BIRD FLU: the Next Pandemic?


Bird flu is man-made, that’s why they already have a vaccine for it

By Rhoda Wilson on May 23, 2024

It has been reported that bird flu has spread from mallard ducks to cattle, poultry and recently a dolphin. This is a gain-of-function, i.e. man-made, strain, Dr. Peter McCullough told Miriam Shaw, host of Moms on a Mission. “It looks like it’s coming out of the US Poultry Research Centre in Athens, Georgia.”

After independent research discovered this particular bird flu variant was man-made, former CDC director Robert Redfield said that for bird flu to jump to humans and spread it has to be a virus developed from gain-of-function research.

They already have vaccines prepared should bird flu spread to humans. How do they already have a vaccine? It’s all based on genetic code and they know the genetic code, Dr. McCullough said.

Dr. McCullough was responding to a statement made to the press last month by World Health Organisation (“WHO”) Chief Scientist Jeremy Farrar. During his statement, Farrar expressed “great concern” that the bird flu, H5N1, “virus evolves and develops the ability to infect humans.” And “we know that … the mortality rate is extraordinarily high,” he said.

Before we get to Farrar’s full statement and Dr. McCullough’s response, let’s remind ourselves who we’re dealing with when we hear WHO’s Chief Scientist speak and what the end game is. Redacted posted a video at the beginning of last week to do just that.
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This is how they will CONTROL all of us, new WHO lockdowns plans announced | Redacted News

Seventy people in Colorado are being monitored for bird flu even though none of them are showing symptoms. Now untrustworthy Dr. Jeremy Farrar of the WHO says that they need control of all indoor spaces and farms. Odd timing, isn't it?


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Like SARS Cov 2, the virus supposedly responsible for causing the fake pandemic, the H5N1 Avian flu virus HAS NEVER BEEN ISOLATED so it until it is, it does not exist. Sequences of something never demonstrated are also fraud.

Dr. Jane breaks down the evidence of the fraud and the lies.



"I have not verified or corroborated the information in this video. However, It does tie in with my evidence that suggests a fake virus will be publicised soon, but that the directed energy weapons appearing to have been integrated into masts, street lighting and cameras around the world will be deliberately used to create a possible depopulation event and it be blamed on a virus." - end of quote.

This is just a quick adressing to this very interesting video. I might do a full analysis of it in the future...

I wonder what her evidence for this is?

I also wonder: who is Dr. Jane Ruby and what are her qualifications.

Is she a doctor?

Are we to trust the expertise and advice of doctors?

Or just some doctors who's words are in accordance to our beliefs?

Is she communicating truthfully, clearly, without deception or are there manipulative tricks involved? Gestures, intonations, certain words... "mind control" techniques? Neurolingquitsic programming? Would it be the same experience to just read the transcript compared? What would be the exact differences?

What are logical fallacies and does she use any in her video?

What does confirmation bias mean, and is it something to keep in mind?

What are Ruby's motivations?
Does she for instance profit financially if one of her videos goes viral? How could this be achieved?

And how are materials such as this produced?

How is this "fake plandemic" cordinated throughout the world? If bird flu is identified in for instance Finland is it just a fake news article or is the scientist in on the scam?

"All eight RNA segments were derived from an avian influenza A virus. The hemagglutinin contained multiple basic amino acids adjacent to the cleavage site, a feature characteristic of highly pathogenic avian influenza A viruses."

From the Abstract you quoted, so it seems they used computer modelling to construct the "virus" from these fragments (segments). Hardly convincing or conclusive proof. Any controls used?

It's a bit like finding a jaw bone and constructing a so-called "missing link", skeleton. They do that too - Don't trust the science.

I have re-uploaded vid to correct aspect ratio

Perhaps one day I'll investigate this more thoroughly.

One problematic thing I see in cases like these is countering science with... other science...So it doesn't completely make sense.

True :grinning: Perhaps I should have qualified it as "mainstream" science,