Armageddon: China, Russia and Syria – Prophecy Unfolding

Russia sends warplanes to Syria for naval drills in the Mediterranean Sea

The Russian military on Tuesday deployed long-range nuclear-capable bombers and fighter jets carrying state-of-the-art hypersonic missiles to its air base in Syria for massive naval drills in the region amid soaring tensions with the West over Ukraine.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu arrived in Syria to oversee the drills that mark the biggest Russian naval deployment to the Mediterranean Sea since the Cold War times.

Long-range, nuclear-capable Tu-22M3 bombers and MiG-31 fighter jets carrying the latest Kinzhal hypersonic cruise missiles landed at the Russian air base of Hemeimeem in Syria’s coastal province of Latakia as part of the drills.


Russia Hits Back: ‘Golan Doesn’t Belong to Israel’

Russia has struck back at the government of Israel for its statement of support Wednesday for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Russia doesn’t recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which are part of Syria,” Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations said at the UN Security Council’s regular meeting “on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question,” held Wednesday (23 Feb).

The Russian delegation also attacked Israel on its policies in Judea, Samaria and the national capital city of Jerusalem.

Russia also has forces in Syria. It maintains a naval port and an air base in the city of Tartus. With this, the close ally of the Assad regime could be able to increase its overall influence in the region.

"Basically, Russia is the most international actor in Syria," Bianco said. In this case, "international" goes hand in hand with "influential." Russia has for instance insisted that aid can only be sent to Syria via borders under the control of the Assad regime.


Syria's neighbour Israel is also closely watching the tensions. Israel has been targeting Iranian proxy bases in Syria while Russian troops based in Syria have been turning a blind eye to it.

"We've seen that Russia has been trying to woo Israel as a result of joint interests in Syria," Hamdi told DW, adding that "Israel could end up being the biggest loser in any war between Russia and the US, primarily because it would be forced to take sides in a manner that will undermine any gains that it has made."

As of last week, Ukraine's Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova, has warned Israel that it would be directly affected by any form of escalation. Possible consequences could be Jewish immigrants to Israel from Ukraine or significant cuts of wheat imports.


Have the "vaccinated" unwittingly been conscripted to fight in war? as the unvaccinated are not aloud to travel....

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Dear people of Russia

by pakamin

[March 4, 2022

in World (4 minute read time)

By Russell Bruce

The UK and Russia have something in common. They both have leaders who lie to their people. Whilst not excusing Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin’s lies are infinitely more dangerous because he has launched an unprovoked attack on the people of Ukraine. If we are to compare the vicious war against Ukraine by Putin with his delusional belief that he is fighting Nazis then Russian citizens who are demonstrating in Russian cities are able to see through his unconvincing assertions.

Anti-war protests are taking place in Russia although the Putin controlled media seems to be forgetting to broadcast large demonstrations against Putin’s war with your Ukrainain cousins. The remarkable presence of Russian artist Yelena Osipova with her anti-war posters at the head of a demonstration in St Petersburg has been shared across the world.

Russian pensioner takes on Putin

Yelena is well known in St Petersburg as a survivor of Nazi genocide during World War II in the nearly three year long siege of Leningrad. The activist artist became a symbol of resistance in the “Great Patriotic War”. This week she was on the streets of St. Petersburg demonstrating against Putin’s genocide in Ukraine. The support she had from a large crowd behind her is unmistakable as they applauded her stance – video at end of article. The police arrived and arrested her. What kind of country has Russia become when a survivor of the Seige of Leningrad is taken away by the police? We know Russians are better than this. At least most of you.

Here are some images of war on civilian populations in Leningrad and Ukraine 1941 and 2021

Siege of Leningrad WWII

Siege of Leningrad, German soldiers near Leningrad in 1941 Public Domain

Map of German Army advance into the USSR in 1941. Coral to July. Pink to Sept.
Green to Dec. GNU Free Documentation License. CC BY-SA 3.0
Not exactly dissimilar to Russian tactics against Ukraine

Ukraine March 2021 Sky News Report compilation 3 March 2021 Attack on civilian population

Ukraine March 2021 Sky News Report compilation 3 March 2021
More Ukrainian homes destroyed by Russian forces

We have enjoyed peace in Europe for most of the decades since the end of WWII apart from the Balkans wars in the 1990s and Russian previous engagements in Georgia in 2009 and Ukraine first in 2014 and now again. Of all peoples, Russians suffered greatly in the two world wars of the 20th century. Putin has learnt nothing, making the same bloody mistakes over and over again.

Apart from Ukrainian civilian casualties the biggest losses in Ukraine are the Russian soldiers. Around 9000 Russian soldiers have died in Putin’s ill-considered conflict and will not be coming home to wives, girlfriends and mothers. That’s right 9000 not the 500 Putin owned up to. Ukraine wants to live in peace, determine its own future not one dictated by Vladimir Putin and to have peaceful relations with Russia and the rest of Europe.

History will not be kind to Vladimir Putin but that is the least of his worries. Russia is not the country being invaded. Putin is the aggressor and he is doing it in your name, dear people of Russia and he needs to be replaced by a leader who is not obsessed by the loss of empire. The Age of Empire is long over.

Finally this is the short video of the large demonstration in St. Petersburg and Yelena Osipova’s protest against the war in Ukraine. We hope she is safe and well. God be with her.

Russia Recruiting Syrians for Warfare in Ukraine, WSJ Reports

Putin's invasion grinds to a halt: Kyiv claims to have destroyed dozens of Russian helicopters overnight, retaken a city, and killed 11,000 troops while Russians have captured no significant territory sparking hopes Ukraine could win the war

  • Ukraine claims to have destroyed dozens of Russian helicopters at an airfield near Kherson overnight
  • Military also said it had recaptured Chuhuiv, near Kharkiv, and killed two commanders in the process
  • Meanwhile units in Odessa claimed to have hit and destroyed a Russian patrol ship off the coast
  • Experts say Russian losses becoming 'unsustainable' with no significant territory captured in recent days
  • Click here for MailOnline's liveblog with the latest updates on the Ukraine crisis

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline

Published: 02:37 EST, 7 March 2022 | Updated: 10:35 EST, 7 March 2022

Russia's invasion of Ukraine appears to have ground to a halt with no significant territory captured despite a weekend of heavy fighting, with Kyiv's men claiming to have taken out dozens of helicopters and recaptured a city this morning - sparking hopes that the unlikeliest of victories may be on the cards.

Putin's men renewed their bombardments on Mariupol, Chernihiv, Mykolaiv and Kharkiv this morning as hundreds of civilians tried to evacuate Irpin - on the outskirts of Kyiv - across a destroyed bridge after days of heavy attacks in an attempt to encircle the capital. But Russian commanders have not significantly advanced their frontline since the city of Kherson and nuclear power plant at Zaporizhzhia were captured last week. Meanwhile the Ukrainian armed forces claimed to have destroyed up to 30 Russian helicopters that had been moved to Chornobaivka airport, near Kherson, overnight and to have retaken the city of Chuhuiv, near Kharkiv, killing two Russian commanders - Lt. Col. Dmitry Safronov, and Lt Col. Denis Glebov - in the process. Later in the day, Urkaine said it had also recaptured the airport at Mykolaiv and repulsed a Russian counter-attack.

Video also emerged which appeared to show Ukrainian defence forces based in Odessa, the country's largest port, exchanging fire with ships overnight - one of which suffered a hit. Ukraine's ministry of defence has since claimed the vessel, a corvette named Vasily Bykov, was damaged. Images showed it afloat with black smoke pouring out in the early hours.

President Volodymyr Zelesnky, speaking this afternoon, said that Ukraine 'never wanted this war, but it was brought to us' and now its military is being forced to kill 'to knock the enemy from our land and our lives' while civilians endure 'what no other European country has seen in 80 years'.

Ukraine's military now estimates that 11,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in fighting along with the loss of 1,000 armoured vehicles, 290 tanks, 68 helicopters, 46 planes and dozens of other piece of hardware. Independent observers give lower totals, but Franz-Stefan Gady - of the International Institute for Strategic Studies - said the situation is never-the-less 'slowly becoming unsustainable for Russia'.

US intelligence believes Russia has committed 95 per cent of the invasion force it had assembled on Ukraine's border to the fight, meaning significant reinforcements to push its attacks forward are unlikely to come soon - and could simply run into many of the same logistical problems that plagued the early assault.

That has prompted some - including UK general Admiral Sir Tony Radakin - to predict that Russia could actually lose the war. Asked by the BBC on Sunday whether victory for Putin's men was 'inevitable', as many had predicted before the fighting started, he responded: 'No.'

Defeat for Russia does not automatically mean victory for Ukraine, however. Despite heavy losses Putin's men have still been able to capture key territory, particularly in the south, cutting Kyiv off from many of its vital Black Sea trading routes and naval bases.

Ukraine's forces have proven dogged in defence but it remains to be seen whether they can counter-attack successfully and push Russian forces back across the border.

It came as Ukrainian and Russian forces met in Belarus for a third round of talks between the two sides. Russia has for the first time raised the prospect of halting its operation, provided Ukraine recognises the independence of the Donbass, acknowledges Crimes as Russian territory and pledges never to join NATO. It is the first time that Russia has explicitly stated its position in talks, which Kyiv has rejected. t has also been announced that Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov will meet Ukrainian counterpart Dymtro Kuleba in Turkey on Thursday - the first high-level summit between the two sides on neutral ground since the fighting started.

In the meantime, Russia is expected to keep up its bombardment of Ukraine's largest cities with Moscow claiming to have opened up evacuation routes out of some of them - Mariupol, Sumy, Kharkiv and Kyiv - on Monday morning so civilians could flee. Ukraine quickly rejected the plan after it emerged most of the evacuation routes led into Russia or Belarus.

Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk rejected the ceasefire offer on Monday, saying it is 'not an acceptable option' for Ukrainians to flee to the country that is attacking them. Civilians 'aren't going to go to Belarus and then take a plane to Russia', she said.
A Russian T-72 tank is seen destroyed somewhere near the city of Mariupol in an image posted by the 'Azov Brigade', a unit of the Ukrainian National Guard that operates in and around the city

A Russian T-72 tank is seen destroyed somewhere near the city of Mariupol in an image posted by the 'Azov Brigade', a unit of the Ukrainian National Guard that operates in and around the city

The tail-end of a destroyed Russian Su-34 fighter is seen crashed through the roof of a warehouse near Kharkiv having been shot down by Ukrainian forces overnight

The tail-end of a destroyed Russian Su-34 fighter is seen crashed through the roof of a warehouse near Kharkiv having been shot down by Ukrainian forces overnight...

Interesting and thanks for sending @Persistent. I also read the following article from an author sometimes posted about from @NancyDrewberry.

Again it seems to be another view on the situation in Ukraine and indeed beyond. Interesting observation on the Russian flag in particular I thought.

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@adam , You are certainly welcome.

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Russia in Ukraine - Biblical Ramifications (17-minutes).


Isn't it interesting those wanting to fight for Russia come from countries "Gog" will gather?

Russia Says 16,000 ‘Volunteers’ Want to Fight, Most from Middle East

The world is dividing into to camps - Kings of the East (Russia/China - and all they gather) and The West (USA/UK - and their allies). Prophecy is that the USA and UK will be defeated -


US General Mike Flynn on Ukraine crisis - (1min)

The ones who want war (like Klaus Schwab and all the aka embedded politicians - Manchurian candidates) don't want God in the picture. This is a war of good vs evil. It should be clear that God is going to punish The West for aligning with these Satanists.

Mike said, "we have to understand that these people are very smart. They are very well resourced. And they have a very sort of strategic idea of what they want to see the world develop; and God and the soul are not part of that strategy."

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BAGHDAD — Iran claimed responsibility Sunday for a missile barrage that struck near a sprawling U.S. consulate complex in northern Iraq, saying it was retaliation for an Israeli strike in Syria that killed two members of its Revolutionary Guard earlier this week.

Iraq’s Foreign Ministry on Sunday summoned Iran’s ambassador to protest the attack, calling it a flagrant violation of the country’s sovereignty.

No injuries were reported in Sunday’s attack on the city of Irbil, which marked a significant escalation between the U.S. and Iran. Hostility between the longtime foes has often played out in Iraq, whose government is allied with both countries.

The attack drew harsh condemnation from the Iraqi government, which called it a “violation of international law and norms” and demanded an explanation from the Iranian leadership. Iraq’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad al-Sahhaf told The Associated Press that the ministry summoned the Iranian ambassador, Iraj Masjedi, to deliver the diplomatic protest.


Iran has claimed responsibility for a missile barrage that struck near a sprawling U.S. consulate complex in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil, saying it was retaliation for an Israeli strike in Syria that killed two members of its Revolutionary Guard. (AP)

The United States said the missile strike emanated from Iran and strongly condemned it.

“The strikes were an outrageous violation of Iraq’s sovereignty. No U.S. facilities were damaged or personnel injured, and we have no indications the attack was directed at the United States,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters in Washington.

Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard said on its website that it attacked what it described as an Israeli spy center in Irbil. It did not elaborate, but in a statement said Israel had been on the offensive, citing the recent strike that killed two members of the Revolutionary Guard. The semi-official Tasnim news agency quoted an unnamed source as saying Iran fired 10 Fateh missiles, including several Fateh-110 missiles, which have a range of about 300 kilometers (186 miles).

The source claimed the attack resulted in multiple casualties. There was no immediate comment from Israel on the allegations or the Iranian missile barrage.

An Iraqi official in Baghdad initially said several missiles had hit the U.S. consulate in Irbil, which is new and unoccupied, adding that it had been the intended target of the attack. Later, Lawk Ghafari, the head of Kurdistan’s foreign media office, said none of the missiles had struck the U.S. facility but that residential areas around the compound had been hit.

Following a Cabinet meeting, the Iraqi government in Baghdad reiterated its refusal to allow Iraq to be used to settle scores between other countries and said it has requested an explanation from the Iranian leadership.


"Russia warned the United States on Thursday that Moscow had the might to put the world's pre-eminent superpower in its place..."

One of the four angels of the Euphrates TURKEY asked for help in meetings.

See more in the article.

Also -

RT is on Gab - RT (@RT) • - Gab Social


BoJo Urges China Not To "Choose The Side Of Evil" By Backing Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Sunday that the West would be drawn into World War III if talks between himself and Russian President Vladimir Putin failed.

Zelensky's comments come as Turkey claims Moscow and Kiev are close to an agreement on key points...

BoJo delivered a "forthright message" to Beijing over the weekend, exhorting President Xi and the Politburo not to "choose the side of evil"...

Read more.

Seriously, BoJo has no clue about Biblical Prophecy. Of course the kings of the East are going to unite to take down British Israel -

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Russian trade with China surging

Year-on-year trade is up more than 25% as sanctions pressure on Moscow mounts

Mutual trade between Russia and China amounted to nearly $51.09 billion (343.87 billion yuan) in the first four months of the current year, marking growth of 25.9% compared to the same period one year ago, according to the latest data released by China’s customs office.

China’s exports to Russia grew 11.3% to $20.24 billion, while Russia’s sales to China surged 37.8% to $30.85 billion. Bilateral trade turnover in April rose 8.7% against March to $12.69 billion.

Oil, natural gas, and coal account for nearly 70% in the value of goods imported by China from Russia. Russia also exports copper and copper ore, lumber, fuel, and seafood.
China exports a wide range of products to Russia, including smartphones, industrial and special-purpose equipment, toys, footwear, motor vehicles, air conditioners, and computers.

In 2020, trade turnover between Russia and China declined by 2.9% to $107.76 billion due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Last year, mutual trade between the nations hit a record high of $146.88 billion, surging 35.8%.

In December, the Russian and Chinese presidents agreed on creating infrastructure to service trade operations between the two nations without third parties. The two countries have been switching from the US dollar and the euro in trade to avoid potential sanctions.

Beijing has refused to take part in the sanctions on Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine.


War keeps up fear...war to kill billions...create permanent compliance.
Sanctions will do the killing. Taxes rising someone has to pay for a war.
Communism on speed.

GREAT RESET: Klaus Schwab and the great fascist reset

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