confirms Dozens of Senators Are Being Issued Taxpayer-Funded Satellite Phones in Preparation for a “Disruptive Event”

A report confirms that United States Senators have been issued emergency satellite phones.

CBS News reported these devices are part of a series of new security measures being offered to senators by Karen Gibson, Senate Sergeant at Arms.

The official line of reasoning behind offering the satellite phones was “to ensure a redundant and secure means of communication during a disruptive event.


The notorious Ukrainian “kill list” that identified the Zelensky regime’s opponents like Aaron Maté, Scott Ritter, Roger Waters and even Henry Kissinger has added a new name: Jimmy Dore. The list is ostensibly maintained by an independent group, but an investigation into funding reveals that the Ukrainian government is behind the effort, as well as U.S. and NATO cutouts. Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger speak with The Grayzone reporter Max Blumenthal about the individuals named on the list who have been assassinated and what being added means for Jimmy.

Lukashenko is Putin's closest ally over the war in Ukraine - yet there is already speculation that he could have been poisoned. Belarus dictator Lukashenko 'rushed to hospital' in critical condition after collapsing, reports say | Daily Mail Online

Belarus president 'rushed to hospital' minutes after holding meeting with Putin

Alexander Lukashenko's opponent Valery Tsepkalo, has saif that the Putin ally was taken to hospital and is now in a critical condition.

Belarus' President Alexander Lukashenko has been taken to hospital in Moscow and now is in critical condition after meeting Vladimir Putin, it has been reported.

The news was reported on Twitter by Lukashenko's opponent Valery Tsepkalo, the former candidate for the presidency of the country and former ambassador to the United States.

"According to the information we have, which needs additional confirmation, Lukashenko, after meeting with Putin behind closed doors, was urgently taken to the Central Clinical Hospital of Moscow, where he is now located", Tsepkalo wrote.

Another Brick in The Absurdity Wall

Germany investigates Roger Waters for incitement to parody

Pink Floyd star Roger Waters gave a concert in Berlin on Wednesday, May 17, and last week we learned German officials responded by investigating him for “suspicion of incitement of the people.” Berlin police sent a statement to CNN:

The context of the clothing worn is deemed capable of approving, glorifying or justifying the violent and arbitrary rule of the Nazi regime in a manner that violates the dignity of the victims and thereby disrupts public peace.

This story was media catnip and inspired an explosion of headlines. By Memorial Day, Waters completed his ascent into the Hitler-of-the-minute club, displacing Donald Trump, Jill Stein, Robert Kennedy, Vladimir Putin, Elon Musk, Trump again, and others on the media naughty list. We were reminded Waters is an antisemite and Putin-lover who supports genocide in Ukraine and “desecrated the memory of Anne Frank.” Twitter search returns for Roger Waters + scum populated.

After watching the film Sunday night to make sure, my adult mind concludes The Wall’s themes hold up 40-plus years after release. It’s a great album that sadly has more relevance now, as evidenced by this extraordinary episode of authorities attacking a satirical image as the real thing. In fact, a record that probably did seem confused and a little ridiculous in 1979 suddenly makes a lot of sense, which enhances the general feeling, which I’ve had a lot lately, that the whole world is stoned.

Weapon US gave Ukraine spotted in hands of Mexican cartel – media

A militia member was filmed with what Milenio TV believes is a Javelin anti-tank missile

A militant wearing the insignia of Mexico’s notorious Gulf Cartel (Cartel Del Golfo, CDG) has been filmed in the state of Tamaulipas carrying a US-made anti-tank missile launcher. News channel Milenio TV identified the weapon as a Javelin, thousands of which were sent to Ukraine by the Pentagon over the last year.

Updated. The missiles appear to be AT-4 missiles made in Sweden.

For over a year now Joe Biden and the Uniparty have been sending tens of billions of dollars in US cash and weapons to Ukraine. There have been no audits performed on this endless stream cash and weapons.

While Joe Biden is sending arms to Ukraine the Mexican cartels are stocking up on dangerous missiles at our southern border.
On Wednesday footage was released on Mexican TV of a Cartel Del Golfo (CDG) member in Matamoros, Mexico walking the streets with an alleged javelin anti-tank missile.

We now believe the missile is an AT4 Swedish unguided, man-portable, disposable, shoulder-fired missile.