Thursday, July 15, 2021 - 09:26

Main Street businesses fear Schengen Deal could scrap Gibraltar’s commercial advantage

*We are digging our own grave, said trader

Several businesses along Main Street are worried negotiations with Spain and the EU regarding a Schengen deal could backfire if too many concessions are made.

The Gibraltar Government is keeping its cards close to its chest on any moves towards a Schengen agreement, with many businesses angered by the lack of transparency.
As a result, shops on the main street aiming to keep afloat during the economic crisis have little information to work with and fear the inevitable struggle ahead.
“We are digging our own grave if we join Schengen and we do not have a bespoke deal regarding the trade of goods,” said one small business owner, who wished to remain anonymous. “The border has always been our safety net and, if it is removed, then we won’t have the commercial advantage we once had in the region.”