About the CATEGORIES category

Sticking to the forum’s objective

The objective of the forum, is “to wake people up and educate them, using the Truth, and organise them to reinstate The Law … God’s Perfect Law of LIBERTY”.

So the final destinations are the ‘Messages from Christ’ and the ‘Reinstating of God’s Law’ main headings, with their life-saving content.

You NEED to reinstate God’s Law, because there is NO freedom without God’s Law, there’s only tyranny.

‘Defending Gibraltar’ categories

The software is obviously forum software, which is normally designed for wide-ranging text-based discussions in threads, but the categories here are narrow, and dedicate themselves to true news and current events, that they’ve mostly been used for, to counter Government and Pharmaceutical propaganda/lies.

Consequently there’s a higher graphics content than normal for a forum.

Graphics and threads

Graphics and catchy headlines are probably the minimum for drawing maximum attention, but they obviously slow the loading of pages and threads, especially long ones.

Note: Each reply in a thread has its own url which can be used when informing others.

Category selection & Tags

For topics that cover more than one category, select one, and add Tags for the other content. Searching can be done via Tags as well.

Catering for headline vs. thread readers, and search engines

As news headlines are lost to the front page, when added to a thread as a reply, they can also be posted separately – and linked – and under another category, with Tags; as appropriate, to maximize coverage.