The Mayor of San Roque, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix calls for the elimination of the frontier or "fence" as they call it in The Campo region.

Ruiz Boix calls on London to overcome 'immobility' in Gibraltar negotiations
He advocates the elimination of the fence as a major challenge

The Mayor of San Roque, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix, has held a meeting with Juan José Sanz Aparicio, special delegate for the Campo de Gibraltar of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where both shared information on the Brexit negotiations regarding Gibraltar. For his part, the mayor called on the representatives of the United Kingdom to overcome "the immobility" they have shown so far in order to achieve solutions that benefit the Rock and the region.

"We have shared information on the negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom, and more specifically between our country, the United Kingdom and Gibraltar, and we see how the Spanish Government maintains its commitment to the Campo de Gibraltar, with the New Year's Eve Agreement", explained Ruiz Boix.

He also pointed out that "the main challenge is that the more than 300,000 people who live in the region and Gibraltar can enjoy an area of shared prosperity with the elimination of the fence", which in turn would lead to boost "economic and commercial interests that could generate employment and wealth to improve the quality of life of the Spaniards in the area".

Ruiz Boix highlighted the "positive" attitude of the Gibraltar delegation in seeking positions of agreement and in its eagerness to carry out this area of shared prosperity. However, he rejected the "immobility" of the British delegation, "probably due to the greater distance of the territory and the lack of knowledge of the problems of these 300,000 people who share highways, streets, hospitals, family ties and also employment".

The mayor called on the negotiating parties "to be innovative, novel and groundbreaking when it comes to resolving pending conflicts, such as Spain's responsibility for Schengen territory issues". "We know that Gibraltar is being generous with the presence of Frontex agents, but the final responsibility for access to Europe from Gibraltar lies with Spain, and we must seek an answer to this question," he said.

For the mayor, it is important "that the new round of negotiations between London and Brussels in the first week of May be positive". He also considered it necessary "a gesture of generosity" that would allow "the small print" of the New Year's Eve Agreement to be "tackled".

Finally, Ruiz Boix stated that he believes that there is a "desire for agreement" on the part of the Spanish and Gibraltar delegations, "but not the usual immobility of the United Kingdom".