Ruiz Boix criticises La Junta for closing Carteia due to not renewing the guide's contract

The mayor, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix, has demanded that the Andalusian Regional Government reopen the Carteia Archaeological Site to the public. The mayor considers that the cessation of this service "adds insult to injury" to the "punishment" which he believes the regional government is inflicting on San Roque, as it is not a new investment, but the loss of a resource which has been available to visitors, students and residents of San Roque for more than 20 years.

According to reports in the local press, the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Culture has not renewed the contract with the person who was the guide for the visits to the Archaeological Site of Carteia, which means that this resource has been closed to the public for weeks.

The mayor complained that in the municipality "we have been suffering for more than four years the absence of new policies, actions or new investments from the Junta".

The councillor considers that "this punishment is probably due to the fact that the PSOE governs San Roque. What seems to us to be a bit much is that we are losing political actions and investments that we have maintained for more than 20 years", in reference to what has happened in Carteia.

The mayor recalled that the various municipal governments of San Roque have always been committed to "adding value" to the site, especially by encouraging visits by people from all over the municipality and students from schools throughout the province. He also pointed out that in recent years various excavations have been carried out at the site, some financed by the Town Council, others by previous governments of the Junta de Andalucía and, finally, others by CEPSA.

In addition, he referred to the "lack of institutional loyalty" that has been shown by the visits made in recent years to the site by different territorial delegates of Culture and Government of the Junta, always carried out without inviting the Mayor of San Roque.

Ruiz Boix recalled that the Junta de Andalucía has been subtracting personnel from the Enclave Archaeological Site of Carteia, firstly from workers hired by the same regional administration, and then from employees of companies to which the service had been outsourced. Unfortunately," he stressed, "in recent days we have learned that there is no longer any kind of service provided for the residents of San Roque and students to learn about the reality of Carteia".

From here," said the mayor, "I raise my voice to demand that the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, defend all Andalusians equally, that he not be sectarian". He pointed out that "in San Roque it had been usual for us not to add new investments, but now it is a question of subtracting, of losing a service that had been growing in the number of visitors and therefore it was seen that it was attractive".

In this regard, he recalled that the City Council of San Roque had unsuccessfully asked the Territorial Delegation of Culture that some of the shows that are held in the Enclave of Baelo Claudia (Tarifa) could also be carried out in Carteia. "But now it is unheard of that they steal from us, that they take away services that were consolidated," he lamented.

I ask - said the mayor - an immediate rectification to the government of the Junta Andalucía", because "Nobody understands why the budgets of the Andalusian regional government are so low".

"Nobody understands why the highest budgets in the history of the Junta de Andalucía are not enough to maintain an already consolidated service such as the historical guided tours to the archaeological site of Carteia", he concluded.

Carteia has its origins in the 4th century BC, when the inhabitants of the Phoenician settlement of Cerro del Prado, located inside the estuary of the Guadarranque River, moved to a new site about two kilometres away, on the coast of the Bay of Algeciras. Although it emerged under Carthaginian rule, during Roman times Carteia became one of the most important cities in Hispania.

For her part, the Izquierda Unida deputy and spokesperson for the parliamentary group Por Andalucía, Inmaculada Nieto, will present a series of initiatives to inquire in parliament about the problems of the archaeological site of Carteia in San Roque.

"It is unacceptable that one of the archaeological sites in the Campo de Gibraltar has been closed down, while the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian regional government) is giving the silent treatment. We are going to take this situation to the Andalusian chamber to demand explanations and solutions", said Inmaculada Nieto about the situation created in the archaeological site in San Roque.

Nieto has committed herself to a series of initiatives with the aim of asking for explanations about the current state of affairs at Carteia, about the causes that have led to its closure and about the measures planned to recover its activity.

I've wanted to do an article about Carteia for awhile; and this might be a sign to look at all my notes :slight_smile: and get something put together.

I just find it unacceptable that the so-called historians and archeologists in Gibraltar and the area refuse to accept that Teia Tephi was in fact in Gibraltar and accepted as queen before she was planted in Ireland.

"Car" is often a shortened form of "Caer".



This ruin isn't Roman; the Romans built on top of it. To me, it seems like even the coins at the time, printed in "Carteia", honored her, at least the memory of her.

"On their way back to Egypt the Tyrian ship sank and there were no survivors, which explains why nobody knew where The Ark went after it left Tanis or even that it had left Tanis. This was confirmed by Baruch who saw a vision of the ship sinking, immediately before his own death, passing away at the age of eighty and being buried at Caer Teia, Gibraltar." ‚Äď A Brief Summary of Teia Tephi, queen of Gibraltar and Ireland.

They dethroned their idol Melcarth who they made graven images of; and made Teia their queen, giving her Melcarth trident.

Teia Tephi 7:2 Then said he, "No more Caer Melcarth, Caer Teia this place is named.
Our Rock hath shouted thy name. Therein shall its walls be famed,
Whilst the seed of David endures," but God's Prophet answered him, "Nay,
This too shall be broken in pieces, its stones be carried away.
Not once nor twice shall this be, by the land, by the seas, by the Strait
Shall the spoilers come with engines [of war] to storm the Tower of the Gate;
But at 'eve' returneth the damsel that holdeth the Trident spear;

In St. Michael's Cave, they shouted "Caer Teia".

How obvious does it have to be?

If Carteia comes in focus as with the article you shared, then maybe this history will come back to life.

Unearthing Truth?


The Junta makes improvements in Carteia and Verdemar says "they are lying to us".

"Carteia, open or closed? With staff or without? These are questions that citizens have been asking since Verdemar and Ecologistas en Acción reported the temporary closure of this archaeological site. The association claimed that the closure was due to the non-renewal of the tourist guide and the lack of personnel that this enclave suffers from.

However, the Minister of Culture, Arturo Bernal, responded to this media outlet by stating that the site "has been closed for four days to carry out cleaning and improvement work on the main visitation path. This path needs to be marked and some branches that hindered visits need to be removed."

In addition, Bernal announced that they are working on the incorporation of new personnel such as guides and interpreters. "In a few weeks we will have an increased staff. I understand that we are in an electoral period and we need to try to stir things up, but I think it is inconsistent because it highlights going against a figure and putting Carteia where it shouldn't be. We have just approved a project to renovate a part of the outer wall worth 26,000 euros," criticized the minister regarding the information published by the San Roque City Council and Verdemar.

On the other hand, Verdemar reported yesterday that Carteia remained closed to the public, something that the Andalusian administration denies. "It was open yesterday and it is open today. I think there has been an intervention by some local politician on this issue that is false," they indicate.

For his part, Paco Cervantes, from Verdemar, assures that "we have been following the daily progress and nothing has been done there. It is a total lie. Carteia did not open yesterday and I have photos of it. From Verdemar we say that the minister is lying."

San Roque plenary session calls for Carteia to be listed as an archaeological site

The full council of San Roque (Cádiz) has approved a motion to ask the Junta de Andalucía for Carteia to be listed as an archaeological site, which would mean "more budget and staff".

As reported by the Consistory in a note, the motion presented by the PSOE was approved with 14 votes in favour and the vote against the four representatives of the PP. Specifically, the measure received ten votes from the PSOE, two from San Roque 100x100 and two from Adelante San Roque and PIVG.

The motion urges the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions, which depends on the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Culture and Sport, to "immediately" process the requalification of Carteia, so that it can be classified as an archaeological site.

This change would allow more budget and staff for the site, including a director, an archaeologist and a restorer, so that the necessary conservation work, archaeological cleaning and consolidation work and protection of structures and remains that make up the site can be carried out, as well as including it in the Performing Arts Circuit in which Baelo Claudia is included.

The approved motion also includes that the City Council should adhere to the proposal of the European Heritage Label for Carteia, which would further increase its degree of protection, and that all administrations should be urged to ensure that the site is kept open to the public "and with sufficient budget".

It also includes a request for the Andalusian Agency for Cultural Institutions to report on the closure of the Carteia archaeological site to the public for five days last week.

In this regard, it should be recalled that the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Arturo Bernal, explained a week ago that this site had been closed for several days because improvements were being made "to the path that is the main axis of the visit".

Bernal also announced that work was going to be carried out on a part of the wall of the forum "which has problems" and that work was being done to incorporate interpreters for visits to the site.