Anti-vax assault on BBC: Police battle to defend broadcaster’s London studios

  • Protesters opposing vaccine passports and child vaccinations swarmed on the west London base of the BBC

  • Video shows a large group clashing with police officers outside the BBC’s White City Studios in west London

  • Today’s protest at the BBC appears to have been organised by an anti-lockdown group called Official Voice

  • Ahead of the protest, the group called on supporters to descend on London and said ‘media is the problem’

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Same in Gibraltar with GBC and The Chronicle publishing fear-porn, to scare the public into obeying the tyrants, and harming themselves with toxic swabs, masks and jabs.


Anti-vaxxers attack BBC again…this time online, over string of stories on hospitalised vaccine sceptics

These are by no means the only stories the BBC have run on hospitalised vaccine sceptics as people on social media have been keen to point out. Commenting on Twitter, several people said that they have had enough of the BBC’s reporting and were going to unfollow them.

Highlighting the regularity of such stories, one asked: “Again!! When will you stop, last week was 5 stories, today we are on the 3rd story of the week?” Another said the BBC were “taking the p**s,” claiming the repetition was starting to be “suspect.”

Some anti-vaxxers called it “government propaganda” and claimed the individual in the latest story was actually an actor. Another said that every time the BBC posts such stories it adds to their “defiance.”

Complete article at the link.

Thanks @jahmahaa for the Daily Expose Article on actors being used by the BBC.

More reason the people are fighting-mad – they are seeing right through the lies and propaganda:

The article references this Hugo Talks video -

This VIDEO is also featured on The Prisoner's Brighteon Channel.

Why is the MSM always promoting the lies:

Bill Gates’s stranglehold on the MSM – Dr. Vernon Coleman: The BBC Employs 22,000 Traitors - #2 by DOTS

Revealed: BBC ‘Charity’ receives MILLIONS in funding from Gates Foundation

REVEALED: A Guardian website receives MILLIONS in funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation!

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