Verdemar Ecologists in Action warns Heritage about the emergence of remains from Carteia in Guadarranque

Verdemar Ecologists in Action has alerted the Territorial Delegation of Tourism, Culture, and Sports in Cádiz about the "emergence of possible archaeological remains from Carteia due to the movement of heavy machinery."

As stated in a press release, these emergences result from the construction works for the sanitation and purification project in San Roque and other municipalities in the Campo de Gibraltar (Cádiz).

They have specified that in the movements of heavy machinery, "possible remains of the city of Carteia are appearing, which we want to be studied."

Finally, they have reminded that "regulations dictate actions in a catalogued area; however, if archaeological remains were discovered in any operation, the process would immediately be halted, and the study and cataloguing of the findings would proceed."