Plans for Eastside Sewage Transfer System unanimously approved by DPC

The proposal for the Eastside Sewage Transfer System has been unanimously approved by the Development and Planning Commission.

Conditions attached include the requirement of a transport and traffic management plan as well as an archaeological brief for areas where excavation is necessary.

The DPC agreed the essential infrastructure works were both welcome and necessary.

The four kilometre-long system would serve the Eastside developments and re-connect to the main sewer in the South, cutting through the East West tunnel. There, the pipes would be laid overground, which Head of Technical Services, Hector Montado, explained was both convenient and cost effective, but nevertheless would still allow sufficient space for vehicle access.

The ESTS is expected to take two years to finish and will be done in stages to ensure minimal disruption, in particular during the beach-going season.

The project will go out to tender in early January, and building works could begin as soon as March, when the selection process to find a suitable contractor is completed.