Changes at the border planned by Government - artist impressions published

A refurbishment of the land border is being planned by the Government. This will see changes to the pedestrian and vehicular entrances to Gibraltar.

The government says plans were delayed because of treaty negotiations and plans to install automatic e-gates, which will allow more fluidity if there is no deal. The e-gate designs already have planning permission but the land border refurbishment will need to go to the Development and Planning Commission.

The artist impressions of the border have been published just a day after chaos at the frontier as a new traffic system was implemented by the Spanish side. A third lane has been created for motorcycle users.

Yesterday's substantial traffic appears to have been worsened by one car lane being closed whilst this new system for two wheel vehicles took effect.

Spain's Minister for Foreign Affairs says delays have occurred because Gibraltar has not mirrored the traffic flow changes on the Spanish side of the border. Jose Manuel Albares says Gibraltar has been aware of the measure, which was to facilitate the flow of cross border workers.

GBC has asked the Government to clarify whether these refurb plans cover a third lane for two-wheel vehicles, and if there any plans to refurbish the rest of the area between the border, airport and tunnel currently full of concrete blocks.

A Government spokesperson said a decision on both matters will be taken depending on the outcome of the negotiation of a treaty with the European Union

This morning, delays continued at the border, though traffic flow was somewhat smoother.

Two lanes were open for cars with a third one for motorcycle users.

Spain and Gibraltar authorities continue to scan documents, creating some delay.