Verdemar points out that new remains of Carteia have emerged in Guadarranque.

Verdemar Ecologists in Action has reported to the Territorial Delegation of Tourism, Culture, and Sports in Cádiz the emergence of possible archaeological remains of Carteia due to the movement of heavy machinery.

These emergences are a consequence of the works being carried out for the construction project of sanitation and purification in San Roque and other municipalities in the Campo de Gibraltar (Cádiz).

Possible remains of the city of Carteia are appearing in the movements of heavy machinery, which we want to be studied. Regulations dictate actions in a classified area; however, if archaeological remains are discovered in any action, the process would immediately be halted, and the study and cataloging of the remains would proceed.

Verdemar Ecologists in Action criticizes the use of large excavator shovels knowing that archaeological remains exist; specifically, they may have damaged the pools. This pipeline could have gone elsewhere, as there are studies on these archaeological sites in Carteia.

For Verdemar Ecologists in Action, it is regrettable the little concern that the San Roque City Council (Cádiz) is showing in this work next to this Roman city of Carteia.