No Brexit treaty means ‘a completely different Gibraltar’, CM says – Picardo Also Addresses Covid Pandemic

There will be a “a completely different Gibraltar” without a negotiated Brexit deal for the Rock, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo told GBC’s Direct Democracy on Tuesday night.

Responding to questions from the public, the Chief Minister said he remained “optimistic” that a “safe and secure” treaty for Gibraltar could be agreed within the parameters set out in the New Year’s Eve framework agreement.

But he underlined too that the Gibraltar Government, working closely with the UK Government, has been preparing in parallel for a “no negotiated outcome”.

“We have done a lot of work there, but let me tell you the truth, the unbridled truth because it is important that people hear it,” Mr Picardo told GBC’s News Editor, Christine Vasquez.

“No negotiated outcome does not mean that any Government of Gibraltar would be able to keep things exactly the same as they are.”

“It would be a very different outcome for Gibraltar to the one that we have lived day-to-day since we became members of the European Union and Spain became a member of the European Union and the frontier was open.”

“There will be a lot of obstacles in the way of fluidity at that frontier and that would cause a lot of logistical issues, also economic issues.”

“There is no way you can plan yourselves out of that with ferries or other systems.”

“It will be a completely different Gibraltar we will be dealing with.”

For now, the progress of the treaty talks remains under wraps, with neither Gibraltar, the UK, Spain or the European Commission offering any significant detail on the nature of the discussions.

Mr Picardo returned from Brussels last Friday evening and said he is confident a deal will be delivered, although his Government is not giving a “running commentary” at this stage of the negotiations in order to “tactically protect” certain things for the good for the people of Gibraltar.

“I am confident that that can be done in a way that preserves Gibraltar’s sovereignty, jurisdiction and control,” Mr Picardo said.

“This is a classic line we have been using since about 2010, that preserves all our equities in our sovereignty, jurisdiction and control.”

“And that deals with what Gibraltar wants the most, which is to ensure that all our issues over sovereignty are untouched by whatever it is that we agree about fluidity in immigration terms, fluidity in goods terms, but none of that affects our status or indeed our sovereignty in any way.”

“That is what we are determined to deliver.”

Responding to questions from members of the public, Mr Picardo said it is “possible” that an EU Negotiating team will come to Gibraltar for a “technical visit rather than a political visit”.

Mr Picardo denied the allegation that there cracks are beginning to show in his Government, adding that since coming into power 10 years ago, he has led a “hyperactive government”.

But he said the past 21 months have been a challenge for his Government, which has had to face the unprecedented challenges brought by both the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit.


On the issue of Covid-19, Mr Picardo said a lockdown would be a “last resort”, but that he could not completely rule out another lock down in Gibraltar in the event that there was a risk of life or to the provision of healthcare services.

Reflecting on the past 18 months, he said that prior to the first lockdown, he had never envisaged ever having to implement such draconian measures curtailing peoples’ freedoms.

A viewer asked about vaccine liability and what compensation would be available in the event that the Covid-19 vaccine led to a severe adverse reaction or even death.

The liability for any compensation will be absorbed by the UK Government “so long as the Overseas Territories handle the vaccine in the way that it is provided for”, Mr Picardo said.

He said this immunity was extended to all overseas territories when the UK was purchasing the Covid-19 vaccines.
Mr Picardo said Gibraltar has been “very lucky” in both obtaining a supply of vaccine and achieving a high take-up of the jabs.

“If you look at Gibraltar’s inoculation rate and you compare it to the places talking about the mandatory vaccine, it is because they need to get their up towards the level of coverage that we have had in Gibraltar,” the Chief Minister said.

“I therefore do not anticipate that we will ever consider a mandatory vaccine process.”

“But I have learnt in the context of Covid over the past 21 months that you cannot stare into a crystal ball and think you can see the answers.”

“Things that seem to be certain one day might be uncertain in another, in particular when you have people who are in charge of people who are vulnerable, and if you want to work with people who are vulnerable, different rules apply to you if you want to work in that particular department to the conditions that apply if you just wanted to live a general life.”

Mr Picardo said this is particular to the issue of teachers, adding that based on the advice of the Director of Public Health, there is “much greater risk” to children and other teachers if a teacher is unvaccinated, and therefore they would have to wear PPE while teaching.

But in the context of the general population, Mr Picardo does not envisage a British jurisdiction imposing a requirement for mandatory inoculation.

Addressing a question on why the take up for the Covid-19 booster is “less than 50%”, Mr Picardo said this was a “little more complex”.

“The GHA is trying to reach out to people for the booster but people are approaching the booster in a different way,” Mr Picardo said, because there is an element of weariness because of the side effects.

“They are getting their timings wrong, we are having issues which we didn’t have in the first roll out.”

“I don’t think there is a rejection of the booster, I think getting people to understand the importance of the booster now has been a bit more complicated.”

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You can choose to believe Picardo's lies, but a lockdown is already planned. They are setting the stage - all countries involved in this Scam and Deception are just moving at different paces. Picardo is going to act like he doesn't want to do it, playing his part as a viper, then Helen Carter is going to come in as "bad cop".

The current Government of Gibraltar and Gibraltarians should take heed to EU-Parliament's MEPs speaking up against the tyranny.

Already many Gibraltarians KNOW they speak the truth. We know you are using all kinds of psyops and conditioning to keep everyone in their place. How long do you think you have? You know people are going to rise up, which is why officers are being trained for crowd control.

Is the GoG or high command involved in brainwashing police officers to think that the unvaccinated are murderers? It's happening in Germany: "Question of the demonstrator: Am I a murderer? Policeman: Yes, because you are unvaccinated." English version here. It's the VAXXED that are not a human-being anymore. Always the opposite.

In the EU-MEP latest communication, Christine Anderson says: "Just because we can’t fathom our govt having an ill-will toward us doesn’t mean it isn’t happening."

She goes on to say -

"Your once free democracy has been transformed into a totalitarian regime... I am emploring all of you around the world who think your governement is looking out for your best interest – at no point in history people forcing others into compliance have been the good guys. The welfare of humanity has always been the alibi of tyrants."

This means you too Picardo!

"The vaccine doesn't protect you from Covid. It protects you from governmental oppression (for now)."

Christine Anderson, MEP of EU-Parliament, addresses Aussies' SOS. What's happening in Australia is coming more Western Nations and parts of Europe are already seeing it (ie Germany).

She might as well be addressing Gibraltarians, even though Picardo and the GoG are setting up a totalitarian government at a slower pace:

If this YT video is taken down, you can watch it on Brighteon – Response to Australia's SOS from Christine Anderson - European Parliament

Article about her speech - 5 MEPs Respond to Ursula von der Leyen's Proposal to Talk About Mandatory Vaccination in EU - Europe Reloaded

This was addressed by Vicky Bula on Vaccine Awareness Gibraltar – GIBRALTAR VACCINE ADVERSE REACTIONS - #14 by Cheeky-Monkey

Gibraltar has been coerced into taking the jab; many jabbed already know this and they are pulling back from taking the third poisonous innoculation. We know what you say today can change tomorrow, Mr. Picardo.

When will you enforce compulsory boosters? When your "papers-please" pass is up and running efficiently? We know the plan is "Boosters forever". This is the plan BigPharma is imposing on the NHS - which is coming to Gibraltar - whether you placate Gibraltarians now or not - giving them just a thread of hope you won't lockdown or make poisons mandatory. Remember your other role is Chief Booster.

We already know Picard is walking in stride with with the Rockefeller Plan.

And for the Jewish community in Gibraltar, you may wish to listen to this holocast survivor about the parallels of then with now – " “And that’s how it is done … step by step … slowly.”Auschwitz Survivor – EPIIC (AKA FABIANISM)

His video is on Brighteon as well Warning From an Auschwitz Survivor: 'Recognize the Signs'


Government Stresses Enforcement Of COVID-19 testing regulations

Written by YGTV Team on 10 December 2021.

The Government says that, as the new Omicron variant has been detected in the United Kingdom and possibly Gibraltar it is even more important that all passengers travelling by air are tested for COVID-19 soon after their arrival in Gibraltar. The Government says it is a requirement under the Civil Contingencies Emergency (Coronavirus) (Requirements on entry into Gibraltar and testing) Regulations.

A statement continued: “In the last few days, there have been several occasions on which local passengers have failed to take their compulsory Lateral Flow Test within 24 hours of arriving at Gibraltar Airport.

“All these passengers’ addresses and phone numbers are on record so they can easily be identified. Since Sunday 28 November, at least 23 individuals have failed to take their tests within the mandatory period of time despite repeated phone calls and visits to their home addresses.

“The RGP will enforce any breach of the regulations and offenders will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £300.”

RGP policy enforcers - government foot-soldiers. Omicron will be used to tighten their grip.

"The Government says it is a requirement under the Civil Contingencies Emergency (Coronavirus) (Requirements on entry into Gibraltar and testing) Regulations."


BOO! Variant in Gib? - THE BOTSWANA OMICRON "BOO" VARIANT - #39 by Cloudcity – Despite the fact that this so-called variant is very mild, the Gov goes ahead and tightens its grip.


On GBC’s ‘Direct Democracy’ programme transmitted last night, not once was Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo challenged on any answer given by him. The programme, from the minute he was welcomed to the new government financed studios, became a propaganda platform for Mr. Picardo and his GSLP-Liberal Alliance Government.

There was no democracy in the programme, direct or indirect, beyond that viewers’ questions were put to Mr. Picardo, and his answer accepted at face value. It was a platform for Mr. Picardo to put forward his views without challenge from any quarter.


GBC viewers were treated to a mere 45-minute platform, in which Mr. Picardo was allowed to bat away questions unopposed, or not answer the questions that he was asked. 45-minutes that were rendered nigh on useless as an exercise in democracy, not least because of the absence of follow-up or critique.

The programme was an example of the lack that exists in Gibraltar of the ‘fourth estate ‘(the press) as an independent democratic institution that helps to safeguard expression and freedoms in a democracy. It is an absence which shines through constantly.

Last night’s misnamed “Direct Democracy” GBC programme simply emphasises the vacuum that exists. That it is called “Direct Democracy” is a mockery of the reality of what it was, namely’Direct Propaganda’.

Continued at link.

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