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Forum Objective

The objective of this forum is to educate people and to organise them to reinstate The Law, which will automatically give Gibraltar God’s protection, which in turn will solve all its issues.

You NEED to reinstate God’s Law, because there is NO freedom without God’s Law, there’s only tyranny. See petition gibraltar-messenger.net/#gibpetition

The legislation that’s being used against Gibraltarians is not Law, but is fraudulent/ null and void http://Jforjustice.net/Challenge man-made legislation, designed to keep the rich in power and in wealth, and everyone else enslaved to them.

While you’re at it

Stick to the objective.

Gibraltar angles are the priority.

Treat others the way you’d like to be treated or preferably better.

Stick as closely to the category thread that you’re posting in as possible.

If you quote a third party use “quotation marks” and give their names and/or links.

Preferably don’t link youtube videos as they censor indiscriminately. Rather take the movies to Brighteon, who won’t censor, and then use those links.

Keep your content safe for families.

If someone’s content offends flag it and the moderators will decide what to do.

There’s no need to sign every post, as they will have your personal information.

If you’re having difficulty with something and have not been helped in the ‘Get help’ section of the forum, please email us at contact@defending-gibraltar.net